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Scrum Preparation: Scrum Touch

My name is Chris Spedding and I work in
Area 3 which is London and Southeast and I specifically look after the
Metropolitan side of Kent so the London boroughs of Bromley and Southwark. The
name of my game is called ‘scrum touch’ we start off with 1v1 uncontested and the referee
basically looks at who has the best body position: tower of power and then that
player that team keeps the ball but the key condition is it’s on the second touches not
‘stop stop’ it’s quite a free-flowing game so after the
first touch the player can keep running RFU Courses: And then we progress to 1v1 contested so we
look at the scrum engagement sequence so ‘crouch-bind-set’ and then the player just
walks over the ball so they’re practising the body position going forwards “one more
time” “CROUCH, BIND, SET” “And really maintain that flat back, and
relax good work, up you get” Back into the game just join the game straight away. Make sure you are getting it nice and low… And then we look at ramping it up a bit so it’s one player against two defenders so really
testing that one player under pressure going forward and keeping that body
position “The person in the attacking team is working to push them back” “Okay when you’re ready, short steps,
excellent low body position, good angle “On your knees and relax” “So we don’t want to try and push that
single attacker and barrel him out the way” “We’re just testing him and making sure he worked
hard on those short steps and keeping that tower of power in line ok” Ok, CROUCH, BIND SET. Keep your knees bent ‘blues’ short steps So it’s good at retaining players cause it’s fun and engaging you don’t have eight players
just hitting a scrum machine time after time, you’re doing it for a game so
everyone’s making loads of decisions Everyone’s engaged and everyone gets an
opportunity to do it Rather than just segregating players for their
body shape or body size

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