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Samsung Galaxy A50 Waterproof Test🌡️🧜🏻‍♀️ – ALMOST VERY GOOD👌🏼

Whtzup guyz! In this Video letz checkout the
Water Test of Samsung’s latest Budget Mid-Ranger, the Galaxy A50!
The Samsung Galaxy A50 is NOT Water Resistant, so how will it handle Water Accidents like
rain or such? As usual letz start by testing out the layer
of Oleophobic Coating on this Corning Glass Protection of the Galaxy A50. This Oleophobic
layer is common on most phones apart from some Oppo and Vivo devices and every Realme
device tested on the channel. It helps in reducing fingerprint smudges and aids the
water to roll off the screen in the form of droplets rather than sticking to the glass
surface! The most common effect of Water on phones
with NO Water Resistance is low and distorted audio from the external speakers which can
last from a few seconds to several hours and can permanently damage the Sound or the Display
Unit. Besides that there can be instances of Screen flickering issues, the Screen going
blank for several hours or the Display getting damaged due to water seepage issues in the
Asus Zenfone 5Z. Low and distorted audio lasting for more than
a few minutes is also usually a bad sign that other internal damage maybe taking place and
the device should be immediately kept to dry-out! So, will the Samsung Galaxy A50 be able to
reach the heavy drenching round and survive all the Water Abuse?
The Samsung Galaxy A50 actually does a good job
of resisting heavy splashes, but to a certain extent. Though there was a small issue of
screen flickering, which eventually got solved by drying out the device.

Reader Comments

  1. Дебил!если нет такой защиты какого хера лить на него воду…
    Если тебя под воду без акваланга…

  2. so far every review I've seen on this phones, really discourages me from buying it.. S8 seems wayyy better.

  3. I got some raindrops on this phone and now the screen is completely unresponsive to touch and the cameras are all fogged up.  What a piece of shit.

  4. Dear Samsung please give an update and improve the in display fingerprint scanner of Galaxy A50 ,As When I see indisplay fingerprint scanner of other company phone ,I feel really bad. Please Do something and make it fast.
    And when I put my finger it recognize each part of my finger. #SAMSUNG

  5. I did it because of you my mobile has destroyed 😠😠😠😠 I can't buy it again you have to give me a money

  6. There's one thing you guys probably haven't noticed. I had water enter the charging slot and when I tried to put it on charge I figured that it wouldn't support fast charging. I dried it out and the problem got solved. So it's not a good idea to expose this phone to water or moisture.

  7. I putted my a50 2019 underwater today and i cant hear the music well does the water from inside get off the phone?

  8. Bad network..better xiaomi redmi note5 pro..Samsung very bad signal I have 2bar 4G note5 have 4G signal full bar..sorry Samsung..I hope Samsung fix that problem..shame and rip for Samsung..

  9. Sam a 50mobile ki screen par blue and purple color ke spot ban gaye hai to please help karo ।mene apne phone का insurance nahi kiya to ab kya hoga

  10. Samsung (UK) insisted that it is not IP rated. So, is it officially IP rated as far as you know?
    In terms of the cameras which one is better between this and the Moto G7 Plus you think?

  11. Hi friends,

    I would like to buy a new phone in mid-range.

    8GB + 128GB
    GPU: Adreno-620
    PPI density-410
    6.4inch screen
    Amoled display
    4500mah battery
    Gorilla glass

    Kindly suggest and help me which brand is best to buy new mobile nowadays.

    Please reply !!!

  12. Not water proof. I dropped mone in the toilet and quickly picked it up. And it worked until noon the next day at work and just stopped working.

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