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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to… – [All] The YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re going to be playing playground wars! Wall ball. – Wall ball, what? – You’ve never played wall ball before? – How do you play wall ball, Dad? – So, you have a ball and
you throw it against the wall and when you grab it you have
to throw it against the wall but if you drop it or
miss it you have to run and touch the wall before somebody else throws it at the wall and
gets it there before you. If they get it there before
the wall before you you’re out. – [Mom] What if bounces the
ground after touching the wall? – That’s fine it can go, it can bounce, but if I drop it then I
gotta run, I gotta get there – Before I throw it. – [Mom] Okay, so how many balls? – There’s one ball and everybody’s– – There’s one ball. Ready, set, go. (upbeat music) – Nick’s out! Why does he still– – Ready, set, go! Oh Ty’s out. – You can’t block it; drop it. – Oh, get it, get it! – What’s going on? – [Mom] Just all confused. – I was right next to
the wall so I’m not out. – Did it bounce both times? – [Ty] Get it! – [Jordan] Yes, go,
girl’s win, get Dad out! Get it! – [Dad] Oh, I think that just hit me. – [Mom] Ah she’s out. – Audrey’s out. – [Mom] Okay, it’s Jordan and Dad. Jordan and Dad. – Let’s go girls, c’mon! – Aren’t you supposed to grab it? – [Mom] Bounce it until he has to. Bounce it sideways and let him go get it. – Yes I touched it. My pinkey touched it. – [Mom] Jordan, throw it short. Like just up close. Oh he didn’t even get a, What? What is going on? What is going on? You’re both out! You’re both out, you lost! You guys lose. That was a failed trick shot guys. – Thumbs down bump, we both lost. – [Mom] You both so lost that! We both ran . – Okay, Mom’s turn, round two! Okay everybody’s in. Ready, go. – Jordan, Jordan? – Here here, I want to show you something. – [Jordan] Wait what? – I got Audrey out here. – [Dad] Audrey’s out. – Audrey’s out, she’s eliminated! – I ran to the wall and I hurt my finger. I ran to the wall, to not get out and I hurt my finger, and I
ended up getting out still. – [Dad] Ready, go. – Don’t touch it!
– Oh get it, get it, get it. – [Audrey] Oh, Ty’s out! – Two eliminated. (shouting) – [Mom] Get Dad! – Is he out, Dad’s out! – I’m out – [Audrey] Dad’s out. – [Dad] No! You’re out! – Wah wah I’m out. – [Audrey] This game will never end. – [Dad] Get him, oh, get him. – Okay we’re tied. – I can keep going. – I can’t keep going. – [Audrey] It’s a tie! – It’s a tie. – I’ll take a break. I am so tired! Okay so round three, this
is for all the marbles. Bragging rights, king of the hill. Whatever you want to call it, here we go. – Make the pass! I didn’t even touch the ball. – [Mom] Audrey’s doing a twirl spin. Get it, get it, get it,
get it, Jordan’s out! That hit the ground first. Does that make that out? Audrey just threw it on the roof! We lost our ball. It’s a flat roof, we’re not
seeing that again, Audrey! – God, it’s gone forever. – Does that mean I’m out? – [Mom] Unless a wind-storm comes. – Good thing we have five balls. – [Mom] Good job Audrey. Okay back in, go. Oh get him, get him, get him, get him. Dad’s out. Oh Ty, get him out, go Ty. Ah Ty touched the wall. Get it, get her out! – [Dad] Get her, get her get her. – [Mom] Ah she made it. – [Dad] Get it, get it, get it, get it! – This is a tough game. – [Mom] Get her, get her, get her. – [Dad] Throw it hard; there you go. – [Mom] Not on the roof! – [Dad] Get it, get it, get it, get it! – [Mom] Run, Ty. – Touched the wall! – [Dad] Go Audey! – What? _ [Dad] Audrey’s out. – [Mom] Good Job. Alright, I bet you guys are
going to have a tie there. The champions are Jake and Ty! You guys are the winners. Good job, knuckle pump, knuckle fist. Good job guys. – So that’s it for today’s video. – Thank you guys so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! Let us know down below
some other playground war you want to see us do. We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye!

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