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Qu’est-ce qu’un vin Reflets de France ?

What is a “Reflets de France” wine ? It is a sincere wine, selected among the best French wine producing regions, from Bordeaux all the way to Alsace. It’s a wine resulting of know hows passed
on from generation to generation; it is the testimony of a heritage in the world. A wine that represents the men and women who make it: passionate and proud. Reflets de France works side by side with them each day to promote their wines in France and throughout the world. Choosing the right wine isn’t always easy… That is why we bring fine connoisseurs together with Chef Joël Robuchon to taste, grade, and select our wines. Together, we discuss colours, grape varieties, aromas. We also talk about cooking and recipes. We imagine the best pairing for the wine:
a cheese, a casserole, a roast. What is important is the feeling of it all,
the pleasure of the moment. To make the right choice, forget the front label…
just trust the neck one.

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