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Reindustrialization at ETTP

[music] This is a really exciting time for the Heritage Center site and the Reindustrialization Program.
We’re able to witness the transformation from a Manhattan Project site to beneficial
reuse for the entire community. The Reindustrialization Program always
had a goal to reuse the entire site. It now includes three parts. We have the private-sector industrial park This site has provided jobs for the
Oak Ridge community for a long time. Now, we want to create an environment
that will attract new businesses to develop and implement their projects to
create a new job source for the local community. It also includes historic preservation. I’m actually standing in the K-25 History Center and it’s a stark reminder of how this will be truly in the center of the site and an important aspect if it. We also have a green space, and conservation space, which includes blueways, and walking
trails, and biking trails. So, that will be a unique aspect.
But this integrated end state, we really think is what makes this site truly unique from anywhere else in the United States.
Electricity is abundant at the site. We also have water access so it can
be used for our two barge facilities. We have proximity from Interstate 40.
We’re only 5 minutes away from there. We have rail access.
We’re close to the city of Oak Ridge, so people have access to all
the amenities in Oak Ridge. Also, our access to Y-12 and the
Oak Ridge National Laboratory with innovations and inventions of
that site could be implemented here, if a business wanted to partner with them. Part of our adaptation and evolution of the site that would never have been imagined 20 years ago, is the implementation
of three solar fields at the site. In 2018, the Department of Energy transferred over
200 acres of Heritage Center to CROET. They, in turn, conveyed that property to Coqui Pharma They’re a company that specializes in
medical isotope production. They were attracted to the site because of the proximity of Oak Ridge National Laboratory In the future, they plan to build a production facility here. You can see there has been a tremendous
amount of work done to clean the site up. We’re getting very close to removing all
the old buildings that were once here. The site has fulfilled it’s mission.
The World War II Manhattan Project. The Cold War period.
The cleanup period that we’re in, now. It’s exciting to be able to preserve the
history and tell the story of the people who worked here and
the technology that was developed. Visitors coming will get a better appreciation
of what was accomplished here at this site, as well as, in Oak Ridge, in general. Standing here on Sinkhole Trail,
we see kids and families hiking and mountain biking this trail all the time.
So, it is getting beneficially reused. Often times companies are really considering
quality of life as a component of why they might move to a particular area. As a member of this community,
as a father of a son who lives here, I’m most excited about what’s to come
here in Oak Ridge I look around and see us truly embracing the natural assets that we have in this area. And, it’s exciting for me, one, not only because I using these trails on a daily basis, but also, I’m taking my son out here
and planting a seed in him of the importance of preservation of green space and, really, the appreciation of natural assets. The Reindustrialization Program has been
very successful in it’s transfer process. To date, we’ve transferred nearly
1,300 acres back to the community for beneficial reuse. Where we’ve moved from a predominantly
DOE-owned site with a little bit of private-sector development, to, now,
it’s a predominantly privately owned site with a little bit of DOE-owned property. The Reindustrialization Program is
so important to our community. Back in the 40s and 50s and 60s it provided jobs and allowed people to raise their children. Now, we’re giving back and giving that same opportunity to a new generation.

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