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Playing Game’s Outside Of Roblox!! |Random Games| -Gameplay

[Intro] Today I’m playing Grand City Gangster Gang Crime so I’m in number 2 ***music*** cause my brother played this game ok idk what I’m ganna do gather cash rob city bank take your gang crew whos my gang crew are yall my gang crew hello ok so how you move is awd oh ok give me all your money how do I kill hey give me all your money give me all your money be scared of me mister hey gang crew umm what am I ganna do ok where do we go 2x ok the arrow says this way uh lets just go around it ok my health is 100% idk how to shot yeoooo idk how to do click this button oh no ok lets go follow the arrow oh that’s the bank ok where ganna go rob the bank but idk how to idk how to kill I tried to kill someone and yall saw that yea.. I tried to ok this is my location lemme just go here how do I get i do I stay here? what do I do record what is this cops nuh why are the cops here yall make everything so difficult wher do I go arrow show me somewhere to g o there killing me oh no how do I ddie how do I kill nooo kill there so many ads hurry up ok its almost ending ok we are ganna do this aagain so I’m ganna hit the purple one no I hit the yellow one its ok they got my leg I’m ganna ick it oh I have lots of arms yes yes yes yessssssss and now prepare to die yes oh I got star wait what did I ie whit them? ok we have to start over its not fair they got sticks and I don’t get sticks what noooo how am I dieing she was almost dead oh wait ok I’m on level ten for level 10 I’m really bad at this why are there so many of these hurry up its almost ganna end go go go bubble whitch 3 no th I don’t wanna play it kill purple nope the purple killed me ok hi ok.. so I didn’t complete the mission it says u won I thought I got 8 daily log i ok so I did win? **tierd** XD al I’m ganna do is just play the game’ ok nothin happening I don’t get rhe cueghgxmjjxx Xd ok so I got 100 3 100 an 100 20 what this jump jump yes get the bannanas ok go this way score o 0 best score 0 I don’t think I won did I win nope wow i in level 3 I’m in level 5 the most beatyful thing ive ever seen in my ife its a bannanana next to a bannanana XD so this is a picture of my bunny yea hes really cute look I’m ganna show u more this is when we got hi he got red eyes uhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea aww so adorable so i hope you enjoyed the video Byeeeeeeeee **the end**

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