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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Part 3 Young Lara Croft

so friends so welcome back to my channel
of Joseph gamer for life my name is Joseph so welcome back to another
gameplay of shadow of the Tomb Raider this is gameplay part 3 I cannot believe
it tomorrow is 2020 maybe oh yeah oh shit they knew a lot about hydraulics tomorrow is generators 2020 oh man
cannot believe it a heavily a days and years going so fast wow this water you want to try it so I cannot believe it I’m check up here you know if I had
known how much time I spend this idea right I and maybe do this it’s too heavy
give me a hand I have me out the water spoon good let’s see what
those counterweights do oh oh by man I don’t get it I don’t get it at all try
again so crap I don’t get it oh it’s right there
I’m like okay I did not see you that friend oh wow oh wow that shot again all
right what the hell all right
how we going to do this okay I don’t get it Fred maybe because I
need get to there okay whole r2 so I don’t get it Fran I need to figure
out by this because man this is a very pleasure okay maybe I need to do this okay how I
go and do this come on man my friend I need to be right back
I need to figure out about this oh okay so I finally on this off Figueroa he
said take me a little bit of while to figure out but now I think I’ll probably
figure out how we’re gonna do this so all right so I go down here Aereo so I find got it I’ll figure out so I go take me a little bit while like okay
what the heck well that shall do oh I don’t know Oh all right so oh cool
I hope guess we go through here after you no no I think it’s some sort of zero help me with this sure something there a
recipe seems to be a mixture of herbs good help
if we run into any more jaguars okay okay oh we’re getting closer to the village so the VIS right down there oh yes cool
is that bug it’s not oh my god every treasure hunter stop in Mexico like
you’ve lost interest or I don’t know the next volume picks up in Syria Oh make a fire you really have Joyner
back especially after Miguel all right well we need to upgrade this the jack
Lluis I don’t want him to worry we have to stay sharp if we’re gonna get ahead
of Trinity maybe now how far do you think it is to co-op you’re assuming
we’re going the right way I’m hard to say but the irrigation
system is a good sign right people were here at some point let’s just hope they
still are Arielle cool Oh check this on there might be a
way in boy all right check table Explorer oh boy as I see something I don’t like this area I’m gonna go back I fucking knew it
how many times I could die my last first gameplay I died twice the second one I
died once now there’s my oh my gosh I’m terrible
I’m terrible all right I’m going back I’m going back
so puck that’s it I don’t get kill again
again again I like duel is a very terpil gamer that
well dad um you don’t know how plate floor cloth game up child adult – waiter
oh he need retire of a being youtuber oh my gosh no you see Jonah help me with
this on three two one come on you’re gonna do it oh shit I see you almost got Oh oh my gosh oh my gosh there we go oh my gosh my prey on go
this way oh my gosh my prey on white ass yes yes
I’m okay your back looks bad I’m gonna go make out let me take a look at that it’s not
pretty you know with everything we’ve been through recently I’ve been thinking
about my brother I always tried to protect him from my father from himself
but I lost him you did everything you could if I have been in the right place the
right time would still be if I had highs in the back of my head you can’t protect
everyone hmm thank you I miss him I know my parents I miss them
too had a dream about my mother recently yeah when I was little my father used to keep
things from me hide things about her especially why would he do that after
she died he thought they’d cause me pain they didn’t stop me from looking for
them of course they still have so many questions your dad created as many mysteries as
you solved Dominguez said that he would use the
silver box of his shell to remake the world if you had that power what would
you do panic probably you and go back to when
your brother was alive and with him again lose everything else no way I like
this world it’s it’s not perfect but everything I love now is in it to claim her treasure the adventurer
Lara Croft must I with the cane reach the forbidden tomb and solve the mystery
of the White Queen the way we brought with trials the adventurer should not dally any
longer in a minute dad oh hi boys back to do I think so like oh
my gosh I’m gonna look like a loser No oh my gosh they have fun no I missed
being kid friend I miss being kid in the crow’s nest nice I saw where I go oh my god I’m this my
gosh I miss being a kid ah now for the real treasure – yep I’m
