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(playful music) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [Family] That Youtub3 Family! – And today, we are in Germany and we found this really cool park that has a spider web playground. – We’re in Germany! – So, we are going to
play a game we kinda just made up on the spot, that
is The Spider and the Flies, where one person’s the
spider, who is Jake. – No! – He’s going to be in the web,
and the rest of us are flies. We’re going to get caught in his web, and try to stay away from him. So we’re going to have to
climb around– It’s a tag game. He’s gonna try to tag us,
if he gets us, we’re out, we get to get to get out of the web. Last person to survive
wins, first person out is the new spider for the next round. You guys ready? – By the way, I have
to start in the middle, and you guys have five
seconds to get anywhere. – And if all the flies
can avoid the spider for three minutes, the flies
win and the spider loses. – Nuh-nuh-nuh!
– Okay, let’s all go. – Woo! – [Dad] Alright Jordan,
what’d gonna be your strategy? – I don’t even know. I got the back corner of the web, so I’m trying to come
up with– I don’t know. Jake’s facing me right now,
so maybe I’ll run towards Mom, the other back side of the web, I’m kinda gonna try and stay on the back, that way he doesn’t notice
me, but I don’t know. – [Jake] I already noticed you. – [Dad] Oh, there’s the spider. What’s your strategy? – Avoid him at all costs. – [Dad] Oh, that’s a good strategy. (Dad laughs) Alright, Jake, are you ready? – Yep! Five seconds, start moving! – [Dad] What’s gonna be you strategy? – Eat the bugs! – [Dad] Eat the bugs? Ty, what’s your strategy? – Stay by mom. – [Dad] Stay by mom? What, you think the spider’s
gonna go after the bigger meal? – Yep. – [Dad] (laughs) Okay. Alright, you got a pal
that’s gonna be joining you. What’s gonna be your strategy?
– Outer edge. Just the outer edge, stay
away from everybody else. – [Dad] Alright. Should we make a bonus, if you can make it and touch the top, you’re free? And you can get off?
– [Jordan] Yeah! – Oh yes, if a fly can touch the top, you can get off for free and you won. – [Dad] Okay. So either three minutes,
or if you touch the top. That’s how you win as the flies. Are you ready? – [Jake] Yeah! – [Dad] Set, timer starts
– [Jake] Guys, five seconds. – [Dad] Go!
– [Jake] Five, four, three, two, and go! – [Dad] Alright, spider’s startin’ to come down a little bit. – [Jordan] Hello, mother.
– [Dad] Everybody’s circling the spider.
– [Jordan] Hello! – [Dad] Can anybody make a move? – Shake the spider web. – [Dad] I have a feeling somebody’s gonna have to be tribute. – [Jake] Yeah, Ty, be tribute! Mom, Dad, come on, ah! – [Dad] 20 seconds in. (Jordan yells) – [Dad] Spider, you better hurry. – [Mom] Yeah, you better get someone. – [Dad] Guys, if they just stay
at the bottom, they’ll win. (kids shouting) Audrey’s making a run for it! (Audrey yells)
Can she make it? Oh, so close. (Audrey and Dad laugh) – [Audrey] My hand! – [Dad] Spider felt her going up the web in the vibrations.
– [Audrey] No! – [Dad] Oh, Audrey got
eaten by the spider. – [Mom] You are out, but
you’re it for next round. – [Jordan] Audrey’s out.
– [Dad] Okay Audrey, come on down. Keep going guys, it’s one minute. (yelling)
You got two minutes left. Oh, spider almost fell out of his own web. You can. Get back in. Uh-oh! All the flies are making a run for it! It’s been one minute. Can they make it? Looks like Mom is going– Mom made it free!
