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SEVEN PISTOLS FOR A MASSACRE [Craig Hill] [Full Length Spaghetti Western] [English Subtitles]

7 PISTOLS FOR A MASSACRE A double-whiskey, Sam.
I’m dying of thirst. And a little water. – I said, whiskey…
– And water, I heard you. That will be 20 cents. I haven’t even drunk it yet!
It’s a bit much. That’s how it goes around here
with strangers… So, get out!
We don’t want you around here. Okay, I’m going… But first, I want to talk to Peggy. What more do you want
from her? Go away. She has a new life now. I want to hear it from her mouth. I said, get out of here! Sam! What’s going on? Who did it? It was me, ma’am. Excuse me, but I didn’t know that your saloon
has a habit of throwing out… folks who ask for a drink
of whiskey. I’m sorry – Sam may have
exaggerated a little. Tom, would you please bring
me a bottle? No, Sam knows what he’s doing. It’s obvious I’m not wanted here. No! Wait…
Can’t I offer you a drink? Aren’t you afraid of compromising
yourself? To your new life, Peggy. What do you mean, Will? In prison, I had plenty of time
to think about everything… but there was one thing that was on
my mind: women can’t stay alone long. Will, you’re wrong about that.
I’ve always been alone, since you left. That’s not what Sam said.
I couldn’t expect you to be… – faithful to a killer.
– Sam was lying… I’ve been absolutely faithful to
the only man I’ve ever loved. Oh, Will… how could you commit such
a horrible crime? Peggy, you too, like the others… If only you had come once to
see me in prison. It wasn’t easy for me,
you know… to be known as the woman of
a murderer. And I was afraid. – Well?
– Everything is great, Tiny… The bulk of the men are at the mine.
The others are at the saloon, listening to a singer. You’d think it was Christmas! Good. That way, we can work
without interference. Let’s go. I was told that you had confessed, that all the evidence and testimony
was dead-set against you. And so, I accepted fate
and tried to forget you. But I haven’t succeeded. I can’t stay long; there’s a reward
of $2,000 on my head. But before I leave,
I’ll tell you everything. Back there –
I’m sure it’s safer. It was him, Will Flaherty…
I recognized him immediately. Impossible!
Will Flaherty’s in Bisbee, in prison. He must have escaped,
to go and recover his $30,000. He robbed the bank at Bisbee,
killing two employees. When they caught him,
there was no sign of the money. He must have hidden it someplace. – What can we do?
– Nothing for now… He’s dangerous, a crack shot… We must wait until the
sheriff gets back. Well, it’s your turn, Doc. Alright. Come on, Doc, hurry up. Ready? The plating. The pole. The blanket. Stand back. But… You’ve come for your share? – Sure, boss!
– Very well… Here it is! Empty, that safe’s empty! Not even a dime, much less
the damned gold… A nice tip-off! Wait, Tiny…
The information was correct. The gold must have left the mine,
it just hasn’t arrived here yet. I told you to wait
a few more days… It’s a long way, and the stagecoach
could have had an accident… It may be that Ziggy is right,
but it’s useless to wait around here. We’re in danger of being trapped. What do we do now, chief? Are you sure the stagecoach
will stop here? It has to. There isn’t another
bank in the territory… They all stop here. But this town has two roads in… and we can’t know which
they will take. We’ll split into two groups. Doc, you take six men and go
watch the North road. What’s wrong?
Are you afraid? You should think for a minute,
Chief… Tomorrow, by eight o’clock
at the latest, someone will discover the safe
in that condition. Do you think they’ll blame
it on the rats? They’ll really start to think
something’s wrong. They’ll start telegraphing all over, and, being that the stagecoach
doesn’t travel at night, and has to come to a halt somewhere,
they’re gonna change the route. Then they’ll start hunting us down.
You see, boss? – What do you propose?
That we forget this business? – No… That is certainly not my intention… But I have a plan that is
simple and sure… I heard shooting and ran to
see what happened. I found the bodies of two men there. Then the sheriff and his men arrived,
and I got away, without being seen. That evening, they came to arrest
me at the hotel… – and started to question me.
