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Replacing the Front Air Spring on a 03-12 Range Rover L322 with an Arnott Air Spring

Arnott is pleased to offer multiple air suspension repair and replacement options for the land Rover Range Rover L322 Chassis Most air suspension problems are due to a leaking air spring Arnott offers brand new replacement Air Springs that are built with name-Brand Air Bladders and are not only engineered to last longer but are often easier to install in this video We show how to install the are not designed front air spring Air strut removal Removal step 1 prepping for removal Set the steering to straight ahead begin by disconnecting the battery Use a platform that is capable of raising the body separately from the wheels Lift the body at the lifting points prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer removal step 2 wheel removal Start by removing the wheels lug nuts Once the lug nuts are removed carefully take off the wheel removal Step 3 releasing air pressure to Release the air pressure from the front struts. You will need to remove the right side front wheel well liner With the wheel well liner removed you’re able to access the front valve lock located on the rear of the wheel well Disconnect the applicable air line to drain the air from the Air spring Removal step 4 Air strut removal Remove the brake hose and ABS sensor wire from the retention bracket on the strut Remove the sensor wire from the front side of the strut held on with a small plastic clip Disconnect the sway bar end link by removing the nut holding the ball joint to the strut You may need to hold the ball joint from spinning by placing a wrench on the two flats of the ball joint Remove the two large bolts that hold this truss to the spindle assembly With the nuts and bolts removed from the spindle Assembly pull the spindle Outward while pushing the strut inward to disengage them under the hood remove the two bolts from the upper Damper Remove the wire harness from the upper Damper remove the upper Damper remove the wire harness Remove all three upper retention Fasteners being careful not to drop the strut With the strut removed you can now gain access to a tows connection remove the fitting to free the assembly Remove the air fitting from the air hose and discard to remove the airline fitting Remove the collet and the remaining fitting will slide off of the air hose remove the Air strut Removal Step 5 Air Spring Removal Remove the shock retention nut from the top of the air strut assembly Remove the nut and washer and save the washer for later use Discard the top nut with the upper retention hardware removed Flip the strut over and locate the alignment pin in the bottom of the air spring assembly Using the soft base mallet or other adequate tool remove the lock washer from the locating post Tap the bottom of the air spring with a soft-faced mallet to disengage the o-ring seals The Air spring as well as all oman’s and overing spacers are discarded the only thing you will reuse is the shock itself Clean the shock of any debris before beginning installation of the Air Spring Air Spring installation – Install Step 1 installing the Air Spring Install the New O-Rings and O-Ring spacers provided in the kit and the same orientation is removed slide the rubber bump stop over the strut shaft you may have to spray the inside of the rubber bump stop with a Lubricant to help slide it over the shock. Slide the gold washer over the threaded end of the shock Make sure the cup end is facing down away from the threat slide the new Air spring Assembly over the shock Make sure to align the plastic alignment pin on the air spring through the hole in the shocks piston seat After you have pushed the lower pistons alignment pin through the shock spring plate Slide the external locking clip over the plastic pin to secure the air spring to the shot Push the upper black rubber mount over the shock shaft make sure to place the rubber seal in the correct position Important Information Depending on the vehicles model and year there are three possible methods for rebuilding your strut Before proceeding with the build process be sure to differentiate which air strut you are rebuilding and select the correct option please refer to the Arnott Installation Manual for additional information. For 2003 to 2005 models and 2006 to 2012 models excluding supercharged Install the black washer with the live facing up Then install the nut and tighten. For the 2006 to 2009 supercharged only Reinstall the lower cup and nut Tighten the nut and reinstall your existing top chuck. For the 2010 to 2012 with VDS – which we will demonstrate Reuse and install your existing silver washer and align the threaded holes with the lower fork of the shock Slide the washer over the threaded end to the shot Make sure the cup ends facing up and towards the nut Thread the M-16 Nylon locknut over the struts threaded shaft you can tighten the nut using an impact gun Air Strut Installation Install Step One installing the Air Strut Pull down on the lower control arm and place the strut into position Install the three shock top mount nuts and tighten to the manufacturer’s specifications install the wire harness for the Upper Damper install the Upper Damper Install the two bolts onto the Upper Damper Remove the plastic pin from the Air inlet fitting and discard Push the Air line into the fitting and press until it is firmly seated Pull the Air Line Outward to lock and ensure a secure connection Install the bolts onto the lower strut mount Reconnect the sway bar Link by installing the nut that holds the ball joint to the strut You may need to hold the ball joint from spinning by placing a wrench on the two flats of the ball joint Install the sensor wire to the front side of the strut and reinstall the small plastic clip that holds it on. Install the brake hose and abs sensor wire onto the retention bracket on the strut Reinstall the Wheel liner Install step 2 – Wheel Installation Install the wheel and tighten all lug nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications Install Step 3 finishing the installation Lower the vehicle to standard vehicle height from the lifting platform reconnect the battery testing Start the engine wait two minutes Operate the raising function of the cars electronics Initially lower the lifting platform slowly and only completely when the vehicle rises of its own accord Check the system for leaks It is strongly recommended that after this installation the vehicle gets an alignment for better performance and safety

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