– [Mom] Woo! – [Dad] Can Jordan make it? Jordan’s free. Uh-oh, now it’s down between
(gleeful shouting) the spider and team Short Stuff. Uh-oh. Come on, team Short Stuff. (Ty shouting)
– [Mom] I’m free, I’m free. – [Dad] What’s your strategy gonna be? You got the spider comin’ after ya. Oh, no. Looks like the spider’s
findin’ a way to get to him. Uh oh, team Short Stuff– oh, so close! (Ty laughs) Oh, the spider got him! ‘Kay, so we had two winners,
we had Mom and Jordan won, and then we had two that became tributes, which was Tyler and Audrey. She is now the new spider. You ready, Audrey? – Yep. – We are the flies. Audrey is the new spider. – Bzzt, bzzt. – Are you guys ready? – Yep.
– Let’s go, pick a corner. – Bzzt, bzzt. – Low and slow, that’s my strategy. – [Jordan] That’s your strategy? Go low and slow? Okay. Let’s see if Mom has a different
strategy for this round. She made it out free last time. – Just wait for opportune
moment, climb to the top, tag. Boom, done.
– [Jordan] Oh, so you’re just waiting to tag the top again. Okay, that’s a good strategy. Let’s see what Dad’s strategy is. He hasn’t played this
game yet, so I don’t know. – I have a feeling I’m
gonna be made tribute. Seeing how I’m the biggest fly, what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna set a screen and see if I can let my other fellow flies make it to the top. – [Jordan] Oh.
– Oh-ho-ho. – [Jordan] Nice strategy. – Maybe they’ll save me. – [Jordan] Maybe they’ll save you? Alright, let’s see Jake. Jake was the spider last time. – I’m gonna just knock the
spider off by shaking the web. – [Jordan] Oh so you’re
just gonna shake the web, and see if Audrey falls off. – [Jordan] Are you guys ready? – [Dad] Three, two, one– – [Jordan] Go! Alright.
(Jake shouting) Oh, Jake’s goin’ for it, he’s
the first one to make a move. Same with Ty. Oh, there’s Mom. Oh, Dad– they’re all starting to move. Oh, and the spider’s comin’ down. Towards Mom! Oh no, she’s attacking
the back corner, you guys. – [Dad] Here, fly, fly, fly. Here, spider, spider spider. – [Jordan] Oh! Ty’s going for the win. He’s going for the top, right
behind the spider’s back. Audrey doesn’t even see him. Oh, she’s comin’ for him now! There goes Mom as well! – [Dad] Here, here, over here.
(yelling) I’m a big meal, I’m juicy. – [Jordan] Oh, Dad’s taunting the spider. – [Dad] Oh, she got me.
– [Jordan] Oh. Dad got tagged. That means he’s the new
spider for the next round, but let’s see if Audrey gets anybody else. Ty made it to the top, he’s safe! (yelling)
Oh! Aw, spider got Mom. – [Ty] I won!
– [Jordan] Oh, there goes Jake for the win! – [Jake] I touched it! I’m touching the top. – [Mom] No, you didn’t get the top. (shouting)
– [Jordan] Jake, Jake got out as well, so it looks like
the only winner is Ty-Ty! You won, Ty! Woo! – Alright, Audrey was
very good at the spider. She still had one minute
and 53 seconds left. Probably can’t see that. But, I was tribute. I was able to set the screen, and make it to where
she couldn’t see Tyler. Tyler was like this little
rocket, went right to the top. So I feel like it was a win for me, too. Even though I got eaten. – [Jordan] Ty, what d’you
think about your win? You’re the only one who won this round! – Woo! – [Jordan] Woo! Audrey, good job being the spider. – Thank you. – [Jordan] Alright, let’s
set up the next round. Dun-dun-dun!
– You’re the spider? Yep, I’m a spider. ‘Kay, Jake… – [Jordan] Yep, Dad’s gonna be the spider. – I’ll film. – In this one, I’m gonna
be looking for the slow, the weak, and the ones that
first make eye contact with me. Cause I’ve got all these eyes now. I got four eyes. I got these eyes and these eyes so I can see multiple places.