– Why didn’t they believe you? Luke Brabham testified against me… He swore he’d seen me leave the bank,
armed, with a sack in my hand. No one would confirm my alibi,
and so I was sentenced. That false testimony
must have been paid for… and the one who paid for it
is the real culprit. There’s only one way to
get to him: find Luke Brabham. So you’ll have to leave? You don’t want me to spend the
rest of my life on the run, do you? And you don’t want to be the bride
of a murderer: isn’t that so, Peggy? Backs against the bar, quickly! The first person who moves,
I’ll shoot him like a dog! A band of outlaws…
They’ve come to rob the miners. – There’s dozens of them.
– Don’t go, Will… If you hide yourself now, you’ll be able
to do something to help us later. You’re right. Go up to my room –
I’ll make sure they don’t come up. Let’s go that way, guys. What do you want?
Get out of here! Quieten down, my beauty…
That’s no way to treat your customers. Let me go! Let her go. The owner, I reckon… Yes. And I would like
an explanation… Of course.
You have every right to know. Well, here it is… My friends and I have decided to spend
a few days here, a sort of vacation. But, as we don’t like any publicity,
for the whole time we’re here… none of these gentlemen, no inhabitant of
Little Tucson, will be allowed to absent himself. There will always be four of my men
standing guard on the roofs. Know that all their
bullets strike home. And, naturally, we’re requisitioning
all the horses, so, I suggest you stay quietly at home
and mind your own business. And as for you, madam,
since we like this place, we’ll be moving in for a little while.
We’ll pay you for the pleasure. – We must do something.
– You’re crazy, they’d kill us all. What’s going on?
Is something wrong? Don’t worry, I’ll help you settle it.
Heads or tails? Well? Heads or tails? – Heads.
– Ah, perfect, heads… It’s heads!
You guessed right… you’ve won the bet.
The winner deserves a prize. – Where’s the stranger?
– Upstairs, in my room. Are you mad? And what if he
was sent to spy for them? What are you whispering about? Either you speak loudly,
or you keep your mouth shut! Tom! Murderers!
You killed my brother! He’s only wounded.
But he deserved it… – Luke never likes tricks.
– Let me see, Peggy… He’ll recover. Can we take him upstairs? Check it out, guys; there could be
weapons hidden up there. Everybody out. Go. Will… I need something to be
able to retrieve the bullet… A pair of scissors would do it. Come on, King,
how about a look around? Hurry up, doctor,
so you can get out of here. The chief doesn’t like having
people around. Let’s go. It’s going to hurt, Tom.
Help keep him still, Peggy. Listen to the baby crying! Go take a look in that direction. To hell with it! You’re going to be OK,
my boy… In eight days,
you’ll be like new. Thank you, Dr. Wilkins… What do you think those
men want? I don’t know, but whatever it is,
we can’t do anything about it… It would be worse for everyone.
Let your brother sleep now. That’s all he needs. Good night, Doctor.
And thank you again. It’s nothing, my dear.
Good night. Good night, Doctor.
And thanks again. You pig! You look in a hurry, doctor! It’ll be dawn soon,
and things will be twice as difficult. They’ll see you, Will.
They’re everywhere. This is our only hope. Even if I were to reach the nearest town,
the people there would shoot me before I could speak. But with the telegraph,
it’ll be different… They won’t know who’s transmitting. – There’s something else.
– What is it? – I hesitate to tell you…
– What is it? I think the one you’re looking for,
Luke, is one of the bandits. What makes you think that? The chief called the one
who shot Tom, Luke. He’s tall, and he has
a dark beard? – Who is it?
– Don’t worry, ma’am. It’s Tiny. Just a moment! What do you want? It’s pleasant, here … Everything has the touch
of a woman. I had the idea of coming to
have a drink with you. Alright? It’s rare to have an interesting
conversation around here… There’s nothing I want
to talk about! Your talents are wasted here,
it’s obvious. I wonder what keeps
you in this place… How would you like to run a saloon
in a big city in the East? Absolutely not!
