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RDRapidHyperion : Cut The Rope | Experiments

Hello there. Today, we are doing a video on Cut The Rope : Expirimental Version Expiriments Version ok So, let’s begin with level 1 try and get these stars eeeyah! “That was a good one” ok pop into Om Nom’s mouth ok “Exceptional!” okay Well i couldnt get the other star “That was a good one” let me get the star get this there we go Just some rapid- Just some rapid tapping Okay let’s wait for it to swing pop did you see Om Nom doing something? Having trouble completing the level? Unleash Superpowers of Om Nom [candy bounces] there we go that’s funny the candy just gets crushed by telekenisis the candy gets out the way this game works Well i couldnt get the other star Shouldnt this be considered excellent instead of great? since i technically got 3 stars well i got 2 yellow stars and one blue star oh well Some stars require fast actions to be collected 25 candies let’s just get the candy “I’m sure you can do it” no let me see how long it’s been ok NO! “Oh, I’m impressed” cut the rope “I’m sure you can do it!” oh no you see that big cookie theory right here Stretched ropes get red yaa ok “Oh, Amazing Intelligence” Keep the candy away frwom spikes the spikes spinning make me think that the rope’s gonna spin too yaa Spider Spider! I was actually thinking When are there gonna be spiders? But then a spider just appeared 2 spiders 4 spiders “Uh oh” “Uh oh” Sometimes you need to be fast “Exceptional” well i think that’ll be it for the video so i hope you enjoyed and bye! i hope you enjoyed this video aaand goodbye!

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