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SCP-1094 Playground of the Lost | object class safe | location / compulsion scp

SCP-1094 Playground of the Lost – object class safe Item #: SCP-1094 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1094 is
kept within Site-94, a containment site disguised as an office building belonging to a private
company. Attempts made by civilians to enter Site-94
should be deterred, with amnestics being distributed should it be found necessary. No personnel are to enter the established
safe zone around SCP-1094 except during authorized testing sessions. Personnel expressing interest in interacting
with SCP-1094 are to be moved from the site immediately. Description: SCP-1094 is a playground, located
in [REDACTED]. The playground contains standard recreational
equipment including see-saws, merry-go-rounds, slides, monkey bars and swing sets. The equipment is constructed out of wood,
plastic and steel and displays no unusual properties on its own. SCP-1094 appears to be inhabited by one or
more immaterial entities that manipulate the equipment on a regular basis, as personnel
have reported such things as swings moving on their own or hearing sounds from the slide. The nature of these entities and their connection
to SCP-1094 is not fully understood. Human beings near SCP-1094 feel compelled
to play within it. This effect appears to have a circular range
of approximately 17 meters around SCP-1094 and is entirely psychological in nature. This urge is stronger depending on the age
of the subject affected, with pre-adolescents reacting the most to exposure. Subjects past puberty can resist the urge
with moderate difficulty, but the severity of the urge is increased if the subject directly
views or hears another human interacting with SCP-1094. Playing within SCP-1094 induces a state of
euphoria in the subject, causing them to ignore any previous assignment or duty in favour
of continuing to play with SCP-1094. Repeated and continuous exposure to SCP-1094
via physical contact with any of the recreational equipment available causes the subject interacting
with it to disappear. In all of the ██ cases this has been tested,
the subject disappeared while they were already completely absent from sight, such as when
they were using the slide or climbing through the tunnel connecting two parts of the larger
structure. Any tracking device placed on the subject
previous to their disappearance will be found in the structure the subject disappeared within. Discovery: SCP-1094 was discovered when reports
of a series of disappearances in the town of [REDACTED] surfaced in media. SCP-1094 was tracked down as the source of
the disappearances and was successfully contained. Out of the ██ reports, █ were found
to have been caused by SCP-1094. Addendum: On 19██-05-19, Dr. R██████,
a researcher assigned to Site-94 was found missing. Security footage shows that Dr. R██████
was working on a report in his office when what appeared to be an elderly man wearing
a yellow raincoat entered the room. It should be brought to attention that the
door was never opened and that it was not raining at the time. Dr. R██████ fails to notice the
man, who starts walking towards Dr. R██████ as the camera abruptly goes blank. The camera resumes functioning approximately
seven hours later, at which point Dr. R██████’s office is empty. The report that Dr. R██████ was
writing was recovered, and found to only consist of a single sentence: i’ll take care of the children. Security efforts were doubled following the
disappearance of Dr. R██████.

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