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Random Acts Dares At Boondocks / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to. – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Plus, Grandma, from the
channel Grandma and Me. We are headed to a cool place, So BYU TV invited us to come down to a party that they are hosting, to celebrate the celebrate
their third season of their TV show, Random Acts. Okay so Random Acts is a
fun show where they will kind of prank people, but they do it nice, so whoever they’re pranking,
yes they get pranked, but they also get a nice
surprise, that’s always very kind, and then they also feature
somebody who is in need, in their show and they help
out that family or that person. So the show is really entertaining
and really fun to watch, and it is kind and has a good message, so be sure to check it out,
its called Random Acts. You can find it on YouTube or on BYU TV. – So while we’re at the party
we’re gonna see some other YouTubers and play some games, let go. (upbeat music) – Okay so now that we’ve
got food in our tummies, we are going to do a little competition, kids versus parents, we’re
going to do the Random Acts competition and see how many
random acts we can complete. – Yep so there’s, – You’re going down. – There are 12 different Random
Acts that you can accomplish and we’re gonna see who can get the most. – Whoever gets it done
first, text the other team. – Oh. – So lets just get, we can
get this done in five minutes, I don’t know. – Oh, I don’t think five minutes. – Okay, let’s go. – Okay, so we’re off,
Dad has our checklist, where are we headed? – Uh, we can go outside, cause we gotta go to the bumper boats or we
gotta go to the laser tag, basketball, go karts,
lets go to the go karts. – Okay lets go, run run run
run run, we gotta go fast. Hurry because the girls will
be a lot quicker than us and they’ll get these all done. Aaah Dad’s getting distracted – Oh sorry, let’s go. – [Mom] What are you do,
we’re on a competition. – I made, I made him dance. – [Mom] Okay, we gotta go. There he goes. You’re getting distracted again, He sees everybody and we’re
trying to do a competition. (laughs) Hopefully we can take this thing. – We gotta get these all checked
off and we’ve just started. – [Mom] Maybe, we’re
seeing everybody here. And there is, what’s your channel? – Oh Ashlynn Oh. – A Real Shay. – [Mom] Awesome, we keep
bumping into everybody. – This says, give a flower to a stranger, and you’re holding a flower. – [Mom] Oh Ashlynn Oh! – Uhh yeah we’ll count that. – Oh it has to be a stranger, give it back to me, ha
ha ha I’m just kidding. Oh Ashlynn Oh is actually my niece. – [Dad] Never met her before. – Yeah I guess that doesn’t count. – Well it’s gonna have
to do I’ve marked it off. – [Mom] Okay, it counts. – Because Mom cheated,
I’m gonna do it right. (laughing) – Alright so on our checklist
there’s a box that says, Random Act to you, this is a
free check so I checked it off, So I checked that one off, freebie. It’s like bingo, the middle. – Yeah, the free space. – And another one is to make a friend and I just met a new
friend, her name is Nora and she has her own channel Kiki D, so be sure to check it out,
this is our picture for proof. – [Jordan] They did meet,
and they took a picture. – So I can check that off the list. – Yes, and I just gotta say,
somebody gave me this flower, while I was just walking around, and so there’s Random Acts of Kindness going around everywhere
this is pretty epic. – Yeah so, let’s go cross off more stuff. – Let’s go. – Alright, on the bumper cars, and I gotta give somebody a compliment, I gotta pass somebody, I
don’t know what I’m doing. I just hope I can make
it, ah, there we go! (engine accelerates) Woohoo! Yeehaw, alright, this is hard to drive, and vlog at the same time
so I hope I don’t wreck. Whoa. (laughs) Alright, there’s Katie over there. Alright, I can’t pass anybody,
they’re all going too fast. Oh, I think I see my first
victim, it’s gonna take a while. (other driver shouts)
(laughs) Alright, here they are,
I’m catching the pack. Alright, now can I pass them,
that’s the real question. Here we go, passing on the inside. Alright I gotta tell somebody
they’re looking good. Woohoo. (laughs) Looking good, woohoo! Alright we’ve passed two, whoa! Alright I completed my task,
I passed a lot of people and told them they look good! – You were second last. – [Dad] Oh well you get the next round. I’m gonna go work on some other items. – Okay guys, one of the Random Acts to do is to give a flower to a stranger, so I have a flower here
that somebody gave me and I’m gonna pass it on and
give it to somebody else. Let’s go, who should we give it to? – [Audrey] I dunno, I think you should give it to someone though. It’s really loud in here
that’s why were like screaming. – Mission Accomplished. – [Audrey] Good job. – We can cross that off the list. – Alright so we play basketball,
for every basket that we make we have to give
someone a high five. – Yep, so so far we have, – Three things! – We have Three things
crossed off, we need 12 more, we have 12 that we need to accomplish. – Yeah so we gotta go. – Yeah, let’s go. – I don’t know how many high
fives I’m gonna give out, cause I am not the best at basketball, but we are gonna try our best. For every basket you make,
give somebody a high five. – Yes.
