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How’s it going to the HODLGANG? its
Crypto NWO here & today we are going to be playing Grandma. Now, a lot of people have been recommending me this game & I’m kind of already spooked out.
Let’s play grandma. By the way, if you… …haven’t seen any of my other gaming
videos, go check them out over here (click card) but let’s just play. *lady in game* I got a call from my sister. I have to go look for her. she’s at
Grandma’s (house). Okay… just… I guess no more explanation. so I go to the door… okay… I can’t get out. so we have a lady yeah
okay… a recorder… There’s a note. oh my god. okay. I have to
just like super look (close) “Dear Diary I’m feeling trapped in this house I can’t
leave here no matter how hard I try the demons I some time see before I sleep
have taken a shadow for I can hear the whispers they speak within the walls and
under my bed Lilly” oh man okay how do i do i just click the doorknob or like the
door itself I hope okay so I guess they just want me
to go this way into the freaking dark the flashlight flashlight stays on here
whispering we have issues we were given node over here well
how that wasn’t know holy shit just click on giris open them
okay no it’s not I’m clicking no dear diary grandma’s
been shoving red meat down my throat she said I may stay alive until the moments
right why is she doing this to me what moment my fingertips are so sore from
being prick grandma’s sadistic ways are getting
worse she’s smiling at me saying eat up dear we don’t want that fine me to go to
waste well then who is this grandma chick and
how do I open the doors I guess I gotta keep walking down the
hall that’s the clock ticking dude how many things am I missing do I have to
find exactly what to click how close do I get okay
another note dear diary grandma is dead I’m not sure what happened she was in
her room hanging by a rope her neck was mussed her neck must have snapped as
soon as she kicked the chair inside me I thought something was bound to happen
soon something that told me that was coming the voices in my head will not go
away they whisper Maria’s name I have to finish what grandma started what what is
happening turned around courts so I guess I have
to learn how to interact with this game oh this is your hell wow thank you for
that how do I open the drawers
it says interact open you two okay I don’t know if there was a picture here
before you tell me I can do faster okay that door is open that doors closed
ah I get it oh my god oh okay
let’s just not do that right now okay what about this one teddy bear teddy as a guide use shut up
shut up oh this is freaky oh this is freaky oh this is a good game grandma yeah I’m not touching that teddy
bear Maria I know one day you will read these pages from my diary so I scatter
them throughout the house so you can remember remember there a reason for
leaving me to rot my hatred towards you has grown too out the years I can never
forgive you Lilly I’m not touching that teddy bear bro Oh screw this doors are closed oh shoot
I think that’s a grandma she’s this Jesus Christ well this can be a scary game isn’t it I
don’t want to touch the teddy bear bro wait what there’s two teddy bears one Oh
a door just open some doors just open and I don’t even want to know which one
how am I going there yeah what’s that oh okay the store just open I wonder whose
room this is we’re about to have a book an empty diary
oh shoot what is that what was that we’re coming
oh that scared the crap out of me oh shit oh shit
Teddy Teddy Teddy where am I oh this is freaky bro I ain’t going in
there I know I’m not going in there bro there’s a crib and where are we okay
good a teddy bear oh this game developer good you steady for guidance and teddy bears gone oh this game is good anything in the
focus is now let’s check the toys again teddy bears Oh oh shoot
teddy help me help Teddy Teddy okay listen dude nothing here we’re coming oh okay I think we’re the wrong saving please this is you’re sweet Mary help me help me okay I’m not ready I’m not ready I’m
ready let’s do it well screw this chick Theory Journal I’m
completely alone I went to tell Maria everything last night but she wasn’t in
her bed the window was left open I’m alone Maria left me here she abandoned
me I did all of this for her it did what I was told so she can be protected okay music the music I love it Oh Oh all the clothes we change the game
on me help there we go in here steady has a knife
in him there’s something I’m missing it aren’t
I Oh loading I think I won this is this is not gonna go well mama help me what you guys greener it’s
happening right now I don’t even know where to golf I’m gonna go this way I’m dead aren’t I oh my god this doors
open a pencil paper dear diary I can’t leave
here grandma says no no one wants me no one loves me my only purpose is to feed
her diamond she’s right why leave what I have a purpose here the main feeling is
numb or am I feeling them what do I feel Maria left me because she doesn’t love
me Lilly I don’t want to turn around I want to turn no no no what’s wrong with this place something’s
really wrong with Lily she’s talking to herself she looks at me win at me she
reacts as if I’m some kind of ghost she’ll try to touch me to make sure I’m
actually standing in front of her ask grandma if she noticed what is happening
to Lily but she just laughs it gives me this feeling like something dark has
taken over Lily is it this door okay check this one Oh Teddy Teddy Teddy do I
have to tell you okay oh no no no no no Kenny listen Teddy
listen Teddy said not the game I want a fight right now Teddy I’m just gonna
check again one more time all this grandma’s crazy brawl thirty one here
this is a good game I can see how the game works a Ouija board a game game
what’s happening why my frozen I need to find my shit what the plan shit I don’t
know what that means but also play the weed won’t be okay okay okay I get it
so maybe well not here oh hey what’s popping what’s cracking Holy Bible tape that I don’t want oh this game is problematic and it’s go
to the Ouija board on the Red Room thank you for that but I can’t move whoever made this game broke banger somebody’s handle this way do bro okay here oh the basis games The Last Sacrifice I’m a run Hey and begin enter game and you whoa whoever is responsible for this
game congratulations because I loved it I freaking loved it written by Maria
bored wine music vice cop bored wine created by Scott Portland you guys did
great you guys did great I am I am blown away
I am absolutely blown away by that video game if you guys enjoyed that video by
far the scariest game I’ve played up until this day the music was great the
graphics were great the visuals everything about the game the gameplay
it was just a phenomenal game I loved it if you guys want to download the game
I’m gonna have the link in the description you guys can go play it
yourself make sure your headphones are as loud as mine for this one I always
say make sure they’re not but this one okay make sure their lot hold me that’s
all for the video if you guys enjoyed that smash the like button subscribe to
Krypto NWO and put on the notification bell and you’ll be notified whenever I
upload another scary video on the channel that’s all for the video thank
you so much I’ll see in the future and remember headphone volume as loud as me
be a man

