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SEARCHING for HOT SPRINGS – in an off-road 4×4 through iceland

– [Dana] It’s another day
of van life in Iceland, brought to you by our
friends at Squarespace, and today we’re picking up
where we left off last week. After our drive from
Vik to Landmannalaugar we were a little exhausted from all the river crossings on the F road, and since the rain brought
visibility way down, we decided to rest for
the rest of the evening and wait for a weather window. Luckily things cleared
up for a couple hours the very next day, which was just enough time to soak in some incredible natural hot
springs all to ourselves, undertake a gorgeous hike
through volcanic mountains where steam rises through
the crust of the earth, and in the afternoon we got to meet some badass Icelandic girls who run the off grid Mountain Mall grocery store and restaurant inside
these three green buses. They told us about this
place called Askja, and the Viti explosion
crater where you can swim in a volcanic pool. One of the roads to get
there involves 10 hours of driving over treacherous lava fields, so of course Lou decided we
had to go see it for ourselves. And to cap off the entire adventure from the South coast in Vik all the way up to the North coast, we
set our sights on some luxury hot springs in Husavic,
overlooking the ocean. ♪ All the moods in a heartbeat ♪ ♪ We’re going back where it all began ♪ ♪ The same ground under our feet ♪ ♪ Starts to shake we do all we can ♪ ♪ Winter turned to spring ♪ ♪ I remember everything from Wichita ♪ ♪ This town is on it’s knees ♪ ♪ You know god is
overseas I’m telling you ♪ ♪ There’s more to this than what you see ♪ ♪ You know this towns got the best of me ♪ – [Lou] What do you think Dana? – This swim’s so nice Lou. It’s like really hot and really peaceful. There’s sheep everywhere. And the bottom of it is really like soft, it’s just like little pebbles. There’s not even that much
algae or anything in the water. Kind of perfect I think. I would be shocked if we
can find a hot spring, or a hot pot as they’re
called, better than this one. It has like rivers rolling into it, mist coming off the water, there’s like huge
mountains surrounding us. I feel like everyone else is
like packing up their tents or like hustling and bustling, and we’re just like well
why don’t we just go in now and there’s nobody in the hot top. Hot pot. Hot tub. Hot spring. Whatever it’s called. It’s so nice. Now we’ll get all warm,
loosen up our muscles. It’s like lazy yoga. And then we can go on our big hike. (gentle music) Thank you so much for
the tip for the hike. It was incredible.
– Yeah of course. Will you walk us through like actually what hike we did though? Wait I should probably introduce. These are our new friends. They’re Icelandic, and
they run this business, it’s like their family business. – Hi I’m Katla. – I’m Edith. – We run this family
business, Mountain Mall. – [Edith] In Landmannalaugar. – [Katla] The biggest
mall in the mountains. – Indeed. (laughing) – So we started today here at the base, what is this campsite called? – This is Landmannalaugar. – Landmannalaugar. And then we went to… – You went up Suournamur. Southern mines. – [Dana] Southern mines, right. – [Katla] And I’m guessing
you came down Vondugil. – [Dana] Which one is that? – [Katla] Well it’s the evil valley. – [Dana] Yeah yeah yeah, that seems right. – [Katla] Oh and all these
colors you see on the way. – It doesn’t make any
sense, it’s like you’re looking at something and it’s like blue, then it’s brown, then it’s red, and then like orange.
– Then it’s purple then green. It’s like they have such great colors. – [Katla] All in one tiny little place. – And it seems like if you were like digging through the sand
all the different colors would come up. – Kinda like our floor. Yellow, green, gray, blue. – This is so sick. – You’re also like on the best time ’cause like the fall is coming. So there’s like way more colors now. – [Dana] Oh really? – [Edith] I think so yeah. – [Katla] Like the mountain over there, you can see how much red there is. – [Dana] Oh, true. It’s like a different moss or something like that coming through. It’s also so much less
crowded than I think… – [Katla] Yeah, yeah. This is the low season. – How much longer do you guys stay here? – Til Sunday. – Yeah. Only a few more days. Like five more days. – Exactly. And then we go, we pack up. – [Dana] What kind of
soup do you guys have? Is it that lamb thing that I– – Oh no. So it just came to me last winter that we should have vegan soup. – We’re vegan. – You’re vegan? – Yeah! – I have vegan soup. – What? – Yeah, man. – ‘Cause everyone, they
told us like everywhere they do the lamb stew,
and I’m like oh well that’s not gonna work. – Around here we– – Vegan food! – This is the only fridge we’ve got, and it actually broke. – And it’s easier to cook vegan. – And it’s cheaper. And it’s good for everyone. – Exactly. Wait, that’s awesome! – [Katla] Yeah, we’re really proud. – [Dana] Look at this, you guys have got– – We’re cutting out as much plastic. How charming is this? – [Dana] That’s so beautiful. – [Katla] Soup is usually… – [Dana] So what did you make this time? – So now we have potato, carrot, red lentil, coconut,
– Yum. ginger, garlic. – Mm. My gosh it’s so good. Lou, vegan soup in the
middle of the mountains. Who would have thought? (gentle music) I think I’m gonna wanna
come back to Iceland Lou. – [Lou] Yeah. – You too? – [Lou] I told you, it’s the best country. – Yeah. I could spend a whole summer here. – [Lou] Yeah. – Maybe we should. We’re back at it. Now we’re gonna go through another river. – [Lou] It’s way lower. – Yeah it is lower today. – We were warned by some
new Icelandic friends that this road sucks and it’s very boring and you’re gonna be bouncing
up and down for 10 hours and don’t ever do it to yourself. But we’re gonna do it anyway. – And we are headed
towards the Askja Volcano. So I don’t think we’re
gonna make it there tonight because I got a little too chit chatty with some new Icelandic friends. But we had a blast and we’re just gonna stay at a campsite that’s
a little bit closer and then we’ll make
our way to the volcano, if all goes according to plan, tomorrow. ♪ If I ask you ♪ ♪ Don’t hold back on me ♪ ♪ Only better ♪ ♪ If you set it free ♪ – [Dana] What’s the dealio? – So we just got to the campsite and we talked to the warden,
this really nice lady, and we thought we were like three quarters of the way to the volcano. It’s actually a 10 hour
drive over a lava field and the road is like disappears at times, you kind of have to just find it and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. – [Dana] And you can only
go 20 kilometers an hour so it’s like crawling.
– At the most. – Yeah so it’s like we
would be on the road for like at least 10 hours tomorrow. And there’s no visibility. – [Dana] Yeah the weather’s
supposed to be horrible. – The weather’s supposed to be horrible, so it’s like we could get to the volcano and not even be able to go up it. – [Dana] And the weather’s so bad they’re closing down shop here. Like everything is
closing at this campsite, it’s the last night of it. Winter is coming. – Winter is coming. (laughing) So, yeah, it’s a bummer. – Oh my god, I look crazy. I’m all flushed and red. You sure this is worth it? Iceland is taking a toll. Um, no. We made it through the center of Iceland on the crazy offroading roads,
and I’m really proud of us, and we just arrived on the other side, so now we need to pump the tires back up to get air in them to the right
pressure for normal roads. But being in a van in
the middle of nowhere in Iceland has been incredible, like the Landmannalaugar, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right, was truly spectacular, like I don’t think I’m ever gonna forget that hike. Just the mountain colors and the beautiful hot springs and the kind
of people that we met, like really made this trip
something out of this world. Yeah. It’s been one of the most special trips I think we’ve ever had. So as we make our way to some
incredible hot spring pools, I’d like to thank Squarespace
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