I’m fine here. A flower of the desert, which will wither
before a man is able to enjoy its perfume. Get out of here, if that nonsense is
all you have to say to me! Stop this hypocrisy,
playing the innocent victim of violence. Your reputation will not
be compromised… Sure… I’d forgotten about the slapping bit… that’s needed to ease
your conscience. That stuff’s all over with now! No! Let me go!I don’t want to!
Let me go!
Calm down… Stop! I want him alive.
Go after him. Where are you going, stupid?
He escaped from here! Look over there.
And you, that way. Search the houses,
one by one! If you see him,
aim at his legs. There’s nobody here,
come on. – Nothing.
– Not a trace. He couldn’t have left the village.
He must be hiding somewhere. Doc! He got Pablo
and stole his clothes. But I saw Pablo just now,
running that way! Come on, follow me. No, you go back to the saloon.
Let’s go. So I wasn’t mistaken… Are you crazy? Don’t you recognise him?
It’s Will Flaherty… He has $30,000 hidden away
somewhere. I don’t care if he dies… but not before he reveals
the hiding place. And he will talk. Chief! Luke saw three riders
approaching the village, he thinks it’s probably the sheriff
and his deputies. Doc, bring him to the saloon’s
stable, bound and gagged. You, go hide in the bank.
Don’t shoot till I do. And gather all the townsfolk
in the church. Keep them quiet. For the Lord loveth judgement… and forsaketh not his saints.
They are preserved forever. But the seed of the wicked
shall be cut off… That’s enough! – Calm down, son.
– Don’t move, you hear? Take your hat off! It’s sure kind of strange…
There’s not even a dog around. I’ve heard it said
a sleeping man can’t sin. If that saying’s true, I guess our fellow
citizens are all little angels! It’s funny, though… Old Reming’s
usually got his store open by now. And the widow Kellogg is usually
delivering her groceries now. Don’t you scream! Stop! Wait a minute.
I don’t like this. Get rid of the bodies. You’ve really done it
big this time, chief. Send the men back on the roofs.
The stagecoach should be here soon. My old friend Will Flaherty… You were looking for me,
right, Will? You’ve been searching for me…
And here I am! You’re really lucky.
What a coincidence! You probably had ideas about
what you were going to do to me… Well now, I’ve got a couple
of ideas, too. Do you want me to tell you? I have an idea that after this,
you won’t go around telling people… Luke Brabham’s a big liar. Stop that, Luke! What are you doing? Are you crazy? This man’s
a gold mine as long as he lives. He was trying to untie himself… I thought we’d already had
enough trouble. You can take care of him
afterwards… Right now, we want him to tell us
about where all that money is. I might even let you live… Or make you cross over
the border? But first, you’ve gotta tell us
where the money is. Where’s the loot? Otherwise,
it’s gonna be too bad! Spit it out! I don’t know what you’re
talking about. You’re Will Flaherty! You robbed a bank in Bisbee
and killed two people. You’re wrong… I haven’t stolen anything,
and I didn’t kill anyone. Sure… It’ll turn out that I did it, eh? We’re wasting time.
Come on, Kid. Are you ready to talk now? You hit too hard, idiot!
He’s fainted. Let’s give him time to think… – I’m sure when he comes to,
he’ll be more reasonable. – OK… He’s got until the stagecoach arrives. Put a man on the door,
and make sure no one comes near him. Get lost. We should have got rid of him. What the hell are you
up to, Tiny? You know damn well he doesn’t know
where the money is. I do, but the others don’t.
And they mustn’t find it out. Have you forgotten that the agreement was
to split the dough between all the gang? Do you think if the boys found out what
happened, they’d come around to thank me? We should have killed him before
Doc was able to recognise him… Now it’s too late. And if Flaherty was to escape? You’re covered, but me… he’d follow me to hell,
if necessary. You got your part, right, Luke? I was the one who risked
my skin… All you did was swear before the judge.