– Good job. Woo, double! Three, two, one. (imitating buzzer) Yeah, I think that was very successful. – Woo, another one checked off. – Okay, we’re gonna do
go karts now, lets go! So we’re at the Go Karts now, and the mission is to tell
somebody they look good as we pass them on our little go karts. So that’s what we’re gonna try and do. Both of us are gonna go on the go karts, so this should be pretty interesting. – [Audrey] (cheers) I’m racing you. (cheering) – See you later! – You look good today by the way. Okay guys we completed the
goal, I said looking good to Audrey and one other person, how many people did you say it to? – Same here. – Okay, awesome, so we
get to cross that off. – I think we should take a picture. – [Jordan] We should take a picture with a friend real fast and cross that off. – [Audrey] Thank you,
remember Audrey and Jordan? Can we take a picture? – [Audrey] Can we take a
picture with you Ender? Okay let’s take a selfie, oh hi Jake. – Okay guys, we took the pictures
and that kinda was a fail, we should’ve gotten closer
to the camera, first off, and then do you see I was
trying to grab a prop on the last one, and I didn’t
know they took the picture, and this one I forgot what I was gonna do. Yeah, it was kind of a fail
but it was still really fun. So, I say we do one more
thing off this list, and then we go and meet
up with the other team and see how many they got. – [Dad] Alright guys,
this is your mulligan, I get to cross this one
off, so if you miss, and this iguana slash
lizard does not breath fire, you get a mulligan. – Yes – [Kid] What’s a mulligan? – [Dad] Mulligan, mulligan
milligan, something like that. Alright you’re gonna, oh dude you’re going with the pink ball, the peak. Alright, its your lucky color. – [Golfer] Alright Shane, ready. – [Dad] See what you can do, no pressure. (all groan) Alright, I don’t wanna you to do it, I want this guy to do it,
alright no pressure for you. – No!
– Oh, you missed. I’d give you another one
but I don’t have any more. Nice, that’s okay, next time. (cheering) Alright, so we just got
done taking our pictures, it was really cool, what? (laughs) Okay so how have we done? – Um, we have gotten four, just four. – [Dad] Are you Sure? – Yeah I think we’re losing. – [Dad] Let’s double check, cause the girls say they got a lot more than that. – We got stuck on the bumper,
or the cars, the go karts. – [Dad] Oh I did this, surprise
a friend with a picture. – Oh you did, who did you get? – [Dad] The shot of the Jagers. – Nice, okay so that gives us five, however I don’t think we’re gonna win, so we better get create
your own random act. – [Dad] Give somebody a high five. – Okay lets just run up to someone and high five them, let’s go inside. – [Dad] Okay, alright here she
goes, high fives, high fives! Whoa there we go, there’s your random act. (cheers) Now we got, we got six now, or five? – Now we have six. – [Dad] Nice, we might win, that’s 50%. – Yeah, we’re doing it. (upbeat music) – [Audrey] Ty did you get it, oh! – [Jordan] Oh, so close! – [Audrey] Almost Ty, Ty, nice
try, did you win some prizes? – Yep! – [Audrey] That’s awesome, plus you got a big Moha, super cool, lets go find Dad. – Okay guys, now its time to go cash in our cards and get a prize – Which one do you guys want? – [Audrey] Um, I’ll have
Orange, thank you, Green! Thank you, yay. We also got cake pops, so along with my backpack
we got some treats, should I open it? – [Jordan] Yeah. – Let’s see what they look like. – Yummy.
– Yummy. – [Jordan] Okay let’s go meet
up with the other team now. – Okay, so we finished up our
party with other YouTubers, did you guys spot some
of the other YouTubers? Let us know who you saw and
how many people you saw. – I saw a lot. – Yes there was a lot
of our friends there. – Yeah we, did we, there was
probably like three or four families that we knew but
I feel like there were a lot of other YouTubers there too. – Yes. – So if you know the other
ones comment down below. – And Audrey and Jordan won
the awesome challenge so. – Yes, yeah I didn’t
think we were gonna win cause we kinda got distracted and started taking pictures,
but we still beat you. – And Dad and I never completed it. – Well we didn’t either, we got
like yeah, we got half of it – That was hard, it was really
hard cause it was crowded. – Alright we spent the night in a hotel, and now we’re gonna head to breakfast, so we’re gonna see you guys next time, watch out for part two of our vacay. But that’s it for today’s video,
we hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did give it a big thumbs up, also subscribe, if you haven’t already, turn from red to grey
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likes to play with you. – [Mom] And then you can’t jump
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when you go hit the bell, that it’s on all notifications. – ‘Cause you won’t be first. – Alright, we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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