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Quantum Jumping Guided Meditation: Enter a PARALLEL REALITY & Manifest FAST! (Law Of Attraction)

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  1. ✅ Recommended Video: Learn More About Quantum Jumping: How to JUMP Into An ALTERNATE REALITY! ➡

  2. Nice video. Would you please make a guided sleep meditation video aswell? Your voice is just perfect for that. Thanks in advance and Namasté

  3. WOW, this was beautiful, and seemed to go by so fast!! Thank you so much. I saw such beautiful things :’) I choose the BEST version of myself!!! To glorious beautiful loving heights I didn’t even know. I accept it all grandly! Amen 😌 🙏 ❤️❤️

  4. I was listening to this just a few hours ago and I didn't think much of it until I suddenly felt weird and felt as if my soul essence was literally leaving my body. I panicked and freaked out then it stopped it felt so weird. But it also shows us the real world around us

  5. I couldn't follow your words after crossing the window as i couldn't understand the vehicles you said but i think the theta music in your video took me to a deep meditation state , i was fully aware what's going on around me still i didn't feel my body except a pain in my nape of i used the meditation for my manifestation

  6. when it was time to imagine alternate vehicles I saw a red brick, a tin can, a donut shaped pool float, and a geometric ball and then spent the rest of the time understanding how I am not normal. they were basically real life platonic solids.

  7. That was fucking crazy I see 3 other bodies I grabbed the one that was in a container and walked back in I woke up feeling no pain in places that usually hurt this was crazy

  8. If you quantum jump, do you trade places with the you in that reality? If so does the happier you then become the you as you are now?

  9. I tried my best to follow this meditation. What happened was I fell asleep but I was still conscious? Like I could literally hear myself snore and in my mind I would say “but I’m not sleep!” My window led to a tunnel that was outdoors in the middle of a forest. Is this normal?

  10. I was halfway through this until i smelled a nice scent of idk what so i got startled so i tried to bare with it then i felt tingles in my legs and i also tried to be comfortable with it then i felt like I'm doing it wrong so I opened my eyes 🙂

  11. I tried this one last night, after walking out of the window I was looking back at myself like it said and I felt really scared to leave (I think that feeling came from all the movies where the person can’t get back to their body lol) anyways, I ended up reaching the body I wanted and then i don’t remember walking back to the window or anything after that…. next thing I know I woke up to my morning alarm. Now sure what happened or like what the end result was so, I am going to try again tonight.

  12. Not sure what happened, was relaxing then i zoned out, then when it was almost done, i came back conciousness. What does that mean?

  13. Wawoo! I really love this quantum jumping meditation it is different from any of I experienced before because it gives me a choice where I put my intention on. The other I have done mostly telling me every story I am in and no freedom to choose the version of my on. I love you for giving me the freedom! Thank you!

  14. Thank you I love your channel. I was following this meditation till you said "vehicles", I didn't get that, what did you mean by "vehicles "? Love and peace. ❤

  15. Hey! there is something kind of big I guess I deeply deeply wish to manifest and I love your meditations but I was wondering if you could make some shorter versions? maybe like a 10 minute meditation or something. I really struggle to focus for these long ones.

  16. Honestly it’s been a while since I meditated. It takes a lot for me to feel fully relaxed but your voice and your words truly helped me relax. I’m going to hopefully have more of a positive outlook on life after this video. Thank you 💗

  17. This was amazing. I actually started to cry, when I was walking through that tunnel and could feel like all my worries and hurt were taken away, it felt real! The way she explain it all is great, I have used meditations where its used words I never heard before or explains it in a way that I fall out of the meditation because I cant relate anymore.. But this one was great, highly reccommended! Thanks you thank you thank you♥️

  18. So I was meditating with this video on, and when I opened my eyes to pause and go to sleep, I look at the time duration and it was at 13:13. THIS IS A SIGN!!! Universe I love u

  19. To everybody watching this, you are more powerful, beautiful and wonderful than you believe yourself to be.

    Keep going, you beautiful things ❤❤❤

  20. This method works. I did this a while ago when I was trying to leave an abusive relationship. I felt very conflicted and guilty for leaving. I did this meditation, and shortly after I was able to leave, began enjoying my life and met someone new. I became pregnant right away, I still have no idea how, and this new partner and I were very excited. They were much calmer, gentler and kinder than my previous partner, and I am always still blown away by this. Now I live in a beautiful home, enjoy a beautiful relationship and am expecting my first baby.

  21. All right, I just finished listening to this amazing video and at the end I chose to wake up. I started reading through some of the public comments and noticed lots of people talking about seeing number patterns after they finished the video. After a few minutes I closed out the comments and looked at the top of my phone screen. The time was 4:44. Coincidence? 🤔 I had to come back and share!

