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Pretty Fit | EP 4 with Sumukhi Suresh

Hey, guys. What’s up! Thank you so much
for watching MostlySane. I am Prajakta. Hey! It’s not working. Your face is not working. Hey, everybody.
I’m Prajakta Koli and welcome back to another episode of
Pretty Fit. This is the same show
where we get fit while doing stuff. And we have fun while getting fit. Just like how I was jumping on
the trampoline right now! Why? Just for joy! And the guest on our show today is a super cool friend of mine.
She’s also a volcano of talent I mean, she’s an actor, a writer a comic, a showrunner a chef and a show off. Give it up for my very, very,
very, very good friend Sumukhi Suresh. Where’s ma’am? Her description would’ve
obviously made you realise that she’s damn busy all the time. So, to get Sumukhi on the show we had to use some crooked ways. First, I called her manager
and I found out that she’s free today. So, not that busy also. And then I called her roommate Anuya. Hi, Anuya, thank you so much. And Anuya packed an overnight bag
and gave it to us which is in my vehicle
right now. And I’ve called her…
Sumukhi loves sugarcane juice. So, I’ve offered her sugarcane juice and I said, “we’re going somewhere” “where we’re going to have juice
and discuss a show idea” “that I have” and also at the same time – she knows it’s a fitness challenge…
– I’m here. Hey! Thank you so much, I’m sorry
for making you wait. How are you, Prajakta?
I’m really sorry. – It’s okay.
– I really couldn’t meet you. I wanted to meet you
and I’m not making excuses. Sumukhi, your rollers are on. – Hey! That’s fine.
– I’m so sorry. – That’s fine. It’s fine.
– I really wanted to meet you. It’s fine… I know you specifically told me that we’re going to drink
sugarcane juice and I haven’t had sugarcane juice
since ages. It’s been ages? Ma’am hasn’t had
sugarcane juice since ages. – How many years has it been, Sumukhi?
– Seven years two months and three days. But what’s up with the sugarcane juice? I’m very excited,
please tell me everything. – Where are we going?
– It’s sugarcane juice and it’s a little bit of a drive
outside Mumbai. But don’t you worry,
because we’ve a car – and I’ll drive because?
– I don’t drive. I’m a pillion driver person
who can chill. She’s basically a “Chillion.” Ma’am, well done.
A round of applause for her joke. Some confetti for ma’am. – But, listen, before we go ahead.
– Yeah. Can we just address how good
you look, Sumukhi. Yes, of course. No, but, seriously I know that you’ve been
working out and I’ve been too. And, I think, one of the best things
about working out is… for me it’s more mental
than it’s physical. Absolutely, you’re right because Initially when I started working out,
I thought it’s going to be tiring and I didn’t know how my day would go.
But it actually makes you more active. Before I started working out, honestly,
I was way… I was more stuck up
as a person. – I will never meet new people.
– New people. I used to constantly panic,
thinking I can’t chill with them – and I can’t get along with them.
– Yeah. It makes you a little more like… oh! Because your internal barriers
are out. – Your inhibitions are away.
– Exactly. Also, I’m so glad, finally,
we’re reaching a place – where we are going back
to all the saathviks. – Yes. We’re going back to saying
“you must have some ghee.” “You’ve to eat rice
and you have to eat lentils.” So, I feel, I like the whole… Yeah, ghee just needed a tag
that it’s super food. – Ghee is a super food.
– Everybody eat ghee. I was getting fat when I was
eating it and now it’s a must. Good job, Sumukhi. Should we go? When I grew up,
I was never bullied but there was the body shaming angle. Everyone used to tell me
that my face looks like a lollipop. They said my face
is so round and big. But your body is so thin. – I wish those were my comments also.
– What were your comments? Prajakta, I’ve lied a lot. That I don’t remember bullying
and weight loss doesn’t matter to me. I remember Tanmay when he came to me
saying that – “listen, we’re gonna do weight loss”
– How did that start? So Tanmay approached me saying that he
wants to do a weight loss show together. I said no! I said I don’t need that
and that I’m very comfortable in my skin. He said I was lying
and that he’ll see me next week. He said we could try again then. He wanted you to deal with your
inhibitions and insecurities first. Exactly! Then he asked me
if I was ever bullied in school. I said, of course,
everyone gets bullied in school. It wasn’t a big deal,
I tried that narrative. And I remember each and every
bullying story of mine. And bullying especially in school. – It’s too intense.
– But when I sit down and think about the things that I’ve said.
I’m sure I’ve said it to some people. I was being so insensitive and so rude but at that time
I never knew what was right or wrong. – I just said it.
