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Playing fun games funny races outdoors

shall we do the yes/no game okay sit
down no no no Eve are you ready yeah is your
name Ava my name is ava do you like the color pink I like the pink
do you love going on holiday I love to you like pizza I do not like pizza do
you like chips I like tips do you like for everyone
watching this game you have to avoid saying two words yes and no okay carry
on do you like Barbie I like barbie do you
like swimming I love swimming Oh you are quite hard to catch out okay should we
try Keira yeah okay there’s gonna be a sit-down them okay
is your name Kiera of course it’s your middle name Jane of course it is
do you like swimming I do do you like going to the beach do you like chocolate kind of do you like Christmas morning you don’t like Christmas do you like it
in presents I think do you like it when it’s your birthday of course I do
do you like school I don’t not very much do you like you don’t do you like go
into the park I think though do you like wild animals of course I do
do you love mommy of course I do I do you

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