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Rope Climbing Technique- How To

– Hey Ben with WODprep here and today we’re going to talk about a simple rope climb tutorial. So, if you ever had issues
climbing a rope this video is going to help. So we’re going to clear
up a few misconceptions when it comes to rope climbs. Misconception number one is that rope climbs are all
about your arms when, in fact,
they’re mostly your legs. So if you watch this video, this is an example
of someone who’s trying to climb the rope
with nothing but their arms. Okay, I’m basically reaching
and I’m just kinda climbing hand-over-hand, just
pulling myself up the rope and my legs are kind
of dangling, not really doing much. I might wrap them, but it’s not really doing much. This is a major issue because your legs are
a lot stronger than your arms. A correct rope climb,
like you see in this video is one in which
I clamp my legs, I clamp my feet onto the rope and then I go up the rope
simply by standing up. So I clamp and stand,
clamp and stand. Alright, another misconception
with rope climbs is that you pinch the rope
in between your feet. In fact, it’s not a pinch
but a clamp. So here’s a rope,
a lot of people try to climb and the will,
I’ll see them pinch, or even if they do
a wrap, let’s say they’re wrapping, they’ll have their feet separate. Hopefully, you can see
this on video. But they’ll have their feet
on the rope and they’ll be a
few inches apart. That just doesn’t work. If your feet are apart, that means they’re not
going to be able to clamp on the rope and keep a nice,
strong grip. So, instead of pinching the rope, make sure you clamp the rope. So a good way to clamp is simply by taking your
top foot and stepping on the bottom foot, okay. What’s good about a lot
of CrossFit shoes these days is that the arch section
of the shoe has some grip to it. So, all I do is literally,
take my foot, I clamp it down
on the bottom foot and then it lets that rope
rest right in the arch of the shoe which provides
really good gripping power. Another thing, is if you wear
Olympic lifting shoes, a lot times, because their
edges are so sharp, and they’re made of rubber, you’ll have a really strong
grip on the rope. And misconception or
problem number three are many pulls. Okay, so when people
climb the rope, you want to get to the
top as quickly as possible and also as efficient
as possible. So if I climb the rope like this, where I’m taking a bunch
of small, choppy climbs, I’m taking very small steps, it’s going to take me
a lot longer to get to the top of the rope and because of that I’m going
to be a lot more fatigued. So, in order to fix that, in order to climb it
more efficiently, what you want to do is take the biggest possible “steps” or the biggest possible pulls up the rope as you
possibly can. The way you do that is by
reaching far, pulling your knees all the
way to your chest. You’ll see here,
I’m taking my feet, I’m lifting them as high as
I possibly can, clamping and then simply
standing back up and it’s taking me up the
rope a lot faster. So, I really hope that
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Reader Comments

  1. 44 dislikes from 44 people who have no strength to even grip the rope, so they don't understand any of the 3 misconceptions

  2. I only use my hands for climbing up the rope because I climb the rope for grip strength not speed or leg strength

  3. I just spent over an hour wrestling with a new climbing rope hanging from my willow tree, unsuccessfully pinching the rope between my feet and thinking man, I must be in worse shape than I thought–and the truth is I'm in exceptionally good shape for a man my age. Thanks so much for your very understandable instructional video. I'm grateful.

  4. Hi, I did rope climbing twice in two weeks but got really sore in my elbows specially towards my triceps. I couldn't do a proper bench press and triceps exercise after that.
    The first time I did it I didn't feel it on the same day but I had sore in my elbow when I was doing chest exercises but the second time I did rope climbing I had sore straight after my exercise. Could you please help me why did it happened and how can I do it safely? Cheers

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