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Puppy Dog Pals Found at the Playground By Assistant and Batboy

– Family fun for everyone! Hey guys. – Today on The Engineering Family, we’re finding Bingo and
Rolly from Puppy Dog Pals. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right, we’ve gotta find the Puppy Dog Pals. Come on Assistant, come on Batboy. Let’s get down and see if we can find ’em. – Rolly’s the silly one.
– Rolly’s silly? – Yeah, and Bingo’s the older brother. – [Mr. Engineer] Where do
you think they could be? – Hmm. – Let’s look, okay?
– Okay. Maybe we should go in the garden. – [Mr. Engineer] I don’t know, let’s look. Ooh, look at these big rocks. – Assistant, can you
only walk on the rocks? – Yeah sure. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s see if they can walk on only rocks, okay? Okay Assistant, let’s see what you can do. Good job. – I think I can’t jump from there to here. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay, come on Batboy. We gotta go find Rolly and Bingo. – Step on only the rocks. – [Batboy] Let me do it. – Wait, I got it.
– Let’s see what we can find. – Oh, you did it!
– Good job, all right. You think maybe they’re
over here by these– – Horses?
– Horses, maybe. – [Batboy] Ride the horses. – Yee ho, whoa! – [Mr. Engineer]
Assistant, do you see ’em? – Nope.
– No but I have a lasso. – You got a lasso, Batboy?
– Yeah! – Woo hoo go!
– It’s so hot. – [Assistant] Hey look, no hands! – [Mr. Engineer] What, no
hands for the Assistant? Yee-haw. But I don’t see Rolly or
Bingo, let’s keep looking. – Maybe we should check on the tractor. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah,
look at that giant tractor. Hey, where’d you guys go?
– In here. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh Assistant,
you went on the inside? – Yes I did. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
the Assistant went down, oh look the Batboy, ar
you driving the train? Batboy, are you driving it?
– Yep. – [Mr. Engineer] Drive us
home, go whir, where’s it at? Do you see Bingo or Rolly?
– No. – [Mr. Engineer] We gotta keep looking. All right Batboy, we’re still looking. Where did the Assistant go? Oh Assistant, you came through the wheel. – Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, all right. Have you seen any signs of ’em yet? Oh look, here’s a giant bumblebee you guys can ride together. – [Assistant] I want front. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
Batboy’s on front first and then the Assistant
goes onto the front. – Your turn to be on the front. – [Mr. Engineer] They’re
switching, way to take turns guys. Okay Assistant, you gonna
ride that bee, show us. – Yeah!
– Whoa, good job. But we still gotta find Rolly and Bingo. – You’re right.
– Oh look, here’s a barn. – I hit my head on the top.
– Oh no. Hey wait a minute,
what’s that right there? – It’s Rolly.
– You found Rolly. – Yay!
– Oh right. Look, he was hiding inside the barn. Whoa, hey let’s see if he can run. All right so there’s Rolly, put him down and let’s
see if he can run along. I think we gotta push the button on him. Oh, look at Rolly roll. He’s not rolling, he’s walking isn’t he? – [Assistant] Rolling on outta here. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you know
where Bingo’s at, Rolly? Hmm, we’d better look really well. All right Batboy, all right Assistant, we’ve gotta find Bingo now right? – Yeah. – Yeah.
– Let’s go. Okay Assistant, let’s see if
you can make it across this. – Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you did a good job. Pass it back to the Batboy. All right Batboy, here we go. Whoa, you made it too. Oh, and you went back. Good job, good job Batboy. – [Assistant] I wanna go do that. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
there’s the Assistant. Good job, come on, we’ve gotta go finish finding Puppy Dog Pals. Okay guys, we’ve gotta
find Puppy Dog Pals. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Where is Bingo?
– We gotta find Bingo, right? – [Batboy] Hey look,
there’s a rope to get down. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh yeah there is a rope but look, right there is a big tunnel too. Why don’t you go through that tunnel? – Yeah.
– We’ve gotta find Bingo. I don’t know if I can
fit through here, guys. Whoa, I’m stuck. Okay guys, let’s keep looking. We’ve gotta find Bingo. Oh look, here’s a rope and then Assistant, are you gonna go down the slide? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Here goes the Assistant. There goes the Batboy,
maybe I should go too. Here I go. I don’t think this is a good idea. Whoa Batboy, did you find him?
