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Roblox: Waterpark – USING YOUR NOODLE! [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange Voice] Super secret surprise noodle shot, oh! [Laughs] (techno music) Hey yo it’s A O back to you in another game video. And that’s right, we’re
back in Roblox once again. Oh and we are playing the
Roblox water park, what what! Yo water you thinking? You just sitting here with one of those unicorn horns? That’s pretty cool! Can I buy one of those? That would be pretty awesome I want one of those. Yo doc, I heard you like hair so I got hair for your hair so you can wear hair while you have hair. [Laughs] I wanna see what’s happening right now. Yo DJ, you’re next in line. Oh yeah it’s high time for
slide time, yo, more slides. Oh, there we go. [Laughs] What’s up buddy? Oh man so many slides to choose from, this is awesome. How you guys doing today? Oh boy, yo yo yo, what’s up zoo crew? Come on, we’re gonna go
down the super slide. Are you ready? You’re not ready for this. Yo I’ll lead the way, oh
you’re gonna lead the way okay here we go. Whoah, oh oh no, don’t fall off the slide, oh no. [Laughs] Oh what happened? Um I did it wrong. Ah finally, it’s cool, it’s cool, I’m back in the cool pool guys, yo what’s up? When orange enters a room
he makes a real splash. [Laughs] Oh this is awesome, what’s up buddy? You got a monkey on your back? That’s cool. Really that guy should
stop monkeying around. [Laughs] Alright I want some more slides, hey what’s up buddy? Yo DJ, lemme guess, you’re really falling for the orange. Haha it’s a joke because I’m gonna fall. [Laughs] I better land in a pool, wow! Oh everything’s going down the drain. [Laughs] Whoah this is so cool! Super slide in action, bleh ah wait, watch out for the sides, they’re dangerous. Whoah, yeah. Feel the air on your derriere, and now feel the water
on your Harry Potter. [Laughs And Coughs] I’m assuming that’s
what you call your butt. You’re a farter, Harry. [Laughs] Whewie, we’re having fun, this is cool. I love this game. So how you guys doing? Hopefully doing so good! The water park makes me wanna jump, jump, woo! That was a sweet dive. I think that was a ten point o, on the orangey scale. [Laughs] Let’s hit another one of those slides, oh yeah, high time for slide time. Orange on the water, farts in the sky. [Fart Noise] Oh juicy! That’s my favorite. Whoah this is a long one, yeah yeah. Gonna keep on going, never gonna stop, gonna go, can’t stop,
cuz I can’t can’t stop. Whoah, bleh, delicious. You know what time it is? It’s time to use your noodle! Super secret surprise noodle shot! Whoah! [Laughs] Noodle shot! [Laughs] Oh no, oh no, I think he’s dead! Lifeguard where are you? Get in the pool, quickly. Oh look at you, you’re
using your noodle too. Oh, ow, [Laughs] Wow, excuse me, coming through, don’t mind me, using my noodle. Hey buddy you make a real splash. Wow! [Laughs] Oh he didn’t like that. He didn’t like it. Na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na noodle man! [Laughs] See ya later hot potater. Everybody get in the pool quick. Oh no, this guy’s still dead. Lifeguard where are you? This man needs CPR. That’s right, a candy party regulator. They’re very important. Hey melon head, get over here. You’re really using your melon, cuz you have a melon for a head. That’s pretty cool. Hey look it’s melon head! Yo, what’s up buddy? [Laughs] The noodle is the best. Yeah. I wanna tickle your armpits. Yeah, whoah! Physics are weird today, cuz I’m hitting them and
they’re going the other way. Super secret surprise noodle shot! [Laughs] Oh no, am I evil? No, I’m totally not evil,
I’m just using my noodle. Hey buddy what’s up? You’re a real hit. [Laughs] Hey what’s up buddy? Melon head, you’re my favorite. Aw, why are you sitting down? Feeling melancholy? [Laughs] Ain’t no party like a
swimming pool noodle party cuz swimming pool noodle
party never stops. That’s a tough one to say, try and say that 800 times fast. Can you do it? I don’t think you can do it. [Laughs] Noodle butt. Oh yeah, got the moves, we