– [Mom] You got eyes in the back, too? Oh, and I got eyes in the back. I am going to be able to get these guys. – [Jordan] Oh no! – I’m a spider with eyes everywhere. Good luck. I’m gonna get my fill of flies. – [Mom] Six pairs of eyes. Oh, he’s got eyes everywhere. – I’m gonna take this like
Medusa, don’t make eye contact. – I’m sweaty. (laughs) – I’m just gonna keep my
strategy, low and slow. – [Mom] Low and slow? You’ll sneak in and sneak attack, right? – [Jordan] I choose this corner! – [Mom] Okay, pick your corners. – [Ty] This corner again. – [Mom] Ty’s got his. Spider’s going up, Jordan’s in the corner. – I have a feeling I’m gonna
be a slow, lazy spider. – [Mom] Okay, David’s not so confident in his spider abilities.
– [Dad] This is hard! (laughs) – [Mom] It’s very hard on this web, it’s harder than it looks, (Jake yelling)
cause it wiggles a lot. Are you guys ready? – [Dad] Let me get my timer.
– [Jake] Yeah! – [Dad] Don’t shake the spider! – [Mom] The flies are
bouncing the spider web. – [Jake] The spider’s
afraid of his own web! – [Dad] Go! – [Mom] Go, guys! – [Audrey] I feel like– (yells). – [Mom] Oh, Audrey’s already off! – [Dad] Audrey, you lost, you fell off. – [Audrey] No I didn’t!
– [Jordan] She fell off! She’s out! – [Mom] Let’s give her another start. Go ahead and restart. Okay, the boys are sneaking in. They’re sneaking around. – I see him with my side eyes. (Dad laughs) – [Jordan] Looks like the flies
are surrounding the spider, not the spider getting the flies. – [Mom] Yeah, who’s trapping who? Uh-oh. Here they come. – [Dad] I just hang
out here in the middle, I get get ’em all! (laughs) – [Jake] Get ’em all! – I’m gonna stay low (laughs)
to the end of the web. – [Mom] Wait till you’re the last one? – Yeah. (Dad hisses) – [Mom] The spider’s method
is stay in the middle. So that nobody can make it to the top. – [Jordan] So, I’m gonna stay right here, wait for three minutes.
– [Mom] But he has three minutes to catch all the flies. – [Jordan] Yep. – [Dad] I got Jacob! – [Jordan] He got Jake! – [Jake] I can’t be it next
time because I was already it. – [Mom] Uh-oh. He’s going after Ty. Oh no. Can he move as fast as Ty, though? – [Jordan] Ty’s pretty speedy. – [Mom] Uh-oh, going after Audrey now. (Audrey screams)
– [Mom] Here he comes. – He’s coming, run! That was scary. – [Mom] Ty’s going for it. Oh, Ty fell. The spider’s getting distracted. Can you catch your foot? – Spider’s tired. Spider’s tired. Spider needs help. – [Audrey] Are your
spidey senses tingling? – [Mom] Uh-oh, he’s going after Audrey. (shouting)
Gonna get a dinner. – [Jake] Ty, go up! – [Mom] Uh-oh, he’s scaling. Guy’s going up fast. Can he make it in time, before the spider? Here he comes. Can he get it? Touch that top! The spider’s trying to get him.
– [Jordan] Ty-Ty, yeah! – [Mom] Ty made it, the
spider didn’t get him in time. – [Dad] I couldn’t find my footing. You’re a lucky boy. – [Jordan] Mom, Ty made it safely. There you go!
– [Mom] Two girls left. – [Audrey] I wish I gave up. – [Dad] There’s 40 seconds left. – [Jordan] 40 seconds! We’ve got this, Audrey! – [Mom] Either just keep avoiding him, or touch the top, either one. All’s you have to do is avoid him. – [Audrey] No! – [Mom] Oh, Audrey! Jordan, you’re a sole fly. You better go for it. – [Audrey] I was your sacrifice. (Jordan screams) – [Mom] Stay on the outer rim. Just keep going around the outer edge. (Jordan screams) Oh no, she’s down, she’s down! Did she save herself– oh, spider got her! The spider got you. – You guys, that was so intense, let me explain what happened, kind of. I lost my footing, but I
was holding on so tight, that I flipped over around,
and I almost fell off the web, but I didn’t, my foot caught
hold and I was still in the web but I couldn’t get up quick
enough and the spider got me. – [Mom] And you were so close. – She had four seconds left. – [Mom And Audrey] No! – [Mom] So close!
