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(dramatic cinematic music)
(roaring) – All right, hey I’m back to Dino HQ! What’s going on? There’s dinosaurs everywhere here! T-Rex! Oh, I gotta hide! I’ll hide behind this tree here. (growling) Great, T-Rex is between
me and Dino HQ door. Gotta figure out something to do. I’ll call Park Ranger LB. Come in Park Ranger LB. – Yeah go ahead Park Ranger Aaron. Man, it’s chaos out here,
there’s dinosaurs everywhere, and T-Rex is between me and the building. – Well, you’re just going to
have to make a run for it! – Man, I was afraid you
were going to say that. Okay I’ll make a run for
it, I’m gonna go for it. – Okay but be careful. – Okay, the T-Rex is looking that way. I’ll just sneak over quietly, nice and slow. T-Rex you just ignore me now. Hey wait a minute, what’s that sound? (farting) T-Rex ripped one! My hat, my hat! T-Rex! Gotta get inside. (door slamming) Okay, Park Ranger LB. It is chaos out there, there are dinosaurs of every type all running around. – No wonder, you don’t have
your spy uniform on anymore. – Oh, I put on my park
ranger uniform because, well I used my spy gear to
get rid of the Dino Master. And he’s gone, but when
the Dino Master was here, oh man, he took out all
the paddock laser fences around the entire park. – Wait a minute, didn’t you take out some? – Well there was that kinda little moment where I stuck my finger in
there and got a zap, yeah. But he did most of the
damage, it wasn’t just me. Okay. We have got to come up with a plan. I think we’re going to
have to move the dinosaurs somewhere else, okay. – New land! – That’s a great idea! – Yeah!
– New land. Where are we going to find new land? It took us forever to find T-Rex Ranch. – Hey! – What, what? – How about we ask Dino Dustin to help us! – Yeah man, he knows all about
ranches and land out west, doesn’t he? – Oh, and dinosaurs too! – Well yeah, he’s a dino expert. I’ll give a call, I’ll do it outside because my signal’s not
coming in here in Dino HQ. Don’t go anywhere, okay? – My leg’s feeling a bit better. Kay, ha, woo hoo. Rip off that, yeah perfect! (phone beeping) – Hey, how’s it going Park Ranger Aaron? – Hey Dino Dustin, man
it’s great to see you dude! – Same to you, what’s going on? – Yeah we got a bit of a
problem here at T-Rex Ranch in Texas. You see, the Dino Master snuck in, he’s taken down our paddock
fences all over the place, he’s trying to steal our
dinosaurs and put them in his video game. – Oh no, that’s terrible! What can I do to help. – You see, we need to find another place where we can move the dinosaurs
far far away from here so the Dino Master won’t get them. And we were thinking
maybe you could help us find a place there. – I have the perfect
place, it’s right here, let me show you. Can you see? – Oh man, that is so awesome. I can’t believe it. – This used to be an African safari park, so it is perfect for all the dinosaurs. – Well if you can get it ready for us, we’ll get the dinosaurs all together and we’ll start sending them over. – You got it. It’ll be ready soon as possible. – Hey thanks man, talk to you soon! – All right! – Okay, awesome man, so
cool Dino Dustin has got the perfect park. – Oh hey Park Ranger Aaron! – Hey Park Ranger LB, what you, hey wait a minute, where’s
the splint on your leg? – Oh yeah, my leg healed so I took it off. – Oh that was pretty quick, okay cool man. It’s good that your leg’s all better now. – Oh what was that about Dino Dustin? – It was a great idea to call Dino Dustin, because he found the perfect piece of land out in California. – Whoa, that’s good! – So all you do, get it all fixed up, we’ll send the dinosaurs
over there, all right? – Yeah!
– Cool, huh? – How are we supposed to
get the dinosaurs there? – Oh yeah, that’s a good question, yeah. I got the perfect way to do it, it’s this little surprise
I’ve been working on inside the lab. You ready to go check it out? – Yeah let’s go!
– Okay, let’s go dude! – Whoa!
– Okay, Park Ranger LB, this is how we’re going
to get the dinosaurs out to the new park in California. – What, through this steaming box? What are you gonna do,
ship them overnight? – No, no, it’s not the
box that we’re going to put the dinosaurs in to, it’s what’s inside the
box we’re going to use to transport the dinosaurs
out to California, okay? Right you ready to see what’s inside? Okay, let’s open this bad boy up here. – Let’s go!
– Here we go, here we go. – Oh no!
