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Roblox: Water Park Obby! [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange] I’m gonna
do a super dive into the pool. (screaming) Wah! Bleh. (laughing) (upbeat electronic music) (laughing) Hey, yo, it’s AO, back
again with another video! How fast can I say it, I don’t know! We’re back in Roblox once again. That’s right, we’re gonna play the Escape Water Park Obby, Obby, Obby. We’re gonna jump on some
donuts, floatin’ donuts. I go nuts for floatin’ donuts. (laughing) Alright, this time we’re gonna, Oh yeah, doin’ good. Oh, what the, No. Oh, that disappearing donut
really made a splash. (laughs) Actually, I did too. Woowee! It’s a party now! Everybody’s here! Everybody’s here so poke them in the ear! (grunts) (laughs) And if you don’t have an ear, then just fall in the water and get blown up into a billion pieces. It’s fine! Everybody loves doing it. Okay, seriously, I wanna
get past the first obstacle. It’s only the first stage. I’ve died I don’t know how many times now. Come on donut! Here we go. And I’m, what! (cries) Holy moly! (laughs) Man, this episode really
went down the hole! (laughs) Okay, seriously, I have to take my time. I keep jumping in the
water and I keep dying. Hold on, hold on, okay. Okay, now I wait here until that one disappears and comes back and I’m not gonna jump
in the hole this time. I’m actually gonna get past this stage. I’m gonna do it you guys. I know what you’re saying at home. You’re like, “Orange, how could you, “how could you have died like eight times? “‘Water’ you thinking?” (laughs) Especially in the first stage, geeze. Okay, moving on in the, no, I didn’t hit it. There we go. You gotta
make sure it goes “blah.” That’s my impression
of the sound it makes. “Blah” I’m just gonna jump over your guys’ heads then I don’t have to
worry about it. (laughs) Say it, don’t spray it! ‘scuse me! Quit trying to shoot me with your water guns you little squirts! (laughs) (singing) Oh, yeah.
Rolling around the donuts. Okay. Blah-qui-ayyy. That was the
sound it made. Blah-qui-ayyy. Alright, it’s high time for slide time. Let’s pick this one. Oh, bly! Oo, that was pretty good! Whoa, you guys are on ducks? I bet you’re feeling really ducky! Why can’t I go? What is wrong with this swimming pool? It’s broken! The swimming pool is broken! Okay, I’m doing alright. No, what? The ducks killed me? Well that really doesn’t
fit the bill. (laughs) Seriously, though, it’s not all it’s “quacked”
up to be. (laughs) Whoa, that was close! Okay, I got this, c’mon. Okay, I’m just gonna jump on
top of the water, that works. What!? Why don’t you ducks go do something else? Maybe go play some BILLiards? (laughs) Get it? Bill? Billiards? (laughs) Okay, can you stop dying, Orange? This game is not that hard. I don’t know why I keep dying. Okay, down the slide, here we go. Will I die? Nobody knows! Gonna go over here, and
then I’m gonna go over here because that other one’s
gonna appear right there. Yeah, see? I told ya. Get out of the water! Oh, that was close. That duck almost
respawned, it got me again. Whoa, you guys warping? That’s cool! I like warping. Oo, umbrellas. I’m gonna throw some
shade your way. (laughs) Oh, yeah. What? Don’t
bottle up your feelings! Or is that a vase? Ah, that pun didn’t work. (laughs) Bottle, vase, same diff. We got this! Okay, we don’t got this. Who’s putting deadly stuff on the floor? Maybe you shouldn’t put
deadly stuff on the floor. Or maybe it is a bottle. Yeah it is a bottle. I bet it’s a bottle of sunscreen
or something and it got, Okay, the pun did work,
we can go back, guys. The pun did work. Don’t bottle up your feelings. (laughs) No, but seriously, if you’re using sunblock
that also kills you, don’t use that sunblock. Just a word of warning. Nine out of ten doctors agree. Using deadly sunscreen is
not good for your health. Admittedly, the tenth
doctor was an orangutan so his opinion doesn’t
really count. (laughs) No! (cries) Oh, gah. (whimpers) I really “mist” that feeling. (laughs) Deadly mist. What is up with that? Who’s shooting deadly
mist out of a periscope? Why would you do that? It’s crazy! Oh bidda bidda bo. Okay, gotta time it just right. Okay. No, no, no. No! Dead again! I thought it would’ve “mist” me. (laughs) Two mist jokes in the same stage. (laughs) Dontcha feel lucky? Or maybe you’re feeling ducky! (laughs) I’m just gonna, I’m gonna
take this real slow. We’re gonna get this. I think I’ve died more in this Obby than I’ve ever died in another Obby before and it’s not even that hard. Oye! There we go! I’m hopping on this ship! Whatever floats my boat, right? (laughs) Whoa! Totally gonna Scrooge McDuck this! Don’t tell me that if I fall
into the money that it kills me because there’s no such
thing as deadly money. You guys! You can’t put like a whole
mountain of money down there and expect me not to wanna
just jump right in it like Scrooge McDuck. Swimming in style. Cash money, hunny. You know what it is. Aw, goodbye giant mountains of money. I’ll miss you the most. Oo, well this doesn’t
look dangerous at all. (laughs) Sarcasm explosion. (laughs) Not as good as TNT explosions though. Those are the best ones! Whoa, oh boy. I think that one, that one might’ve sliced