  22. How can I get the experience you said ?
    I tried , how long practicing is needed ?
    My imagination interrupts in between and goes in advance of your instructions .

  23. For those who are skeptical of medication and manifestation. If you need a logical reasoning, here it is. Even if there is no universal forces, the fact that you can dream of what you want helps put you into the mindset of the person you hope to be. This will guide your actions to get you closer to being that person. "You make choices, but in the end, the choices make you" every second is a new chance to be someone you desire to be.

  24. I'm just now starting my manifest Journal and as im listen, Its Very hard for me to stay focus my mind keep going every where else. Im in a room by my self eyes close listen headphones in trying but my mind keeps slipping off the subject

  25. This is honestly the best guided meditation I have ever tried. Will use this every day for the upcoming 21 days. Also, I suddenly have the urge to spend a few hours at the gym and I notice a pain in my neck that I haven't felt before. Thank you for this. Bless everyone who reads this. <3

  26. I couldnt get out of my physical body, i gets getting these small senations or feelings wich made me feel my physical body again. But my hands, they felt like they were floating. And like they were laying in a different position then they actually were. They were laying on my lap. But i couldnt feel my legs halfway in. But i kept feeling my feet and elbows. Wich brought me back. Sadly not as good as i hoped. But ill try again. Dont give up. ❤️

  27. I’m going try this and see how this goes , further i Been was third eye opening and I’m seen glimpse of a forest

  28. This was weird at first since I didn’t see many “vehicles” and almost didn’t want to leave my own body looking back at it through the window. Yet once I relaxed and let go I connected with one that felt completely unreal when stepping in. So walking back I’m thinking what’s happening here(lol) I want me back, done playing now!! But I understand better why SHE stood out! I also open my eyes at the end and my phone displayed the time 9:39 which has a significant meaning as many numbers do. So I can say this video served it’s purpose. Thanks

  29. I saw 5 vehicles that were my 5 potential personalities and goal orientations in life. I took the one I'm trying to aim for, and merged it at the end with my existing body.

    This is just anecdotal imagination, but seeing as how that's how our human mind works, it's a start.

    Will need to practice this track a few more times to see if there is any tangible effect, or of it's just imaginary b.s.

  30. I had a really interesting session I would like to talk about "I did the practice didn't really think it would work but it did." basically my mind was aware of the window and didn't really think anything of it but man I stepped out through the window had a minute to feel the grass, but was surrounded by a cloud of light it opened up and a cloud tunnel formed I jumped up into it and got wooshed up by this ginormous angle the size of a skyscraper with a beard and huge biceps, he carried me up in his hand but it was opened and I was just laying facing the sky hitting super speed unable to move till I broke through and saw I guess what would have been my avatar. my concious was combined with an angle type being whose hair was blond couldn't make out the face. His wings were constantly changing colours, I went for a joy ride for a bit saw a weird city and landed was an old paradise with palm trees and oasis but wasn't really anybody there just a ghost city kind of like an Aladin city. I flew around it for a bit then went back into the sky flew above cloud line basking in the sunlight. I eventually found the hole that the giant angle carried me up through and flew back into it. I got back down to the window walked through it saw my body sitting there in my meditation position and was like what the fuck and I got really scared and opened my eyes and that was about it. crazy experience.

    What I am about to pupose is something we should all be doing anyway, but now we are going to do it in a different way. We are going to speed up the rise in positive energy, and love on the earth by focusing it at specific points throughout the day and night and blasting it through the world forever.
    Starting today one hour from now, all who are going through the awakening should sit down for 10 minutes, 5 minutes before until 5 minutes after each hour, and send positive thoughts and energy into the air.
    We, of course cannot do this every hour as we have other things to do, but when you have this 10 mins free at the change of each hour, sit and do this.
    This is a push of positive energy, puposefully blasted into the chi of the earth to help heal it and all who live on it.
    Post this challenge on every channel and site that covers this subject so that all of us who are becoming concious can participate in this.
    This is not a temporary thing or a game but a permenant event to be a force of positive change throughout the earth. We are purposely radiating positive energy and love at specified times, every hour on the hour, every day and night from now on, for this purpose.
    Make this a part of your daily routine for the rest of your lives and encourage as many others to do this as you possibly can.
    Start this today at the change of the next hour and the next time you post a comment somewhere mention this. Keep mentioning this until you get tired of mentioning it and/or see that there are enough others talking about it to know that it is in full effect.
    Its time to rise to another level and we can get it started now.
    Its time to get it crackin' ya'll!
    2020. The Year of Awakening.

  32. Man, I think I went into a serious hypnagogic state or something, cause I lost track of the guide after a while, but did distinctly hear the end before it ended (I heard the last sentence, it's not like the audio stopped and I snapped out of it) but I feel amazing rn. Just peaceful and not willing to get into any conflict or anything. May have to do this again later.

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