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Pokemon Theme Park Toys

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  2. 3:27 is like
    Pikachu bumps into the pokeball
    Rayquaza: dude you just bumped on my pokeball
    Pikachu: am so sorry
    Chirzard: yeah man you better not do that
    Blastosie: guys chill it all an accident
    Mewtwo : rayquaza is it all an accident
    Rayquaza noo it not
    Lucario: Ok guys chill
    All of them besides blastosie: FINE
    Pikachu: hey you guys there is park over there
    Rayquaza oh cool
    Chirzard: let's go
    Mega gyarados: guys wait
    Pikachu: how do you stay mega all time
    Mega gyarados: idk

  3. 3:12 【速報】某遊園地の観覧車にて死亡事故が発生。

  4. 2:06 is that a real figure? I go to a place called nifty fifties in turnersvile and they have bootleg figures and that looks just like one of them

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