– Nope. – Assistant, did you find him?
– No. – Let’s go check in the garden. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay
guys, let’s keep going. Look at this obstacle right here. – I’m the king of the world.
– Good job. – [Batboy] I am the person who gets off. – [Mr. Engineer] Good job Batboy, good job Assistant, let’s keep going. We’ve gotta find Bingo. – Yeah, let’s go this way. – [Mr. Engineer] Okay,
we’re in this garden area. Let’s see what we can find.
– Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Let’s see, do you think Bingo likes vegetables? – I don’t think he does.
– Look. – That says garlic.
– Ooh, garlic. – [Mr. Engineer] Huh, well
we haven’t found Bingo yet. We found Rolly, right?
– Right. Look. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you found Bingo. – [Assistant] Okay. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh look. Look at Bingo go, good job Bingo. – [Bingo] Playing in the park. – [Mr. Engineer] Good job
Assistant, good job Batboy. You found Rolly and Bingo, right? – Right. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s really cool. Hey, why don’t you let
the Batboy hold Bingo too? So that is Bingo, so you guys found Rolly and you found Bingo, right? – Right.
– Yep. – [Mr. Engineer] Do you think
we should do any more hunts? I heard PJ Masks is
missing again too, right? – Right.
– All right. Well if you wanna watch
another video in 10– – Nine.
– Eight. – Seven.
– Six. – Five.
– Four. – [Mr. Engineer] Make sure you subscribe to The Engineering Family.
– Three. – Two.
– One. See you next video, bye! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey Assistant,
what’s that right there? – It’s called the Inflatable Gigaball! – [Mr. Engineer] Is that one of those balls that you can get inside of? – Yeah, it has a picture right here. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, let’s open it up. I think you’ve gotta
inflate it too, right? – Yeah, well this is gonna
take a long time to blow up. – [Mr. Engineer] It sure is. We need some help to help blow this up. – Yeah. – Well why don’t you use my air pump? – Thanks.
– That’s a great idea. We can use the air pump to blow it up. – Yeah, let’s get started.
– Yeah. Hey, what good teamwork. You guys are working
together to blow it up. Good job. Whoa, look at it blow up. Batboy how’s the air pressure, is it good? All right, good job. – Getting closer.
(air hissing) We’re almost done. – [Mr. Engineer] Good job, I can’t wait to see you guys inside of it. – Okay, I’m going in.
– You’re gonna go inside? – Yeah.
– But who’s gonna push you? – Me! – [Mr. Engineer] Well give her a push. – [Assistant] Hi, people at home. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, are
you gonna be able to push her? – [Assistant] Hi, people at home. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, look at that. Whoa, she’s inside of it. Are you guys still going?
– Hi, people at home! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa! – Hi. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s pretty silly. Look at the Assistant’s hair,
it’s all sticking up, whoa. All right Batboy, it’s your turn. Assistant, you get to
push the Batboy, okay? – [Assistant] Okay. – Assistant, do you wanna do it again? – Okay.
– All right. I guess the Assistant will go again. – It isn’t me, maybe Batboy will try. – [Assistant] It’s fun! Hi people at home. That is scary. – [Mr. Engineer] Now the
Assistant’s going by herself. Whoa, where you going? Where you going? Assistant, you need to
watch where you’re going. – Hi. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa. Wait a minute, were there
surprises inside of it? – [Assistant] Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Will you
hand ’em to the Batboy? – I’m right here, I’m the surprise. – [Mr. Engineer] There
are other surprises too. – Really?
– Yeah look, right there. – Look, I’m gonna give Elsa a ride. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute,
Elsa was inside of there, was she one of the surprises?
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa,
she was already inside. Ooh, that’s a big Elsa. – Elsa, do you still wanna ride? – [Mr. Engineer] I think she does. I think you and the
Batboy are gonna push her. – Yeah.
– All right. Put Elsa back inside of it
and let’s see where she goes. You got her in, wait a
minute for the Batboy. Whoa, look at you guys rolling Elsa. Sweet, there were more surprises in. Batboy took a tumble, Arlo.
– Arlo! – Arlo and I found a Zoom Zoom Minnie Mouse. – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, you
found Arlo and Minnie Mouse. Are there anything else inside of it? – [Batboy] Yeah, hold on. – I got something.