– Hate to say it. – [Mom] That was a good round. My turn to be the spider,
because I think Jake got tagged first, but he
had already been a spider, so that falls to me next. Up I go. – [Dad] Good luck getting to the middle. – [Offscreen] Mom’s the sneaky one. – [Dad] It is super hard. – This burns your hands,
too, a little bit. – [Jordan] I have a new strategy. – [Dad] You need gloves for this. If you’re gonna play on this all day long, – [Jordan] Gloves. – [Dad] Definitely need gloves. – Mom’s a sneaky spider,
so I have a new strategy. Instead of staying low,
like how I did with Dad, I’m just gonna race to the top, because I’m gonna wait for when Mom goes after Jake or
Ty or somebody, or Audrey, then I’m gonna book it to the top, because then I won’t have
to keep dodging the spider at last minute, like how I did with Dad. – It’s a good strategy because,
having been the spider, I can tell ya, it is
hard, as an old spider, to move around in the web. So if Mom has a hard
time moving like I did, if they go fast, they’ll get to the top. – I’m gonna be a silent rocket ship. – [Dad] Silent rocket ship. (kids singing and playing) And you? – The lone soldier. – [Dad] The lone soldier? Oh man. – I thought I’d have a start up here. – [Dad] Katy went way to the top. (laughs) – [Mom] It feels good! – [Dad] And she’s afraid
of heights, I’m surprised she went up there.
– [Mom] I know! – [Dad] That’s amazing. – [Mom] Are we ready? – [Dad] Ready, set, go! (Audrey mumbling) Alright, here we go, Katy’s
starting to come down to meet the flies, she feels
the vibration in the net, she’s thinking, “Hey,
there’s dinner ready for me. “I think I’ll go have some.
They look del-ich-ous.” Right, Audrey? – Delicious. – [Dad] You del-ich-ous. Jordan? – (laughs nervously)
She’s coming after me. – [Dad] Yeah, I see this
arachnoid Katy right above ya. – I’m trying to scope out the area and see when I should make my move. – [Dad] Alright. Oh, there’s team Short Stuff! – Team Short Stuff is coming over here! – [Dad] Going like a rocket
ship all the way around. – [Jordan] Are you kidding me? No!
– [Dad] His strategy might be just tire the spider out. – [Jordan] Jake is right there, lower. – [Dad] We got stealthy Jake sittin’ over there on the outskirts. He could wait her out. Cause I imagine arachnoid
Katy is probably finding that it’s a little bit harder– – [Jordan] Arachnid, not arachnoid. – [Dad] Being the spider
than it is to be the fly. Let’s see. – [Mom] This is really hard. – [Dad] (laughs) Everybody’s just keeping equal distance away from the spider. Oh, she’s making her move! She’s going after Jordan! Can she make it? (kids shouting) You got two minutes left! 1/3 of your time has been wasted! And there’s been no meals partaken of. – [Mom] (laughs) Stop it! – [Dad] All the kids are
starting to taunt the spider at this point, they’re saying,
“This spider can’t get us!” – [Mom] I hate this! – [Dad] Alright, a minute and 40 seconds! Audrey’s making a run for it! Oh, Jordan’s making a run for it! Oh, I think
(Jordan screams) Jordan just got caught by Katy. – [Audrey] I got it! – [Dad] Audrey made it to the top. – [Jordan] Mom got me! – [Dad] Oh, team Short Stuff’s
kicking in the afterburners. Looks like he’s gonna try to go for it. Nope, he’s changed his
mind, he’s taking her, going around Jordan,
Jordan’s setting the screen even though she has been eaten. – [Mom] Jake’s out.