– Because that time we were kids. There was no filter
and we would say anything we wanted to. And Behti Naak…
one of the main reason I made it was a reaction video to myself. Because I couldn’t be a badass
back then but I can do it now.
But body shaming and bullying was a huge arc for me
for the way I am. But you know what I like about
your comedy also is that it’s very honest and it comes from a place of experience,
it comes from a place of hurt it comes from a place of bullying,
it comes from a place of shaming. – Absolutely. – And I feel like,
as wrong as that may sound – it’s damn relatable.
– People watching this will understand that this is the reaction
we’re getting from the other person. – Or else they wouldn’t understand.
– Yeah. But speaking of understanding… where are we going? I want sugarcane juice
and not look at the sugarcanes. [Prajakta] Why? What’s wrong
with sugarcane? You like sugarcane. I like sugarcane but I want
juice also, right, Prajakta? That’s where we’ll get the juice.
If you get sugarcane, you get juice. It’s like how you get content
if you watch MostlySane. – Oh! Self-plug…
– Like and subscribe. Can you please stop the car? – Why?
– Please, I really need to. – You need to what?
– I’ve to do it. Okay. For anyone who doesn’t know
Sumukhi here’s a fun fact. Sumukhi cannot say the word
“Susu”. She cannot say “Susu”,
she cannot say “Pee”. – She cannot say anything.
– No. I can’t. Now you’ve said it, now… You must be done with it by now. It’s true. No, but it’s true. It’s quite
difficult to pee on the highway. [Sumukhi] There should be
better facilities. [Prajakta] If not better,
at least clean facilities. It’s not like,
every time I go to the bathroom I’ve a lung test on
my breathing capacity. – How long can you hold your breath?
– Yeah. Stop breathing while controlling
the leak. Oh, my God! [Prajakta] Speaking of driving,
are you enjoying the drive? I am because I’m pillion driving.
It’s a lot of fun for me. Well, ma’am,
some music would be great. – Oh, no! No songs.
– Please, come on. – No, we don’t have a budget for music.
– Ma’am, you’re a YouTube star. – But I don’t have money, sir.
Sorry! – Ma’am, please? [Prajakta ]Look, you’re pretty
and so am I. Obviously! You’re funny
and I am a miracle. – That was implied.
– Of course. But you’re… – a chef too. Do you know how to cook?
– It’s true. I don’t know how to cook. – So, you’ll get married before me.
– Yeah. The most important… I’ll be at the top of the waiting list.
Like, RAC. – One cancellation and we get the berth.
– Exactly. [Sumukhi] If we were asked to drink
sugarcane juice before starting weight loss – everyone said it had a lot of sugar.
– But, yeah. Exactly, right? I’ve never followed
a specific diet but the only thing I’ve consciously done
is that I’ve cut down on a lot of junk. Yeah. I mean, Ranveer. BeerBiceps.
Like and subscribe. – YouTuber friend of mine,
he’s a fitness instructor. – Oh, yeah! He just told me not to eat anything
that comes in plastic. And that night I had a great time
eating fries. – That comes in paper.
– Yeah, paper. Also, what I think is more fun
other than work out is – that dieting is overrated. Okay?
– I agree. Some people have hyped it so much – and they eat only a leaf a day.
– Yeah. – Just one lentil seed.
– “If you don’t add flax seeds… “A little bit of sunflower seeds,
quinoa” These are the ones who have
hyped it up. – Indian food has been defamed
the most. – Yeah. – The most.
– The most healthy… – Healthy! Yes!
– Healthy and most amazing food is lentils, rice, roti
and vegetables. But you know what a super food is? – What?
– Sugarcane juice. Where is my sugarcane juice, Prajakta? But, Sumukhi, along with the juice,
you’re getting the pleasure of my company,
aren’t you enjoying it? Prajakta, how much can I lie
in this car? – Can you please?
– But Bhaiya has the juice. – So where is Bhaiya?
– We’re going to Bhaiya. How long will it take?
Baby needs juice. – Baby likes juice.
– Baby likes juice. – Can I sing it?
– No, you can’t. – You can count till ten, come on.
– Are you sure? – Count till ten.
– Okay. One… two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight! See? I told you
we were almost here. – You only had to count to 162.
– That’s right, Prajakta. You gave me lessons in math. Hi, sir. Two! – Let’s go for it.
– Woohoo! Okay! Now I’m absolutely fine
even if death comes to my door. Okay, Prajakta, you’re so kind and you’re my good friend too. So, to make sugarcane juice… – Juice…
– Juice… Juice queen. So, what’s the challenge?
What is it? – The challenge is…
– Yeah. That we’ve to make sugarcane juice. – That’s all?
