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Reclaim your recess (jump rope)

*BEEEEEEEEEPs* Quick thought from Simplified.Fitness
-Spend a small portion of this weekend trying to reclaim your recess.
Think of something that you used to enjoy doing. Maybe you’re really good at
maybe it was just fun and you weren’t the greatest at it. Either way try it out.
Fair warning it might be a little bit more difficult than you remember. *Music about trying… * *Music continues about trying even more* Ouch! *Music: So keep on trying!* We also want to say, set yourself up in an
environment that if you fail a few times you’re not gonna get hurt.
So think about maybe you shouldn’t start with that back flip you used to do 30
years ago, okay? Ultimately have some fun get active maybe encourage some friends
or family to try with you. Be safe and enjoy!

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