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Running Through Glass in Slow Motion

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show.” Dan, in your quest to look
better in slow motion, you told me you want to
jump through a pane of glass. I did. I think I would
look bad-ass doing that. – Like an action hero.
– Yeah. And then what happened
yesterday? I hurt myself
trying to be bad-ass. And what does that mean? You have to do it.( music playing )So I’m gonna run through
a pane of glass. This one is made
of breakaway glass. I’m just gonna throw my body
at it full tilt. Hopefully,
it won’t bounce off. And then after that, why don’t we try it
with real glass? Oh, man. I like how
I wanted to do it and you don’t want to do it,
but you have to do it. If I find out
that injury’s fake,
I’ll be livid. Livid. All right. ( exhales forcefully ) – ( laughs )
– Okay, ready. – Is that your game face?
– Yeah. All right, let’s do it. You’re already not bad-ass. ( laughs ) – How do you feel?
– Uh… it feels very unnatural to be
wanting to run towards this. I can tell,
because you’re doing this. ( exhales ) – Yeah.
– Pacing around. I’m gonna run through it
like this, I’m gonna smash it
with my elbow. Okay. ‘Cause it would be stupid
to do it like this. I think it would look better,
but all right. – All right, you ready?
– Yeah. – ( inhales )
– Go on, good face. Oh, bullocks! May have overshot
the mat slightly. That looked so much fun. Look,
you’ve left a Gav-shaped
hole in the glass. Oh, wow,
it’s like a cartoon. You’re not bleeding out of
your jugular as well, so that’s good.( music playing )Dan:
That looks like one of those
portals in a video game
where it takes you to
a different dimension
or something. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s like… ‘Cause of the weird,
sort of, warped-ness –of the glass.
Went to break
with the knee and elbow.
Oh, yeah, that looks good.
( Gav imitates shattering )Dan:
That’s cool.
Oh, that doesn’t look bad.
Straight through.
You look bad-ass for sure.
Oh, the glass
looks cool, though.
You made some spin
quite high up there.
If that was real glass,
I’d be cut to ribbons.
You’d be in pieces right now.
Look at the incredibly
unglamorous landing.
( both laugh )On my head, legs spread.Dan:
You ended up half way along
the mat when you landed,
and then you almost went
off the edge.
That is
not glamorous there. – No.
– Look how your legs are. I’ve never seen Stallone
land like that. You went from
looking bad-ass –to completely
not bad-ass…