ready to cry man I miss being okay do you know what being kids be freaking
awesome and my life – sword man man I miss my childhood I miss the 90s being a kid man Wow I wish I can do this and what was
kids but no sooo
okay my friend will freak out like yeah like that and Oh haggle though here these power pits
are damaged she’ll have to squeeze through she’s so close she could always touch it wait a minute
he knows what look like man almost like um dress world the fallen
kingdom oh my gosh eisah look so familiar oh man at last she spots away in below
she will have to be careful oh boy what do we do these stupid things those who say Kurt she’s lucky that her father won’t hear
that all right Circle school here at last she enters the forbidding to no no don’t tell me a puzzle 13 or and
90 East from her pen she wrote her heart with light I hate
puzzle oh gosh why I’ll be puzzle I hate it I
hate oh my gosh not let me go friend’ honey be right
back let me think let me think about this oh
my god it’s costing me forever and ever and ever and ever yeah I’ll be right back friends oh my
gosh I hate puzzle all right so um oh gosh
terrible at this attempt a puzzle sunk Louie the 14th Marge Maria Teresa and in
a long-standing war between France and Spain the pool Queen Maria Teresa died a
painful death to which the king said this is the first trouble she has given
me oh my gosh I bet the poor thing could hardly see out of that channel from mid
14th century barding Germanic I think I can’t imagine how heavy those bodies
were those poor horses I call him the white queen there’s
something in the shields oh my gosh I hate it a quotation from
Chaucer what is better than wisdom woman what is better than a good woman nothing
the head of King David from a shepherd to a king imagine that the cup of st.
John the Apostle had been given a chalice of poisoned wine but after his
blessing the poison transformed into a snake and
he drank the wine unharmed Wow personally this is an old game two
shells and a white crap could that be the White Queen oh my gosh that I hate puzzle a
Byzantine scroll justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render everyone
who’s June emperor justinian this is Egyptian and evil eye box the
contents were meant to help sustain and provide for people in the afterlife maybe and then go to okay and 30 okay illustration in 90 II
my bad okay area with light unlock I love
sweets well at least I don’t have to DS of now Croft has entered the forbidden
mezzanine she’ll have to be careful at baby Tyrannosaurus Rex yes
oh yeah to us choice our restroom yeah teary South American heater Wow oh
my gosh I hate a girl boy girl no matter ways that these masks seem to stare you
oh yes those animal skulls an omen of death and symbols of great I haven’t
seen some of these artifacts before VI no an ossuary this box contains the
bones of the Dead I can’t read the inscription this is the kind of armor that the
conquistadors wore during the Age of Discovery I wonder what they found a statue of Anna rekey from the Cook
Islands 25th dynasty the interior of the
sarcophagus is incredibly intricate Arthur this looks Greek no Persian I
wonder what she’s guarding ah no a Persian lioness but someone stole her
head I wonder what she was looking at yamaha mask of Agamemnon found in
Mycenae an African tribal mask made of gold
Ashanti perhaps all right great ah I know what I’m freakin know I I hate puzzle oh my gosh here yo watch
gonna take like two hours liar oh my gosh oh my gosh I hate puzzle I hate it
I hate it I had to be puzzle oh my gosh do why why why Wow all right maybe any movies all right yeah I go through this okay you call this okay call this got it I got it
whoa last one I got almost guy yes white queen trapped I have to help
yes nope I beat Johnson at the king of key puzzle and wrestling maybe now I can area
perfect with light unlock hollows release see this one right oh yeah yeah nobody
can’t be here Oh course is the threshold into the unknown
these are mums things the path was dark and is darting my back
Cedric night the White Queen regarded him with her
pure smile and said I’m afraid of bats I’m not afraid tell me about this you meet a bride
t-rex and agent where’s daddy you are always on the verge what
obsession is destroying this family I hope you’re missing your daughter’s
childhood because you’re always in some tomb on the other side of the world I currently be happy with what you have that dad saw himself yeah wonder what the junk okay cool darn it darn it Oh wonder what the jungle
si yeah sure all right friend so I’m gonna
call supper here so thank you for watching of shadow of the Tomb Raider I
would appreciate don’t forget it good like subscribe comment share thank for
check out my channel of Joseph camera for life
all right Francie

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