– [Dad] Oh. Team Jake just got knocked out. So it’s down to team Short Stuff. Can team Short Stuff make it? You’ve got a minute left. One minute to either avoid the spider, or make it to the top, one of the two. Looks like he’s gonna take the slow play. He’s gonna force the spider
to come all the way down– oh! He got caught! Alright, Audrey won that
round, good job, Audrey. What do you have to say for yourself? – I’d like to thank the lone solider, which is myself,
(Dad laughs) and my fellow comrade flies who sacrificed themselves for me. (Dad laughs) – [Dad] Alright, good job everybody. – That was super hard being the spider, it’s harder to be spider than the fly, because you’re trying
to corral all the flies, and maneuvering around that web is a little bit trickier
than it looks. (laughs) I was only able to tag,
I think two people. Is that who I got?
– [Jordan] Think so. – Jake fell off.
– You got me. – I got Jordan and Ty,
that’s all I was able to tag, because it was hard to
track them all down. But that was super fun, so
guess what time it is, guys? – [Family] Mail time! – This package is from Kelly, Kelly we don’t see where you’re from, but some pretty cool things. Kelly sent us some slime,
some purple milk, wow, and pearly peach, some balloons with some it looks like emoji or
silly faces on them, and just some whole bunch
of cool party things, and then some suckers. Awesome, thank you Kelly!
– [Mom] Cool, thank you! – [Jordan] Thank you! – This is from Nina in Arkansas. And she sent us some slime! – [Jordan] Aw! There’s one for each of us.
– [Dad] Nice. – [Mom] That’s awesome, thank you! – Thanks, Nina!
– It’s a cool color, too, it’s kinda like a peach
color, or a custard color. That’s what it looks like, is custard. Cool. – This next package is from Abby and Sarah and it doesn’t say where they’re from, but thank you Abby and
Sarah for your package. They sent all of the kids some slime, so I’ll pass these out and make sure everybody gets their own slime. Thank you so much Abby and Sarah! – [Jake And Mom] Thank you. – This is from Collin in Chicago. And they sent us a letter
to read, and a picture. – [Mom] That’s cool. Aw, I like it. – Aw, you even got Logan in there! That’s really cute. – And another–
(Jordan gasps) – That is so cool.
– A sign for us. And a postcard. – Look at that! Oh, a postcard from…
– [Mom] A CD. – Look at that, cool.
– [Dad] Awesome. – Oh cool, Collin has been
singing since they were really little, and they
sing in the Catholic choir, and this is a CD of their concert, which will be awesome to listen to. Thank you so much. And Collin gave another little fun fact, that their dog likes to bark
whenever their dog sees Logan, which I think is funny.
(Jordan laughs) – [Dad] That’s funny.
– Logie! – He has now a friend far away. – Aw.
– Which is cool. Thank you so much, Collin.
– Thanks! – Thanks! – This last package comes
from Thisa in Thailand. – Whoa!
– Wow, pretty cool. Thisa, I hope I’m saying
this right, it’s T-H-I-S-A. Thiss-ah? Thee-sah? Is the same age as Jake.
(Jordan gasps) Super cool. Loves the sardines and bandits
videos, and Hello Neighbor, so we need to do more, and we will! We’re going to try to find some
cool locations to do those, so let is know where you would like to see us play those games. They also sent some goodies. There is a car and key chain for Ty. A dino key chain… Jordan, there’s a slime. – Ooo, that’s so cool! – A dino is for Jake. – Look at that, red dino! – [Dad] Nice. – And each of the boys get a key chain. – Oh, that’s cool, look at that! – And then Audrey has an elephant. – [Audrey] Aw, cute, thank you! – Which is cool because– – [Audrey] Thailand elephant.
– She likes elephants too. – Yes, she does.
– Yeah, super cool. Thank you so much! – [Family] Thank you! – This was a super fun Playground Wars. If you wanna see more
Playground Wars games, let us know what you want us to play down in the comments down below. Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and– – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time! – [Family] Bye! (cheerful music)

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