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“Search between a Playground, Campsite and Footprint” Location Fortnite Week 6 Challenges

Wassup guys, It’s OmniPie here with another
early challenge location video to help you guys get a free tier on your battlepass for
the Omega skin. That’s right, if you are watching this early,
it is because the challenges has been leaked again, it’s honestly not even a leak at this
point anymore, you can just expect it to be datamined before it’s even released. So without further ado, the location for search
between a playground, campsite and a footprint is going to be right here on the northwest
side of greasy grove. It’s hard to show you the three locations
with just the minimap so I’ll go ahead and fly into the area to show you exactly where
it’ll be. And while we’re doing that, make sure to hit
like on this video if you enjoy the content and also subscribe if you’re new here, we
are getting really close to 100k subs which is when youtube basically says, oh hey look,
you kinda matter, here’s a button and stuff. So it’ll amazing if you guys can help me get
there. And here we are approaching the location,
the playground is in greasy grove next to the burger restaurant, the campsite is right
there on the mountain and the footprint is straight ahead, it’s a very huge footprint
that crushed a house, probably something to do with next season if I had to guess. So we want to land in between all of that
so it’ll be around this area of dirt here. Once the challenge is up, you just gotta interact
with the battlepass Icon and then either die or win the game. Again, if you’re watching this early, it should
be out on June 7th so don’t freak out if you don’t see it yet. I’ll also have the carbide and Omega poster
locations as well as all the other weeks hidden challenge locations on my channel so make
sure to subscribe and check them out if you need. See ya next time.

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  1. I'm Tier 68 right now! Follow me on twitter for when I post new videos and my opinions on gameplay changes!

  2. Thanks for getting straight to the point and not having a long ass intro or discussing stupid ass give aways 🙏🙏

  3. Lol I’m tier 50 I got the battle pass with 9 days imma get omega because that’s how easy it is worth all the challenges and free tiers

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