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RimbaTubes: Vivaldi’s Spring | Snubby J x Aaron Grooves

Welcome to our special closed-captioning production featuring free commentary to enhance your experience. You’re welcome in advance. Snubby & Aaron begin with “Spring (Allegro I)” “Allegro” is the first movement of Vivaldi’s “Spring” suite and the first work of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons collection. Legend has it Vivaldi wrote four accompanying sonnets to be read alongside his lavishly vivid concerto. This section begins with the line “Springtime is upon us” Isn’t that beautiful? As we transition, you may be thinking to yourself: “My! How it sounds like excited birds ready to mate!” And you would be… mostly correct. “The birds celebrate her return with festive song” One of Vivaldi’s revolutionary devices was creating themes with narrative-like effects. The Baroque period (1600-1750) was a time of splendor Art, science & architecture were all grandiose in design Influencing the world of music in a similar fashion. Thus inspiring Vivaldi to create bird-like music. Tweedle Tweedle Dee! Here we return to the earlier motif, a melody catchier than Justin Bieber’s tunes combined. This musical section nicely fits the next sonnet line: “murmuring streams are softly caressed by the breezes” The melodies flow like a running stream of water And require hyper-focus to avoid hitting our paddles. Get it, Snubby. Get it. Vivaldi sought to create popular music for his time hence the several variations of this OG motif. (And guess what… It won’t be the last.) Oooh what’s happening? This must be the next section of the sonnet: “Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, ROAR” (Capitalization added for effect) “… casting their dark mantle over heaven!!!!” (As with the exclamations) Vivaldi’s emotional use of dynamics is evident here Very quick arpeggios & dramatic rolls continue to grow Culminating in an exhilarating state of ecstasy. ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW MR. KRABS??? Baroque composers often used strings, brass and more. Vivaldi wrote this concerto for strings and harpsichord. A single violin leads solo lines such as this. I imagine Vivaldi never heard his music on PVC pipes Obviously plastic was non-existent in 1720. But you know what did exist for Vivaldi? THE BASS DROP. We reunite with our text as we approach the end: “Then they die away to silence” “and the birds take up their charming songs once more.” Thus concluding the first sonnet of Spring As we return home. To be honest, Vivaldi’s sonnet is not that beautiful. But it does accurately depict his brilliant composition. Fun fact: Vivaldi was inspired by paintings of seasons And although he died in 1741 likely in poverty His legacy lives on with his world-renowned music. Well done, boys. Well done.

Reader Comments

  1. Vivaldi, the four seasons, the sugary children’s cereal of classical music.

    Finally! A rendition worth listening to, bravo!

  2. Came for Dear Evan Hansen, stayed for this. Brilliant!! I love how easy it is to tell that you both know what you’re doing is awesome 😎

  3. I LOVE THEM ! Thanks for inspiring me to be myself and not be shy to do what we like on youtube. There is always going to be someone to love it 🙂

  4. This is such a great work! It's humorous, neatly performed and very nicely arranged! Congrats on that, and I haven't even turned on the captions

  5. Замечательно, было бы веселей если бы они стучали по трубам комнатными тапочками =)

  6. Masterpiece. Must have invested a lot of time and energy on practising and perfecting it. You guys make the world a better place. Viva la Vivaldi

  7. PSA to everyone watching: Turn on the subs!! You will not regret it XD.
    Utterly brilliant video, you perform with such skill, but also enthusiasm and humour 😀

  8. I've been thinking about making a couple of these tbh. full 88 key versions, and have an A=440 and an A=435 versions. Maybe even an A=445 version? (because I have an easier time singing in that tuning for whatever reason) idk if I'll ever actually do it, though. maybe if I ever have free time and I feel productive.

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    good! 😀


  11. This is so weird. I saw a video where Aaron played Super Mario Bros on Marimba, and it made me remember the PVC-instrument from back in the day. And when I entered Snubby's channel, I find this excellent piece. 1 degree of separation.

  12. Your playing is showing us that you are an expert in marimba , glongelspiel and other same instruments . Good job !!! 👍

  13. One of the coolest videos ive ever seen thats some great stuff guys God bless you both keep it up look up django reinhardt would love to see some gypsy jazz on that instrument 🙂 best ive seen in years

  14. Think these guys have made way to many dwp calls…this song always reminds me of loosing my job and sitting for endless hours on hold to the job centre while being mentally tortured

  15. How many takes did it take (pun) to not laugh at each other lol. I imagine doing the whole concert to then start laughing at the end 😂😂

  16. Hey, don't know if you've already thought of it but you could probably get some gigs in elementary schools (provided you have no violent or sexual felonies on your records). Your videos are fun and creative yet are varied and cultivated: all the things music teachers look for in musical guests. You could use it as a great way to show kids that music knows no bounds, get them interested and maybe inspire them to get involved. It sounds kind of lame, I know, but it can be tremendous fun.

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