– Yeah. Okay, Mr. Hari, can you move aside
for a moment. No! Not like that. Why would we
involve him? What nonsense? No! Making juice as in… so, the challenge
is basically get the sugarcane from the fields
into a glass literally. – Get lost.
– What do you mean, get lost? Prajakta, this is not simple
at all, okay? We could’ve gone to the gym
if you wanted to be fit. We could run on the treadmill
at the speed of 7. No one wants to go
to a sugarcane field. Who on earth goes there? Who goes to the fields?
I don’t want to go to the fields. Just replace Aditya with Anshuman. – Yes.
– Everyone will still remain happy. Yes, there was a massive
Jab We Met dialogue opportunity. And Sumukhi Suresh has grabbed it
with four limbs. She’s gone for it,
good job, Sumukhi, but… – Thank you so much.
– But… Okay, you know? The thing is I start my day with working out
and I haven’t worked out today – because I was craving for sugarcane juice.
– You know what? Fine. – So, it’s not possible.
– Fair point. – So, let’s go?
– That’s true. You know what? It’s a good habit that you work out twice,
which is why I also figured that out. – Great. Come, let’s go.
– So we’ve Urmi who is your trainer too.
We have Urmi here. – Who’ll help us through it.
– She’s here? Yeah, she’s here.
You want to call her out? – Right now?
– Urmi! – Hello.
– Hey! – Hi.
– Welcome to my arena. Thank you so much.
Urmi, this is Sumukhi. – How are you, darling?
– Urmi, that’s Prajakta. Prajakta, that’s Urmi.
She makes YouTube videos, okay? Okay, great, Fine!
These guys are friends, I get it. Okay. But listen, the point is… – Hi.
– It’s my show. – Your show! Friendship is a fluid concept. You became friends right away.
Like the way you greeted each other. So, I don’t think like a professional,
like you. – Should never have any biases towards
existing friends. – Never. – So, guys?
– Yeah. You know the challenge
that we have to make sugarcane juice. – And your whole body will work towards it,
from top to bottom. – Super. – So might as well start
with a full body warm up, right? – Yeah. And I can already see
that you guys are very scared. – I mean…
– I’m going to scare you. So, let’s start with a good
shoulder warm up, yeah? So, catch. [Urmi] So are you guys ready
for the workout? Come on. It’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah, switch. Mountain climbers. – Oh, my God!
– That’s the way, nice. Yeah, straighten the elbows.
Yeah, yes! So, squatting, head knees, ankles, go! – Oh! That’s a good one.
– Damn it! Okay, girls, this is your last exercise.
Go, you’ve one minute. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte. Yeah, take one brick at a time,
very good. – Three.
– You take one too. Two. Come on, guys.
Get your competitive spirit on! And stop. Go! Yeah, that’s it. – Run for your life.
– Yeah, keep going. And turning around,
that is the way. – And you finish it there.
– Damn it, Sumukhi. Faster! And relax! I think I challenge you. Me? I? I’ll cut you into pieces,
Prajakta. – I’ll cut your sugarcane into pieces.
– Please don’t involve sugarcane. – Please, Prajakta.
– I’m telling you. This is not monkey business,
I’m very serious. Please don’t bring my
ancestors into this. Leave our ancestors out of this. – You want to go and take a nap or what?
– Please, thank you. Like my legs are dying right now. Thank you so much. Let’s shower first. It’s the day of the challenge. So, we’ll go to the fields,
we’ll chop the canes we’ll clean it and take it and not put it in the machine. We won’t use the mechanical juicer. We’ll use the one where you turn. We’ve to use our limbs
to extract the juice. The juice! And the one with
the most amount of juice – will win.
– And what about the loser? You’re going to lose so decide,
what do you want Sumukhi? Prajakta, please don’t hurt my ego. Okay. Wait, the one who loses will have to do anything
that the winner asks for. What does anything mean? Should I give
you my kidney if you ask for it? Ma’am, you’ve two. So, give me one. Ashok and Manohar will help us – so that we chop sugarcane
and nothing else. – Correct. – Right.
– Okay. Let’s do it now,
let’s do it. Who’ll set us off? Like who’ll say
on your mark, get set, go? There’s always someone from the group
or the crew who says it. Who’s saying it today? Okay. JMDLR. What is JMDLR? – Jai Mata Di let’s rock!
– Wow! Excuse me, don’t stop us! Please go. That’s right. Hit it. – Well done!
– At one blow. Three! [groans] – Excuse me, guys.
– That’s right. This is the head of
my ex-boyfriend. That’s it. Well done. Ashok just appreciated me, Sumukhi. – Uncle, relax, okay?
