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Shake Hands Bend – How to Join Two Ropes with the Shake Hands Bend

the shake hands Bend
hello everybody welcome back and today’s little exercise will be this shake hands
Bend now this particular it’s a lesser-known Bend
however the qualities of this particular Bend is that it works well in slippery
ropes and it holds together extremely strongly now there are two schools of
thought with this I’ve seen it said that this one is fairly easy to undo it’s
easy to tie let me tell you this it’s easy to tie but some people say that
it’s easy to untie and others say that it’s fairly difficult to untie in the
test that the short test that I’ve done is when I’ve put a fair bit of loading
on this I found this one difficult to undo however there may be times when you
require a knot that is difficult to undo so in this particular case we are
joining two ropes together with the shake hands bends so anyway without
further ado let’s get on and let’s get naughty so to tie the shake hands Bend
here we have the two ropes that we want to join and the first thing that I’m
going to do is get rid of the red one and then with the blue one all I’m going
to do now is get a hold of my cordage put a twist in it like so an underhand
loop so now you can see where I’ve got my cordage it’s coming from my standing
end going around over the top there of my working end going around underneath
my standing end off to my working end at that point there which you can now see
in the picture and so there that’s our first loop done so we’ve done the under
hand loop and then the next thing I’m going to do is bring my red one into
play and the red one is gonna dive down through that hole there
so dives down through that hole there comes around and goes over the top and
you can see now we’ve got an overhand loop on the right hand side so and to be
honest if you look at this it looks like a B and a deep interlinked in the
middle there I’m just got to pull a little bit more of the read-through so
that I’ve got an equal amount and now that we’ve done that the next thing that
we want to do is we want to bring those two loops together so get hold of them
on the outsides push them together so we end up with one nice big hole in the
middle the next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna take my right hand the red one
and what I’m gonna do is pass that underneath everything and up through
that hole that we created in the middle and just pull it through a little bit by
sir and I’m gonna do exactly the same with the blue one except this time we’re
going to bring it over the top and then we’re going to dive down through that
hole that we’ve created there dive down through the hole bring it underneath and
you can see now here that my working end is coming out parallel to the standing
end of the red one and my red working end is coming out parallel to the
standing end of my blue line and then it’s very easy after that all we do now
is just get hold of all four leads and just pull it up nice and tightly dress
it up smartly and you can see it comes out fairly symmetrical we end up with
this sort of bit of a spiral pattern on there on that side and then just pull it
up and then gradually once you’ve dressed it up nicely then you can put as
much weight as you want on this one and to be honest in Slippery cordage this
does not slip however like I said previously some people say that this
particular knot is easy to undo however I’ve put a fair bit of loading on this
one earlier just to test it out and I found that as I increase the loading it
became more difficult to undo so if you have more experience with this knot the
shake hands knot please leave me a comment down below and tell me about
your experiences with this particular Bend so anyway once again thanks very
much for watching see you all again next time and if you enjoyed it please thumbs
up and share so others could see as well so once
again thanks very much bye-bye

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