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Runaway Robots: Using a Board Game to Teach Reading and Spelling

Board games are a great way to help students get motivated to learn to read and to write. In my experience students are so engaged whenever they play a game like this because they don’t actually realize that they’re learning to read. They’re using the strategies that they know and that work best for them in order to gain points and hopefully beat their teacher! Capture a robot! I made this board game because I felt that students ages six to eight really need something that they can connect with and games and fun engaging scenarios for students are a great way to help them learn. So this is the rhyming pile. Fish. What rhymes with fish? Dish. Dish, that’s right! Can you write both of those words? It’s really important to me that students truly feel that they are confident in their abilities and through a board game is the best, safest way to allow them to do so.

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