Don’t tell me your conscience bothers you? Take it easy…
Flaherty won’t get out alive. When Doc goes back there
to make him talk… he’ll find Will’s quiet…
Dead quiet. That’s it: the stagecoach
with the gold. We should tell the men
to get into position. The village folk are all
gathered in the church… – The pastor is delivering a sermon.
– Well, let’s go. Woah! Hey, Sam! What’s going on
in there? Are you all dead?! Hands up!
Don’t move! You’ll be dead,
if you don’t stop shouting! And throw down the rifle. Get down. Quick! Take them to the church,
with the others. The church?
What do you mean? – I’m an atheist!
– To the church! It’ll do you good to do some
praying for your sinful souls! Watch out: there could be
someone in there. – What is this?
– Where’s the gold?! You’re gonna be nothing
but nuisance! Come on, get down! – What kind of a welcome is this?!
– Let me go. I’ll get down. What’s with the guns? I’ll ask the questions, not you.
Who are you? Monsieur! I am Pim,
Impresario and choreographer. Shut your mouth!
Nobody asked you anything. We are the ballet group,
‘The Judith Girls’, and I’m Judith. And this gentleman, who you have
treated so badly, is our impresario, Mr. Pim. He’s a real gentleman.
We’re on our way to Dodge City, and we don’t intend to spend even
a minute longer in this abandoned village. Well, that’s exactly what you’re gonna do,
until I say you can leave. – Go to the saloon and behave yourselves,
otherwise there’ll be trouble. – Monsieur! I won’t allow you to
mistreat my girls! This troupe has been applauded
in Kansas City, in Abilene,
in New Orleans… And buried in Little Tucson,
if you don’t stop whining. Go on, get in there with the girls! It’s a gift from heaven, guys! – Look at that redhead!
– The brunette’s not bad either! You have no manners! Bad manners!
This is an abuse of power… and I won’t stand for it,
believe me, I’m going to give him
a piece of my mind! Forget it, Mr. Pim… It’s obvious this is the first time
you’ve been in the West. You don’t know how it
goes out here. What are your intentions,
sir? Drop the “sir” stuff
and listen carefully. For reasons I can’t explain, we’ll need to keep you here
for a day or two. No one will touch a hair on your heads,
unless you start getting wild ideas. One guy already tried to be clever,
but it cost him dearly. As for you, let me be clear:
no funny stuff with the girls. – Excuse me, sir…
– Tiny! Call me Tiny! Very well, Mr. Tiny…
Since we have to stay here, why don’t we organize a
performance? Our show is very well known,
but given the unusual circumstances… You’re crazy, Judith!
I would never stoop that low… Will you be quiet,
just this once, Mr. Pim? Why not, chief? What harm would there be in
organising a little party? If nothing else, it would spite
that half a man! Isn’t that right, Madame? Why not? But we’ll have to ask permission
from the owner. What do you say, Peggy? Why bother asking now? Since you arrived,
you’ve done exactly as you pleased. My poor Will… You’re in a sorry state. It could have been worse. – Have you seen that Luke?
– Yes… He was about to kill me,
when the others arrived. For some reason,
he can’t tell the truth… so he will try again
to kill me. And you? You’re in danger!
They could come back. Don’t worry about me,
because I’m going to be alright now. Since those girls have arrived,
they’re leaving me alone. I heard voices.
Who are they? A ballet group of six girls
arrived by chance. The bandits are holding them.
They will dance tonight. It seems the perfect time
to escape. Yes, tonight I will make sure the bandits are all
at the saloon, then I’ll come and set you free. If they discover that you helped me,
they will show no pity. They’ll never know. Come close, Peggy. Closer… How long have you been
here, Ziggy? An eternity, chief.
Could you send someone to replace me? – Of course. I’ll replace you.
– Thank you. That’s a laugh;
it’s the village idiot… and to think, folks round here
didn’t think much of him. His death will be an example
to the others. And now tell me,
where did he find a horse? Do you realize the risk
you’re taking? If they find out,
those guys won’t hesitate to kill you. You saw them. And you’d do that for
a fugitive, about whom we know nothing, other than he spent three years in jail.