got the moves check it out! Yo melon head [Laughs]. Sliding on my butt. Na na na na boo boo you can’t hit me. [Laughs] Owie, oh you got me. We hit each other it was awesome, oh yeah. Butt hoppin, everybody butt hoppin. Excuse me, coming through. Yo sliding up all up in your business. [Laughs] We want a batter, not a full bladder. [Laughs] Come back here, what you doing? What you doing, you hopping
to it, that’s pretty cool. Check this out, whoah! What did you make? How’d you do that, that was awesome? Alright everybody out of the pool. Get out. Yeah! [Laughs] I like to whistle while I work, right? [Laughs] You’re breaking all the rules, and that’s what you get. I like to whistle while I work, whistle while I work, yeah yeah. Okay everybody listen to me! I have an important announcement: grapefruit is an ape fruit. [Laughs] Hey no splashing me, no splashing me, that’s what you get, yeah, a whistle to the ears. Oh hey hey, no standing at the pool, no standing at the pool, there you go. [Laughs] Fixed it. Yes, fishy splashy. Super secret surprise noodle shot. Oh! [Laughs] I’m sorry not sorry. Seriously, I’m so sorry not sorry. Woohoo! Am I evil? I think I might be evil, or just annoying. I’m not annoying I’m an orange. Which one will I choose? This one’s gonna make me cruise. Bleh, okay totally missed it. That was awesome. Welcome to the water park. Yeah, you’re very welcome. Where are you going? Where are you going lady? Don’t run away from your feelings, or the noodle. You gotta use the noodle. There ya go. Excuse me, coming through. Hey buddy you should get in the water. There you go. [Laughs] Yo melon head, you and me,
we’re gonna be sidekicks okay? Super secret surprise butt shot. [Laughs] I knocked him right into the slide. Yo what’s up buddy? Ah you just looking like
you’re chilling, nice. SpringTruckBear, got some
good moves there, buddy, even when you got hit by the noodle. You still got on the slide
and you’re still going. Whoah, this is awesome,
this is so much fun. Whoah, bleh, owie. Okay they should redesign that. You don’t want the slide
to empty into the side of another slide. If anything it should
enter into a slide, yeah. Whoah I got two noodles. How’d I get two noodles? Two noodles for the price of one baby. Yo, two noodles. [Laughs] He didn’t like two noodles. Super secret surprise noodle shots. Whoop, yeah into the water! Orangey hits a home run. [Laughs] Hey none of this half in
half out stuff, get in there. [Laughs] I’m helping, I’m very considerate. Melon I’ll save you! Or just use you as a
Roblox totem pole, sweet. [Laughs] Oh this is awesome. Yo tell me what you want,
what you really really want, I’ll tell you what I want,
what I really really want, I wanna splash I wanna splash I wanna splash I wanna splash. [Laughs] We’re having a good time, guys. Hey hey, no splashing on the orange. [Laughs] I’m sorry, I’m sorry not sorry. Super secret surprise noodle shot! Wee! [Laughs] Yeah, he got in the water. Whoah, wow, that was sweet. Yo I’m working on my tan. I’m not orange enough. [Laughs] Now we’re having fun. Show you how it’s done,
bleh, okay there we go, bleh, back up, bleh, ow. My only weakness, chairs. Sliding on my bum, show you
how it’s done, like this. [Laughs] Everybody into the pool. Cuz orangey said so. Wow, I skipped her like eight
times, that was awesome. Okay guys, Roblox totem pole, here we go. Everybody on top of me. Alright good job, melonhead. Come on get up here buddy,
you’re almost there. [Laughs] Aw he fell off. You got this, yeah, check it out. Robox totem pole, yeah. Roblox tanning totem pole. Here ya go. Uh uh, no no no no, no
pooping in the pool, no pooping in the pool. Those are the rules you
guys, yeah, yeah, yeah. Woohoo! [Laughs] Now we’re having a good time. Yeah you guys know what’s up. Na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na Noodle Man! Oh, you love Noodle Man, get in the water, get in the water. Water you thinking? There you go. [Laughs] I’m helping. Oh man this game is so much fun I love it. Thank you guys so much for watching. This is a lot of fun, I love using my new, ooh double noodle time. Double noodle time, yeah
jump jump, what what? Oh goodness, make sure so everyone can make most popular videos on the Internet, totally circus. Oh god, until next time. Played too hot to noodle. (electronic music)

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