– What’d you find? – She found Joy.
– Joy from Inside Inside, no wait a minute, Inside–
– Inside Out. – Insight Out, oh.
– I’ll look for some more. I got one, here’s Mickey.
– You got a Mickey Mouse one. All right, whoa look at all
that cool stuff, what else? – And there’s only one
more and it was Elsa. – [Mr. Engineer] Elsa,
look at, you found a cool– – I’m falling!
– Oh no. She’s inside Batboy, save her. Or push her, one of the too. – Thank you.
– You saw it, when she hits her face. – [Mr. Engineer] Wait a minute,
is that her right there? I see an arm, I see an arm. – Okay Assistant. – Yeah?
– Get out. – I’ll find more surprises. – [Mr. Engineer] There
are more surprises in it? Batboy, will you see what she can find? – Yep.
– I got something! – [Mr. Engineer] She
said she’s got something, what do you think she found? – She found a backpack. – She found Marshall from
PAW, what’s it called? – PAW Patrol.
– PAW Patrol. Anything else in there?
– Yep. – The Assistant said yeah.
– What is it? – You got me, you got me. – [Mr. Engineer] But what
else is inside of the ball? Was there anything else in there? – The Assistant said yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] She found a Blaith. – Wee! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, whoa, look at Blaith, he’s
flying through the air. He landed on Elsa right there. All right, what else is in there? – Nothing else.
– Oh, nothing else? Oh no. Wait a minute, something
came out, what is it? – Peppa Pig and she actually talked. – [Mr. Engineer] It is Peppa Pig, Pepper Pig I like to say. – [Peppa Pig] Lovely. – Let me see! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa I hear
Peppa Pig, that’s pretty cool. Hey what are you guys doing now? – We’re rolling it back and forth. – [Mr. Engineer] You’re
rolling it back and forth? Oh no, Assistant down, Assistant down. – And the Batboy went down too later. – [Mr. Engineer] Where
did the Assistant go? – She’s pushing it, she’s pushing it. The Batboy is coming. – [Mr. Engineer] Now I think
they’re playing soccer with it. – Kick it. Kick it. Kick it. Kick it. – [Mr. Engineer] Where
did the Assistant go? There she is. Whoa. Whoa. Batboy got run over. – I almost, I caught my foot in the hole. – [Mr. Engineer] We’ve
got a lot of cool things and have played a lot of
fun things in the Gigaball, even fun surprises and
where are those surprises? – They’re right here!
– There they are. Whoa, we found a lot of
cool things in the Gigaball. We got to go inside of it and play and wait, we found all
these cool surprises too. Do you guys have a favorite surprise? – Yeah.
– Elsa. I don’t know.
– And Arlo and Joy. – I like Joy. – I like every single thing, aloha! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey look, above the ball it says
what, what does it say? – Engineering Family and I hope you liked this video just like the other ones. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s right, right there it says
Subscribe Here so subscribe to The Engineering Family
and give us a thumbs– – Up.
– For the video. – Thumbs up, right?
– Yeah. For Likes because we like
Likes, do we like Likes? – Yeah.
– Did you notice the Batboy, he looks a lot like
the boy from Little Heroes? – [Mr. Engineer] He does, doesn’t he? That’s right, he looks a lot like him. – Maybe he is. – [Mr. Engineer] Maybe they
should check out Little Heroes. Right?
– Yeah. – [Mr. Engineer] I think so too. – Make sure to give them a thumbs up too. – And to subscribe to Little Heroes. – [Mr. Engineer] Yeah and make sure that you follow us on Facebook and– – Twitter!
– Twitter, Twitter, Twitter and our secret spelling
word is gonna be ball. B-A-L-L, right? – I was gonna say ball.
– That’s good and you were gonna say that too, right Batboy? – I was gonna say ball too.
– All right, yay. Uh-oh, felled ball, have
a great day everyone, bye! – [Assistant] Have a bally ball day. – [Mr. Engineer] They’re
gonna play with the ball. Batboy’s getting inside now, bye. – Bye, have a balling day. – [Mr. Engineer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to The Engineering Family to
see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another cool video right there that you
can select and watch it and I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, PAW Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blaith, Masha, there are so many
videos to watch, bye.

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