He’s just a common criminal. A criminal who could easily have remained in hiding.
Instead, he risked his life to try to help us. We could do with more criminals
like that in Little Tucson! Not so loud, Peggy,
or they might hear you. If you had known Will
as well as I have known him, before that cursed day in Bisbee,
you wouldn’t talk that way. Peggy, I have always trusted and
obeyed you in all things… but this time,
I can’t go along with you. Very well, Tom.
I can’t force you to. One, two and three, lift those legs!
Don’t worry, they won’t break! You think you’re better than the others?
Come on and practise. How can I practise?
I’m afraid. There’s no reason to be afraid. We have a job to do, and the bandits
are paying us. Their chief promised me. Besides, they’re less bandit
than a certain conceited impresario! And at least they’re not as ugly! Ladies, can I have a word with you,
since we’re alone now? You can speak to me, Madame. I am Mr. Pim,
impresario of the troupe. We are ready to receive
your proposals. In fact, I haven’t come to
offer you a contract, but there is a chance for you all
to earn a few dollars… Did you see how that one winked?
She’s for me. If you want my opinion,
that wink was intended for me… unless she’s cross-eyed! The queen of hearts for that
nice little blonde there… The one who picks it, gets her. Okay. Come on, deal the cards. And there it is.
So she’s mine! – You’re not cheating me?
– I swear. You’re brutal! My friend says you were
winking at him… – Tell him it was at me.
– No, at me! – Guess which one!
– Hands off, buddy! Watch out, because this guy is
a dirty good-for-nothing. But, as for me, you can confide in me
like I was your own father. Hey, Luke,
can I go and watch for a while? Go on, beat it! I can do without your
brilliant conversation. Believe me, I’m an expert… you’re the swellest girl I’ve
ever seen around here. You’re pretty nice too… but stop caressing my
knee under the table. Bastard, trying to cheat me? Take your hands off me. Well, did you enjoy the show? What luxury, right? Ballets annoy me; you have to think up
the most interesting parts for yourself. But I’m sure you must be very
imaginative. Do you want to come up for
a drink in my room? Why not? Basically, you women are all the same.
One’s as good as another. Let’s go. It’s your fault, you moron! We argue, and the chief takes
her upstairs! I won, didn’t I? You may have won,
but she prefers me! We’ll see who she prefers! I’ll show you! You idiots,
let’s have a little quiet! You filthy pig,
that’ll teach you how to treat a lady! What did you say?
How dare you? What are you doing here? Let’s go see the chief. Let me go! Come on, move along. Let me go! – Tom! But I thought you said…
– I was afraid for you. Come on, let’s get that
door open. Hurry up.
I’ll stand guard. – How did you manage it?
– Tom helped me… We must hurry; this confusion
won’t last forever. When they find out,
they’re sure to suspect you. No, don’t worry.
They all think I’m in Tom’s room. Come on,
there’s no time to lose. Come on, Peggy.
We’d better go. Hey, Sam, what’s going
on in there? Don’t worry: they’re having
a good time! Enough! Stop that noise, you idiots! The first man who disobeys me
will get a bullet in his guts. Have you all gone mad? You’re nothing but a bunch of
stupid idiots… And you trollops, get up to
your rooms and stay there. Go on! And make it quick! Pablo? I thought you were
on guard outside. Yes, but Luke said I could… I’m the one who gives the
orders around here! Now listen to me… From now on, no one’s to
set foot in here… No more drinking
or mixing with the others. And you town folk had better stay in
that church. Is that clear?Fire! The town’s on fire!A fire? What’s going on? Are you crazy? There’s enough dynamite
in there to blow up half the town! You up there – get out,
it’s going to blow! Let’s get out of here! Damn it!