( both laugh )in about two meters.More bad-ass than you
in the background. ( mocking babble ) So you’ve done
the fake glass. – Yes.
– How was that? All right? Yeah, felt it,
but it was fine. Yep. Now for the real thing.
Yeah. Yeah, the other one
I was sort of nervous
to even touch because it was breakaway.
This one’s just glass. This is solid. It’s– It’s tempered glass as well. So it’s not like the glass
where it gets sharp. It’s the safety glass. So hopefully
you should be all right. That all depends on if
our little mechanism works. I’ll just take you
through it. So, we’ve wired up
a small detonator. Just before you go through it,
I’ll detonate it and smash the glass
just before you get to it. So if you’re too early,
the shot doesn’t look as good. – Yeah.
– If you’re too late, – You just into the glass.
– I run into sheet glass – and bounce off, probably.
– Pretty much. And then I detonate it,
and then it just falls down.( music playing )I’m ready on the trigger. Are you ready to run
through real glass? I think my motivation
on this one is I’m in a skyscraper and it’s gonna blow up. – I got to get out.
– Okay. Excellent. Here we go. – ( exhales )
– I’m ready. ( groans, laughs ) Oh! Oh, my God! – I’m fine.
– Oh. Man:
It blew. It didn’t
break the glass. You good, dude?
Your elbow okay? – Yeah.
– Oh, Jesus. – ( muttering )
– ( laughs ) Oh! I promise I pressed
the trigger. – I promise.
– Oh. I did not expect that. – You okay?
– Yeah. ( laughs )
That was hilarious! I’m so glad that happened.( music playing )Gav:
I was so naive and innocent.
I thought I’d be through.Well, I felt like,
if I curled up more,
I would definitely
go through ’cause I’m focusing more energy
into a smaller area. That was the theory. –Oh!
Oh!Dan:That’s such
a heavy impact.
Because it’s so clear,it looks like you just
got stopped by nothing.
Look at me laughing
in the background.
Look at that!
What is that?( slow motion laughing )Well, how’d that feel? It didn’t feel magnificent. – No?
– Didn’t feel great. See, now I’m at a disadvantage
because I knew there was the possibility
it wouldn’t break, – Yeah.
– but now I know what it feels
like when it doesn’t break. – Oh, yeah.
– So now am I gonna have the same level of beans
running towards it? Well, technically, you’re not the one
breaking the glass. So you don’t even need… Well, you can say that again. – Bloody hell.
– ( laughs ) All right. – You ready?
– Here we go. Oh-ho! – Man: Freeze!
– You made it! Keep your eyes closed. All right,
you got a little– couple of little nicks in you, but nothing serious.( music playing )Gav:
Oh, there’s the charge going.
That’s a beefier charge,
for sure.
It flew out past me.
You really tucked up
this time. – ( laughs )
– Didn’t you? I really wanted to go through. Oh. Gav:
It’s like I’m just wearing
a glass suit coming through.Dan:
It does look super cool
’cause it– like,
the glass follows
your shape, doesn’t it?
Oh, it just looks awful,
just landing on
a load of real glass.
It’s amazing that
that is real glass.
Because it’s safety glass,
it’s, like, all you’ve got
is a tiny little cut.
I couldn’t really feel
the cuts on my face and neck.
I felt them on
my finger more.
Yeah, you could never do that
through non-tempered glass.
Dan:No.You got the effect
that we were after, though,
where it, like,
follows your body around.
Hopefully you enjoyed
that video. Feel free to subscribe
to “The Slow Mo Guys,” and we’ll see you
in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.” – ( laughs )
– ( spits ) That’s the sort of hole
I’d have made.( music playing )Hi, guys. We can’t wait
to show you more episodes
from this show. Loads of other videos
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– That’s true. Does that mean
you have to click there? I think so.
I’ve already clicked. Yeah, click.

Reader Comments

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! look at this screen shot of Gav through the glass. file:///C:/Users/user/Pictures/Gav%20with%20glass%20infront%20of%20face.PNG

  2. My nephew had a t-shirt with this inscription: " It's only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious." I would have to add the Aunty clause: "but only if the injuries are minor!" Be safe, you loonies.

  3. I actually ran through security glass….
    You don’t need the detonator it the glass is in a solid structure that does not give way like the wood frame did.

  4. That one staff guy looked like he was inspecting the charge with his hands and a few seconds later Dan started clicking the remote like "I swear I clicked it". My heart was in my throat for that guy for a good five seconds.

  5. Using a motion detector or a trip wire attached to the charge would probably make the jumping through real glass more realistic.

  6. Should have had a full face helmet, kevlar gloves balaclava and lab-coat. I'd wouldn't have faulted Gavin for that ! Glass is no joke ! Remember Die Hard !

  7. The next Slow Mo series should be called "Dan's Slow Revenge"

    Each episode will be about Dan turning Gav into his personal lab rat and make him (Gav) go through everything he (Dan) went through.

  8. I love how for these episodes helped by YouTube there is this fancy crew making sure they're not hurt and then they have episodes in the back yard where they're winging it

  9. Stupidity at its hight… Really if smallest of glass penetrated his face?
    Entertainment is good, but at the cost of what?
    Atleast have same safety measures guys

  10. Hilarious! As you commented “if this was real glass…”I thought, you’d bounce off in a lump (knowing this from painful experience) glass is tough!!
    And I about fell out of my chair when you did!!!
    Now consider this idea.One of you (or a facsimile) impacting real glass in order to see how much real glass distorts and flexes.Again personal experience ,during hurricane Charley I watched in shock my sliding glass doors flex like an inflating balloon when my son opened our front door to peek out the storm.Tough and flexible.

  11. 3:35 I hoped they did the second option where Gav jumps off the window backwards and then Dan breaks it. It almost happened. Well done.

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