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Rope Burning Challenge – Answer & Win $10 | Play and Win

Answer of A Marriage Proposal riddle. If you are new to the channel press the i
button for A Marriage Proposal riddle. As boy can only ask one question and also
one of them speaks truth, the other one speaks lie. Now suppose boy goes to any of the person
let say he goes to A, and ask him,” If i ask B which box contains gift, what will he say?” A, replied B’s Box.
that’s it, boy has the answer, he would ask A to open his box and show the gift. Now lets Find out how he did this. Let’s say A was the one who speaks lie, boy
asked him that what if i would have asked B which box contains gift what will he say? In this case A speaks lie and B speaks truth. According to B, A has the gift box but since
A only speaks lie so he would have said B’s box
Now lets assume A was the one who speaks truth only, boy asked him that what if i would have
asked B which box contains gift what will he say? Since A always speaks truth and B speaks lie. In this case B would have said B’s box and
A speaks truth only so he would have also said B’s Box. Boy have asked such a clever question that
in both the condition A had to answer B’s box, that’s why boy asked A to open the box. Hit the subscription button and press the
notification bell, this way you can be the first to see all updates and answer the riddles
quickly to win the prize money. After reaching the riddle you have whole time
to answer the riddle until the next video with answer of this riddle is out. You have two ropes in front of you which are
hanged at their center point. And Both these ropes represents time. It takes 3 hours for a rope to burn completely
from one side to other. and it takes 6 hours to burn two ropes consecutively. Your challenge is to burn both these ropes
in 2 hours and 15 minutes. can you accept this challenge. Answer in the comment section below. And Also Random winner from all the correct
answers given in the comments will be selected and prize money of $10 will be given. Name of the winner will be announced in the
next video with the correct answer. Condition to win the award is, you have to
share the video on social networking site and also video should cross 50000 views on
Youtube, So share as much as you can and win prize of $10.

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