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|| Romance In Water Park || Amilya Periera

It has become to difficult to visit a water park with boyfriend But why? Look at these guards here, always ready to spot couples at corners. They can stand any couple cuddling. That’s not bad. There are families and kids visiting this place. Should maintain decency among them. Decency? These couple don’t get any place to get intimate, not their house, not these parks. Makes their like so difficult. So you want everyone to mate on the roads like dogs? Not exactly mating, but at least cuddling. Let these kids know how they have come to this world. What crap are you saying? Seriously. Look at the couple there. The are in such a romantic position. The boy is holding the girl by her waist. Have you lost your eyes. That’s his thigh around her waist. Do you think that skinny person will have a 20-inch biceps? Really? I am going to see what’s happening under water. Wait. You will get thrashed. Get back, you nymphomaniac Our parents send us to school to study for us to get educated, And these desperate folks come here and make out as if there is no tomorrow. They are studying here as well. Biology. Human body. Exactly. And they are giving their exam under water! Be tolerant. Every one has a right to make out. Look at your blush. As if you have measured Johnny Sins. Look there. The guards have spotted their marine act. And his small leg outside in the middle too.

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  1. That was an interesting one-woman show you put on. It's also an interesting issue that waterparks have to consider. You represented both sides very convincingly!

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