Will’s getting away! Doc, take some men and try to
extinguish the fire… Joe, Pablo, get a couple of horses and
go after him. Bring him back,
dead or alive… Otherwise, you might just as well
not come back at all. Go on. Luke! Luke! Where’s Luke? The last time I saw him,
he was out there, standing guard. Better look inside… That bandit might have
knocked him off. Quickly! What am I doing here?
Where are you taking me? You didn’t think you’d
see me again so soon, eh? But this time we’ll be
together a long time… at least, until you talk.
Understand? I don’t know anything! Here we are,
Luke Brabham… I’ve waited two years
for this moment. This time I’m not in the dock… and there’s no judge to listen
to your lies. Who paid you to testify against me?
Come on, talk. Hurry up, Luke… I’m in a hurry.
Who paid you? I have nothing to say… I’m saying nothing! Okay, Luke… Don’t say anything… but you’ll never say anything
to anyone ever again. I’ll guarantee you that, Luke. What are you going to do? You’re not allowed to do
that, Will! Throttling a poisonous snake
is not a sin. Drop those reins!
You can’t do it! No one will object,
you can be sure of that. No, Will! Stop!
Stop… I’ll tell you everything… It was Tiny who paid me. That day we were in Bisbee… We drew lots and Tiny drew the
short straw, and had to go rob the bank. But he didn’t want to share
out the money, so he paid me to say that I had
seen you do the job yourself. He gave me $500… and I was given $500 more
by the judge, for having helped capture
the murderer. You didn’t get much
for my life, did you? A miserable thousand dollars… Bastard! Still nothing. I don’t like the looks of this
business, Tiny… I’m beginning to think that that
gold never existed. Nonsense.
It won’t be long now. It also won’t be long before the
forces of the law arrive. Doesn’t the fact that Will took
Luke with him mean anything to you? What do you mean? If he had only wanted to
flee to Mexico… he wouldn’t have taken
Luke with him. I’m starting to think that this here Flaherty
had nothing to do with that job in Bisbee… and I have an idea that Luke gave false
testimony. What do you think, Tiny? It makes things interesting, right? I’m not interested in your ideas… I just want to get my hands on the gold
and get over the border. The earth here is starting
to scorch my feet. I agree.
We can’t waste any time. Then what do you suggest we do?
Drop everything and slink away empty-handed? Oh no! We could strip down
all the townspeople… I always said you were nothing but
a bunch of chicken thieves! I’m not dirtying my hands
for so little, Doc! You can behave like this with
all the others, Tiny… but not with me. Be careful. I could go and tell my interesting
ideas to the men… and they may take them seriously. OK, Doc… And what do you propose? Let’s wait a couple more hours… Until noon, at the very latest. – And then get out of here.
– Okay… Gather the men in the saloon. – We’ll put your proposal
to a vote. – All right. Would you mind not walking
up and down, Madame? You’re making me dizzy.Come on down, King,
we’re having a meeting.
Don’t go getting any funny ideas
whilst I’m away, get it? – What are they doing?
– Are they going? You don’t think they’ll want
to take us with them? Oh, they certainly won’t take
you with them! Calm down, girls.
We mustn’t lose our heads. We’ll soon know whether or not
they’re leaving… and, if they want to take us along,
they’ll have to deal with me first. I’ve been wanting to tell you
something, Peggy… but that lout was always hanging
around the place. I’m sorry I accepted this. Now I know we’d have wanted
to help, even without money. Thank you, Judith… and thanks to all the rest of you. Ziggy. King. Slim. Bill. Kid. I’m surprised none of them
have got any guts. Ramón. Tiny, you gotta understand…
I have a wife and children in Mexico. Swine! Well, well… Six against four.
So we’ll follow Doc’s plan. We’ll stay until noon
and then get out. Get to your posts!
Every last one of you! I don’t want any surprises at
the last moment… so everybody keep your eyes open,
if you want to get to Mexico. That’s Flaherty! He escaped from
Bisbee jail last week. He’s crazy!
What’s he doing around here? – I’m going, it’s wiser.
