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Round Butt Workout From Home (OUR 4 FAVORITE MOVES!!)

Hey, you guys! I have a workout for you today that has four
of my favorite exercises to give you that round booty. Let’s go! Okay. Here we go. My first favorite exercise is I love is a
burpee with all kinds of fun stuff with it, okay? This is strictly hitting those legs. So you’re going to start off on one side and
you’re going to leap to the other side. Hands down, jump back, push up, jump forward
– stay low – and go back to starting position. Then you’re going to do it again. Leap. You are going to give me 10 of those. Number two, we’re going to do the bridge. Which is here, right? You remember these? Bridge. Grab your weight. Put it on your hips and you’re going to do
the bridge. You’re going to give me 30 reps. Notice my toes are off the ground and just
my heels are digging in because that is how you target your rear end and your hamstrings. Then we are going to do deadlifts. So I want you to grab some weight. I’m going to continue using this sandbag. It probably weights about 30lbs, maybe a little
bit more. But if you have more weight, heavier weights,
I want you to grab them. We’re going to do a deadlift. So my feet are going to be shoulder width
apart, knees slightly bent, back is going to be nice and strong, abs nice and strong,
a little bit of an arch to my back, and you’re going to drop the weight down to the ground. You don’t have to go all the way down. Push through your heels, back up, and squeeze
at the top. I want you to do – I put 15 reps, but if
you’re going very heavy you’re probably going to do less reps. If your weight is rather light I want you
to give me some more. So go 20 to 25 if you have a lighter weight. Last exercise. This one, simple, simple movement, but boy
it burns. We’re going to t be doing 10 reps on each
leg. You’re going to start here and I want you
to extend your foot up. Kick it, hold it, pulse, and pulse. That’s one. Kick, two. You’re going to do 10 on each leg. If you’d like you can complete 10 on one leg
and then switch and do 10 on the other let. Totally your choice. So everything we just did and the reps I gave
you, I want you to complete at least three rounds, go for four. All right, you guys. Awesome job! Those were four simple exercises, but a tough
workout to get that booty round and sculpted. Awesome job! I am Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXX for Women,
and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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