Reader Comments

  1. Kevin lol you cracked me up as soon as the lights went out and you hear the voices say "wanna play?"" And you respond with "shut up…shut up…" Lol needed that laugh, thx

  2. You should play Granny! Basically u have to hide from granny and you have to make sure she doesn’t catch you and there’s way to escape but you have to find elements to escape 😀

  3. You should be more scared of people on the dark web stalking your ass and watching everything you do every move you make instead of being scared of a game


    *May be going live today at AROUND 6pm eastern time.
    Giveaways + addressing comments + addressing stalker*

  5. 'Krypto gets crucified'
    Me: well that's a good way to go 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
    And the sound effects mand my tiny humans run. Totally want to play this one you missed a lot of blood on the wall writing I noticed.

  6. I admit…had to FF in some parts. The tension and apprehension was just too much lol. Thanks for playing and see you soon!

  7. Great video but I wouldn't be able to play that game o would have a panic attack before it starts . Much love to you from Anniston Alabama

  8. We need to see more of you.. i cant get enough… your soooo refreshing either thou sometimes i scream at you thou my telly… you killed me with the yo-yo.. i luv all things horror and you hit all my buttons.. keep it up your fantastic
    Entertainment at its finest 💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋

  9. Like most men he misses the subtle things lol. But it's hilarious to hear a grown man beg for his mom and his teddy. 😂😂

  10. Love it when you started jamming to the music in the red room then you realized grandma was right behind you the entire time 😂😂😂

  11. I lost it when you were shaking your head "uh uh, uh uh!"

    door opens "im not ready, I'm not ready. Im ready let's do it" 😂😂

  12. Some.of these games have some wild jump scares! I was playing Slendrina and it got me a few times! My 4 yr old told me to "buck up Ma" ! I'm not easily spooked! Lol

  13. You should play Eyes. My seven year old nephew is obsessed with it. I have no idea what its like, but it's supposed to be scary.

  14. I rarely comment on video's, but I have seen a lot of yours and they are always great. I paused this video so many times though. I had to talk myself into watching the rest of it, because it freaked me out so much. I completely loved it and your reactions.

  15. 19:43 to 20:02 😂😂 best part in the entire video. I also loved it when you turned around to find you were pretty much back to back with Grandma. LOL.

  16. Hear these words, hear my cry
    Spirit from the other side
    Come to me, I summon thee,
    Cross now, the great divide

    Does anyone else get Charmed vibes? 😍😍😍

  17. That was absolutely insane. I couldn't look away. Huge Kudos indeed to the creators of the game. Thanks for for playing and sharing. 💯🔥🤘

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