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President Judy Olian Welcomes #BobcatNation Back from Spring Break- 3/18/2020

Hello Bobcat’s. I want to
welcome you to your first day of online classes. While we’re still
adjusting to not being physically together, it is really inspiring
to see how our Bobcat family has embraced this new reality with
such understanding. It’s only been 72 hours since we made the
difficult decision to move the remainder of the spring semester
online. And yet here we are, all of us, finding our way to connect
with each other. I say being socially connected but physically
distant, sharing friendships in new ways, adapting to new methods
of learning and keeping our special bonds as strong as ever. We have to be honest, we will
experience loneliness. We will really miss being with each
other. But we also will find new ways of connecting with each
other and treasuring the bonds we have. I want to give a special
shout out to our remarkable Quinnipiac faculty. Our dedicated
and awesome professors have worked tirelessly over the last
week to transition their coursework to an online format to
make sure there’s no interruption to your academic studies. They’re truly dedicated and
care deeply about you, making sure that they find every creative way
to continue your learning. And a tremendous thank you to our
entire information services team that’s worked day and night to
move 10,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff online, so that
we all can work and connect remotely. I feel like I’ve already
become a power Zoom user, meeting regularly with members of our
team. I still wish I could be with
all of you in person, but at least I get to see some of you
smiling Bobcat faces every day. In a sense, this is the first
day of classes with all of the butterflies in our stomachs. Let’s take it in as an
opportunity to try new things, try new ways of learning,
connecting, sharing and giving. Be well, stay in touch. Stay
positive and stay Bobcat Strong. And remember the power of we.

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