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Playworld – Inclusive Playground Feature: Emerald Isle, NC

What they liked most about this
playground is the fact that they can all three play together, and Jayla doesn’t have to sit and watch. I’m a physical therapist with children
with disabilities, so I can now go back to a lot of my patients and say “this
would be good, this would be a place where we could meet and even do therapy if you wanted to, we could play…” The level of challenge was perfect…The level of challenge was great. I mean they did get a good workout while they were out here, which is really important. The challenge was appropriate— each of them in there, at their own
level, and they’re at very different levels. Most of the other playgrounds in our
area have mulch, so we can’t put her in her gait trainer; that means somebody has to
carry her and help her walk, so this allows us to step back a little bit more
and let her play. Having the double-wide ramps really makes a big difference for Henry and Ollie because they’re not being a nuisance, they’re not the roadblock on
the ramp. Other kids that want to go faster could just go around them, but
Oliver and Henry can still play. They can all play together and enjoy
each other, and that’s something they’ve never had.

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