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PLAYGROUNDS AND ZOOS with Harzel at the World of Wonder Playground and Bear Hollow Zoo

Hazel: Look, he’s moving! Dad: He’s moving. Granma: He’s a big guy. He’s laying in the sun. Grandma: Relaxing. HarperL Where does he sleep? Harper: Look, he moved his head. Dad: You have to talk to him. Give him a hoot. Harper: Hoot. Dad: See. Grandma: Look at the turkeys. Dad: We brought a couple turkeys with us. Dad: Hazel, do you want to see him? Dad: There’s one little turkey. Dad: Where’s turkey two? Dad: Careful, grandma. Dad: There’s turkey two. Dad: Where does that go? That’s ok if she goes with me. Dad: Good job Harper. Harper: I’ll show you my room. Harper: I’ll show you my witches room. Harper: I’ll show you my witches room. Dad: ok Dad: Is this your room? Yup! Hazel: This is a big room! For 10 days! Dad: For 10 days? Dad: Should we come back and get you? For four days. Dad: Four days? I’ll turn back into the bad witch. And for three days… I’ll turn back into the good witch Today is just four days so I’m still a good witch Dad: You’re still a good witch today? Yup! Two days! Dad: Are you still a good witch? Yup! Three days! Dad: Are you still a good witch on three days? Yup! And four days. Dad: Are you still a good witch on four days? Nope! Dad: What does that mean? Dad: You’re a better witch? Nope, I’m a bad witch! Dad: Should I run? Dad: Hazel, what about you? We want to run! We want to run! Run dad! Dad: Ok, I’m coming. Run! We going down the side here Dad: ok Dad: You ready? Dad: Hit it! Dad: Hi girls! Dad: That’s some good driving. Hazel and mommy are way back there. Grandma: Tell grandpa to get our of the smoke. What?

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