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Rope Dropping Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! NEW Merchandise, Shows, & MORE! WDW Vlog 2019

Good morning guys We’re heading into a rope drop animal kingdom We’ve never roped off animal kingdom before and this supposed to be the hardest parked a rope drop So we’re hoping we timed it out correctly the park opens at 9:00 We’re here at like 7:30 ish and we’re gonna see what the Crown’s look like up here for trying to rip top flight of passage So that’s the plan for the morning Pairs, look at crowns. It’s like 20 to eat. No, we’re like this barrier to building right here We’re kind of just with in line with that kind of towards the back but I think to be able to make it into flight a passage in a good amount of time because some people are here for character breakfast so that kind of helps split up the people by like 751 yeah, I sense. He were already past its kind of marker building here going into the park But I’d like you said before most people are going to do like an early morning Safari breakfast Pandora, okay so rain whenever running in to And looking to meet want to stay to the right if you’re trying to go to Pandora because most people don’t know that Either way, it leads you to the same place. So most people stay left because that’s where they think pandora is So definitely go right and avoid the line So see the big groups people coming from the left and then you see how open it is. No. Oh my god in Animal Kingdom There’s our shot right there I should make sure you guys can get a look at what it’s like here in the morning. It’s pretty open Until we turn the corner you’ll see how many people there are and they’re not gonna hold us on this bridge up here It’s now just like 20 to 9:00 in here’s what’s going on So this line is very very popular this land opened in 2017 and there so so many people rope dropping this land. It’s madness So this is the best themed Lane and what this year? Oh and I have to say once you’re in it It’s amazing watching this video. It’s so hard to tell what it feels like to be in this land So well every little detail every little spray paint Moss Thing is amazing. But all this going stuff on the ground like everything Anthony scratch the green marks the blue the purple Everything orange, even it all glows that night and it looks incredible. So we’ll be back here at night I’ll also not be able to film The concrete here on the edges anyone cocoon so it looks like You know, you can carve this out for us to be able to walk into this attraction. Oh my gosh That’s why I mention the smells of the land you can actually like smell different things it right now it just smells like clients and like salad Once you make it through the whole outdoor cue you end up in this kind of Keith type area just shaded Don’t really know how much air conditioning yet. So really cool in here to save all the cave markings on the wall You can check out the really cool drawing Subban cheese handprints all that This wins a lot. So right now we’re constantly moving. It probably takes a good couple minutes just to even get through the queue All air conditioning right here great when you enter kind of the lab service area And here’s the lab area we can see so everything’s happening guys. We won’t get to see the animatronic. It’s back there Oh No, that’s we came in the queue for That makes me moist That’s what you’re coming in here for that’s fun We’re now heading in the pre-show area welcome to the Avatar program or as we call it a bitch Great you’ve all made it That right was amazing very very something totally different something I’ve never seen It was so amazing. Caleb said it’s worth the two-hour wait I’d say it would be at Clues you off. There’s a lot of the Wayman there’s even of water in your face They spray water in your face If you’re riding it and you’re interested in looking at kind of some behind-the-scenes stuff Depending on where you are look down to like your left Again, depending where you’re sitting or maybe even your right and you’ll see the other riders like towered next to you and it was beautifully cool, but At the punko punko quick service you can find these ID tags hanging above the little bar area And these are actually pictures of the Imagineers that worked on this amazing land Store van outside of Endor you can find the imagination pink ears purple potion ears and the magic mirror ears Right across the street in the trading company Store, they have some more of the 20th anniversary merchandise Like monks cups this wonderful tree of length one and some meat since our basses are until 11 Dino Liam because dinosaurs only 20 minutes everyone’s a Pandora Fun fact the Tree of Life the leaves on the actual tree of life are one foot long each That just gives you guys the seismic person how big that tree is So dinosaur was down, but now we’re back up to kind of the Oasis area and there’s Kevin and we’re going to get the flanking copper mug, if you were told it’s very limited edition Short quick little change here. We’re now in our Fast Pass I’m not allowed to have my go on the ride so again If you guys like to look up the video play the passage I highly recommend it is amazing or if you come here and definitely Do it Just after the safari we’re heading right back into Pandora for not the river journey Fast Pass So it’s way to Kingdom we’re gonna get on the bus to total and leave And get some beignets and then get a bus back here for the like evening is timing So we can do some shows draw their fast passes and some rides are down and then get on Fast-forward to Portland’s it’s like almost four o’clock. We’ve got six beignets. I’m taking one to go We’re gonna get back on the bus and head right back to Animal Kingdom and these were amazing to steal another place other than Disneyland where you can get Mickey Mouse beignets definitely come pick them up here at Hoover it means French Quarter Back in animal kingdom right at the entrance where earlier Inside of a thirty sweet shop. They have a bunch of they’ll be fun treats Make your way over towards ever so my favorite stands this coca-cola stamp and they have ICC’s in there. So I got my coke I you see which was my favorite. I’m gonna enjoy that over here in the shade before heading to the attractions Boring King Right after Festival the Lion King we’re heading down to Dino island who’s our dinosaur Fast Pass All right, we’re gonna switch the GoPro for dinosaur and Everest because my battery’s gonna die on these cameras Let me put your battery on that phone the GoPro get those ride son. I’ll see you guys in Canada at night Let’s go get that down My first and dinosaur amazing now we’re heading to this little ice beam What kind of truck over here to get some soccer surge ice cream? I’m looking forward to it all day And I know it’s allergy friendly there. So I’m working towards getting that and heading over back to Pandora Over at the ice cream little truck over here in Asia. They also have the bugs and grub in celebration of the 20th anniversary The lion poop and they also have flutes and soft-serve cones here and also waffle cone or a cup Back in Pandora in the cute You can have a chance to undertake an amazing IV rite-of-passage Riding on the back of a banshee by being genetically matched and linked to an avatar Believing Pandora, we’re starting to see some of it come to life here at night But the blue and purple lights coming on after getting off the flight of passage We got the night blossom as apple some sort of dragon pear something fruit, boba bulls It’s good the bubble things are kind of weird Oh So here’s a look at Pandora at night all the black light is so amazing Look at the top of the mountain and all And if you look over here here’s some of the plants plant life happening I Put my clone necklace on there we go my little food We have this water flowing with all the features in there go early where happens little bridge here past these other little kind of glowy things just to see Wow look at this sue, oh My god, I’m in love. Oh I could just sit here and look at everything. Wow That’s glowing so much Look at this My gosh So that concludes our day here at Disney’s Animal Kingdom I had a great day I was amazed had that little break in the day because it was super super hot today. The field like temperature was 103 So I’m glad we were able to take that break and go in snowbank days. They were amazing And sometime we have to write quite a passage through time. I just I cannot believe it So overall great date Disney’s Hollywood Studios makes you guys check out more online Disney blogs I’ll link them down below in the description. And our last day is Magic Kingdom Make sure check out my Instagram for more Disney fun behind the students and some funny moments and tips and tricks As much watching and as always remember to do what you love and go makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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