– Here we go. – Oh it’s steaming, whoa! – Yeah, it’s because it’s top secret, so we gotta keep it at a very chill level.
– Hurry up! – Here, here we go. – Whoa! – (laughing) See I keep it ultra cold to protect it from anything
that could cause harm to it, okay? So we gotta get this
cold temperature thing out of here.
– How do we do that? – I know, glove. Here we go, here we go, look out. Here we go, dry ice coming out. – Ooh, that looks cool. – Let’s see what we got in here now. Okay there we go. Okay, all right. It’s in here, you ready? – It’s cold. – Yeah it was keeping it at
a super chill level there. In here I have a bunch of peanuts. That’s not what’s important. This is what’s important. – Oh, a new sleepy dart blaster? – No that’s not a sleepy dart blaster, it’s our new teleportation device. – Whoa! – Better known as the dino ray, okay? – Okay. – That’s what I call it,
I’ve been working on it for months now. With this baby we can
blast anything we want and send it anywhere in the world. So we can blast the dinosaurs
and send them straight out to the new park in California. – Oh yeah!
– Okay? All right, wanna go try it out? – Let’s go!
– Yeah let’s go out on the back porch and
see if we can blast over to California real quick. – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! (soft guitar music) – Okay Park Ranger LB. Let’s see what we can
find to blast with this dino ray teleporter thing-a-ma-bobby here. Okay let’s see. Yeah I don’t know about this chair here. – How about that orange bucket. – Oh yeah, there’s a conveniently placed orange bucket right there
on the picnic table. – Yeah it’s perfect.
– Okay stand back here. Here we go. One, two, three, power it up, and blast! (lightning screeching) Woo! – Woo hoo! It disappeared! – Yeah that orange bucket must be gone to oh it’s California cause that’s what I set the blaster to go to, to send everything to California. Cool.
– Let me try. – Oh you’re gonna, let me get away here. Okay, oh yeah watch out what
you’re blasting there, Park Ranger LB! (lightning screeching)
– Whoa! (lightning screeching) (lightning screeching) Yeah!
(lightning screeching) Woo hoo!
(lightning screeching) Oh no! Oops. Park Ranger Aaron, where are you? Where is he? Oh man, all that’s left
here is this table. Park Ranger Aaron? Where are you man. (beeping) Oh, what’s that? (beeping) Oh it’s his phone. – Hey Park Ranger LB
it’s Park Ranger Aaron, I’m in California man! – What are you doing in California? – How’s it going Park Ranger LB? – Hey Dino Dustin’s here with me. You sent me directly over
into the new dinosaur park. And man it is awesome! Dino Dustin did such a cool job finding such an awesome park for us, so we’re going to check it out, okay? – You need to hurry because
all the dinosaurs are mixed up so I don’t want all the
carnivores eating the herbivores, you know, that would be pretty bad. – Don’t worry, we don’t
want the carnivores to eat the herbivores, so we’ll be quick okay? So
we’re going to check it out, we’ll call you back in just a bit when you can send the dinosaurs over. – Okay, see ya, bye! – Bye!
– See ya later! – All right, how about I
show you around real quick? – Yeah, which way do we go? – Right over this way. – Okay, man, I can’t wait
to see the park, let’s go. – Okay T-Rex, you ready
for a little bit of this? Well I hope you are,
because here it comes! (lightning screeching) Yeah! Take that, T-Rex. Okay let’s just make sure it’s gone. Ow! – Wow, Dino Dustin, this
place is amazing, man! You’ve just nailed it! You’ve found the perfect place. – I’m glad you like it. I though it would be perfect,
it looks great, right? – Yeah, it’s awesome for our dinosaurs. Now all we need are the
perfect dino park rangers, huh? – Don’t worry, I have
it all taken care of. We already have three
park rangers left over from the safari park. – Oh so sounds like
they’ll make really good park rangers then. – Yes, but they might need
a little dino training. – Oh okay, yeah we can do that. – Ooh!
– What? – What is that? – Oh, yeah, don’t mind that,
that’s just Park Ranger LB sending over like the
dino ray zapped toys, yep. – Well I hope you didn’t send
over any real dinosaurs over. We haven’t even set up our fences yet. – Yeah, that could be a problem, okay. We better have those set
up before he does send some dinosaurs. – Come on, let’s go. – Man, this dino ray is awesome. All I need is something bigger to blast, except for a tiny little T-Rex toy. T-Rex! I gotta blast him with
my sleepy dart blaster! (lightning screeching) Oh no! Hey Park Rangers, if you like this video, please
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