– Yes, me too. Stop the cart, Will! Come forward,
with your hands up. Unbuckle your holster with your
left hand and throw it down. There was a time when I considered
you a friend, Pat. Killers have never been friends of mine.
You know that. I’m not a murderer. You’ve heard all the testimony…
Except mine. You’ve listened to everyone,
except Will Flaherty… Now this Will Flaherty
is worse than a mangy dog. Haven’t you ever heard of paid
witnesses and bribed judges? What were my chances
at such a trial? No alibi, no influential friends… Just my Colt to give me justice. I only know the sentence passed
by the court of Bisbee… Will, I must arrest you. Okay, Pat… You can arrest me…
but first, let me have my say. Look, how about it? You’ve got a weapon,
so don’t worry. I’ve brought you someone who can tell you
more about the Bisbee robbery than I can. Come and have a look. He can’t walk very well
at present… I don’t know what you’re
talking about, but nobody’s gonna be able to say
I didn’t give you every chance. Relax, chief… you’ve still got half an hour. You’ve no idea how a lot of things
can happen in half an hour. I remember one time… Keep your mouth shut!
I’ve had enough of your stories. Let’s go. – Slim!
– Yes, chief? – See anything?
– Nothing. Charlie, Kid!
Saddle up the best horses… Before we leave,
we’ll kill the rest of them. OK, chief. You’ll see:
everything will be fine. Judith… At such a time,
it’s my duty to make a confession. I left a wife and five children
in Kansas City, when I followed you. I hope you’ll forgive me… Poor Pim… How do you tell the time with
this damned gadget? It’s nine minutes to noon. What do you want? I wanted to tell you that
we’re leaving soon… and you’re coming with us. If I’m not mistaken, that’s going
to disappoint a certain person, who might be capable of going
after you, even to Mexico. And I’d like nothing better, because I have some
unfinished business to settle with him. I’m nothing to him. He wouldn’t dream
of going to Mexico to look for me. You under-rate him.
He’s extremely generous. Come on, I’m in a hurry… – Get your things together, quickly.
– Please leave me alone! What do you want from her?!
Get out of here, you dirty rat! – I’ll show you!
– Monsieur! I will not allow you to act like this!
Shame on you! Hitting a woman! Let me go, you scoundrel! We can go. What are you doing with that girl? – You’re not thinking of bringing
her along? – She’ll be useful. Yes, to help us get caught
more quickly! Doc, I’ve had enough
of your airs… don’t try to tell me what
to do or say. Remember, once and for all,
that I’m the chief here. – You’re an idiot.
– It’s coming, chief! The stagecoach with the gold,
it’s about two miles away from here. Perfect! We still have a few minutes
to prepare… You all know your positions. You, you follow me.
I don’t trust you. We’ll continue this conversation
later, Doc.Stop! Hands up!Don’t move. Get down now. Put them in the church, with the others.
Come on, move along! Come here! Hurry! If you move, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you, you hear me? I don’t want to hear a word
out of you… and stay where you are. Pat! – I think we have him trapped.
Let him use up his ammunition. – OK.Will!Will Flaherty! Listen to me… I have your girlfriend with me… not far from the barrel
of my gun.So you’d better listen carefully.We’re coming out together. If you want
her alive, make sure no one moves. If one of you even touches his gun
before I get out of this town, I’ll kill her, I swear it! I’ll leave her half a mile
down the road, got it? Okay, Tiny.
We’ll do what you want. Stand in the middle of the road,
away from the stagecoach, where I can see you.
And drop your guns on the ground! Is that clear? Okay. You heard him.
Get out. Stop. Walk. Flaherty?
Where are you? Where are you hiding,
you bastard? Show yourself…
or it’ll be worse for her. Do you hear me, you swine?! It’s useless, Will.
Come out, it’s too dangerous! Get out here! Come on out, Flaherty,
or I’ll shoot… – What’ll you have, sir?
– A double-whiskey, Sam. You have anything to pay with? It must be the first time a man
got a reward for his own head! Welcome to Little Tucson,
Will Flaherty.

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