my butt a little bit. Really close. Oh, oh, oh. Slice to meet you! Woo hoo hoo! Okay, okay, okay, okay. Can I “ax” you a question! C’mon, swing it to wing it! Here we go, here we go. And here we go! Yeah, Orangey made it through and then almost fell in the water. Whoa, hey, hey, hey! What’re you shooting? You’re blowing bubbles at me? Don’t make me chew you out! (laughs) Ah, bleh. ‘scuse me! No! I don’t wanna be! No, okay, oh. That one just went right through me. Okay, so do the bubbles not hurt me? Well that was weird. I don’t like creepy octopi that blow bubbles on me. That’s weird. I don’t like it. Okay, I guess we’re gonna go Where do I go? Oh, I think I’m on the
other side of the ship I gotcha. Oo, there we go! I see giant ice cream
cones that are melted! Oh, so I can’t touch the
ice cream that’s melted? Are you serving deadly
ice cream up in here? And not just that, you’re serving giant
deadly ice cream cones. That’s cold man, that’s
real cold. (laughs) Oh! Uh, aw. (cries) I thought I was safe. You really greeted me
with an icy reception! Let’s try this again. (singing) One more time, one
more, one more, one more. (laughs) Having a ball on the ball! The balls in your court. Actually, it’s my court. Jump right over here, there we go! Safe and sound. Okay, I think I gotta go
through the door here. What’s through the door? Oh, we’re going up, no we’re
going down slides again. Okay, I’m gonna pick this one. (screams nonsense) And Orangey sticks the landing! Oo, swim it to win it! Where we going? I don’t even know where I’m going! Oh, hoppin’ to it. There we go. Over here, whoa! Giant
food, I’ll save you! Hot dog, hold on to your buns! (laughs) You too giant burger! I’ll save you too. You guys stay here, I’ll go for help, k? (laughs) We gotta get them out of there,
they’re in a real pickle! (laughs) (cries) I didn’t cut the mustard. (laughs) I can cut the cheese, though! (fart noise) That one was dainty. (laughs) It was respectable. What the, how do I keep, I’m not even hitting it! Bleh! Oh, c’mon. We can do this! (singing) I like to move it, move it. (singing) I like to groove it, groove it. Okay, gotta time it just right. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on. I think my jumping
skills are off this game. Because usually I don’t
die this many times. I’m pretty good at Obby Ooby Obbys. I got mad skills. Especially for someone who
doesn’t have legs. (laughs) Uh oh, what’re we doing? Whoa, zoomies! I have speedy jeans! Although not too speedy. They’re moderately speedy. Not quite speedy but respectable. Respectable speed jeans. Okay, I guess we’re gonna go over here. Oh, hey, I see you lady, whatcha doin’? I’m coming, here we go! Wabadup, oh no! (cries) I got hit in the booty by a car. Who hit my booty? (cries) My booty’s not for hitting. Okay, let’s get these
respectable speedy jeans back on. Okay, now I’m gonna go, Oh no, she got killed too! Oo. Getting hit by a car, it’s automatic. Gonna wait for this other car to go by. Yeah! There we go. Woohoo! Okay, did I get it? Oh, I did. Wow! Oh, I think this is the end. It is! Hey, we beat it. Crazy. It didn’t even really have an
ending but it had an ending. Huh, that’s weird. Well, we did it guys, we
escaped the water park! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Yanny! Oh, wait, no, yammy. What’s yammy? I yam what I yam and
that’s all that I yam! Woo! I got a bird’s eye view you guys! I’m gonna do a super dive into the pool. (screaming) Wah! Bleh. (laughs) Yeah, that was good. That was good. Woo, I’m gonna get the drop on these guys. Hey, what’s up buddies? I’m going back in here again. Oh, I’m just gonna let it slide. (screams) Oh yeah. (laughs) Good form! Don’t be sad, get happy! You just beat the game. C’mon, spin it to win it,
that’s what you gotta do! You gotta spin in circles
until you barf. (laughs) All roads lead back to Orange. What the? Oh, you knocked
my legs and my head off. That’s cool, I didn’t need them anyways. (laughs) Actually, I do. In this game, I do. Alright, well, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is she asking? How to pass this level? You don’t pass the
level, you beat the game. This is the end. I’m telling you, that’s
what I’m telling you. How do you do it? You already did it, I’m just telling you! (laughs) She doesn’t think
we beat the game. (laughs) Yeah! See, exactly, jump for joy. You won! You won the game, yeah! Celebrate good times, c’mon! Okay, better do one more dive. One more giant dive. Here we go, you ready? Got some serious air, here we go. Whoa! Bleh, aw. I was trying to land on the donut from way up there. Couldn’t quite do it though. Aw man. So close. So close, but no cigar. What the, no, I don’t want that. No, no, no! No! Oh, I accidentally bought it after I beat the game too. Why? I want a refund. I mean, this is kind of fun but I want a refund! Oh, well. Alright, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you do everything to make this the most
popular video on the internet because it’s always there
because it’s so good. Til next time. Later hot potaters! (upbeat electronic music)

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