– Okay. – This?
– Yes. – Can I just tell you?
– Yes. – All my anger…
– This is therapy, bro! This is therapy. – Sweet revenge, literally.
– Exactly. Excuse me, all the DMs
shaming me for my weight. Suck on it! Insecurity, go away! I banged my hand on a sugarcane. Prajakta is useless. Two in one, bitches! Excuse me, don’t show off! I’m not showing off,
I’m just doing… – That’s enough.
– What I do. – Okay?
– Okay. Prajakta, give others
the opportunity to win. – Uncle?
– Yes? I’m so bad at this. – Cut? Go for it?
– Yes. Jai Mata Di!? Uncle, you do this every day or what? – Do you do this every day?
– Here you go. – When is your birthday?
– It’s on Tuesday. Every Tuesday? Uncle, hello? – Oh!
– Uncle is a… – Oh!
– Uncle is a… – [beatboxing]
– Oh, one, two, three, go It’s Kaka’s birthday,
everybody say “Hey yo!” Have the sugarcane juice
as much as you want, yo! My sandwich has the ketchup,
salsa and mayo In your life you’re either straight
or a gay, yo! That’s great. But where are we going? To extract the juice. It’s being extracted right now! Good job. Okay. Okay… – Reverse it.
– Like this? – Turn it around, slow!
– Come on. – Harder.
– Hold it. – It didn’t work, you try.
– Hold this. – Use your strength.
– I’m using it, uncle. Harder. Come on, harder! Run, come on. That’s good. Listen, I feel like a bull. Come on! I wanted to… I’m napping, technically. How are you simply
walking with it? – Because there is nothing in it.
– Oh, okay. Why didn’t we think of
challenging each other at UNO? – [man] Come on, hurry up!
– You thought of it. Put some more,
we’ve 30 seconds left. – Come on.
– Come on. Ten, nine eight, seven, six five, four, three two, one. Stop! Please. I don’t like juice, I like blood. – I can see the stars, bro.
– But, you know? I didn’t choose the sugarcane life. The sugarcane life chose me, bro. Sis, this was complete terror. I asked for sugarcane juice
and drained all my energy. Okay. So, now, what is going to happen is we are going to fill our glasses. – I’ll go first and then Sumukhi.
– Done. And whoever has more glasses
will win all the gifts in the world. – Uncle, say all the best.
– All the best. Prajakta, take care. Shut up. It’s a one,
it’s a two it’s a three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. – Eight glasses.
– Come on, Sumukhi, let’s lose. Let’s win.
Uncle, I know how to do this. One. Fill the glass. Guys, I just have two glasses. – Uncle.
– Don’t humiliate us. Uncle, we’ll get humiliated.
We already are. – Uncle.
– Okay, five. Oh, uncle, Five and three quarters. Six. See, I don’t think that’ll
look very nice in my house. – Guys.
– So I’m not sure. Guys. Yes! Audio track cuing
in three, two, one. Thank you so much, uncle.
You helped me a lot. Thank you so much.
At one point I wanted to chop her and not the canes
or at least hit her with the cane. – But I didn’t do it.
– You didn’t do it? – Yes. Alright, everybody. This was
another episode of Pretty Fit. – Which was amazing, Prajakta.
– All her social media handles are in the description below.
Please show all your love. Follow her, also subscribe to
MostlySane because it’s free. – We’re going to drink
our sugarcane juice now. – It’s true. Until we meet, love love. Have some sugarcane juice! Hi, have some juice. Your husband
won’t be able to recognise you. Ms. Surekha, how are you?
Hurry up. Ms. Surekha,
why don’t you look me in the eye? Hello, one second.
Are you selling or begging? – This is not how you…
– I asked you to take my kidney. No. No kidney.
You said the winner will decide and I’ve won and I’ve decided that you’ve to sell juice worth
500 rupees. Prajakta, I’ll give you 1000 rupees. Hello, uncle?
You escaped from this? Uncle, please. Excuse me, uncle? Anybody, sugarcane juice? Uncle? Uncle in orange clothes. Uncle, hi, how are you? Want some sugarcane juice? Have some, it’s just 30 rupees. Sumukhi, you know what this is? – Chilli.
– Burn!

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    Then something very bad happened in my life and I went into depression and gained weight upto 108 kg and at that time it felt wasn't coming out of it anytime soon….
    Then I moved to another city for my studies for my 11th and 12th grades and here too the fellow class mates never loose any chance to make me realize that I was 108 kgs.. But then something in me said to fight and I fought with myself and currently I'm not very slim but anyways I'm halfway in my journey and I'm 75 kg at present. I am so so so happy with myself. And I'm proud!

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