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Rock Climbing Walls & Rappelling : Make Rope Climbing Nets

Hello my name is Scott and I’m the owner of
Climb On indoor rock climbing gym in Wilmington, North Carolina. Today we are going to discuss
making rope climbing nets. Anything that has to do with ropes or climbing can be inherently
dangerous and result in serious injury or death. You want to make sure that you get
proper instruction from a qualified professional on how this is done. Making a rope climbing
net can be done by using retired ropes or buying new ropes. Once you weave them together
and use the correct friction knots to lace them up you are going to want to hang it in
an area where the ground is soft where you have got padding or mulch to take the fall.
The other thing that you can do is use a Bollaire if you are on a high rope course where climbing
nets are prevalent. If you are not using a Bollaire and a Belay system you are going
to want to make sure that you have got a spotter and good pads. Again I can’t stress enough
how important it is to get the proper instruction from your local indoor rock climbing gym,
your high ropes course facilitator, or your high ropes course place of business. With
that knowledge it can be fun and safe. Thank you and this has been building rope climbing

Reader Comments

  1. Uh . . . .

    What a waste of time!!! There is NOTHING in this video that shows how to build a rope climbing net!!!

  2. And this has been "….building rope climbing nets….." really? I didnt see a single instruction on building one. Pull this video.

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