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PLAYGROUND WARS! – Mother May I Halloween – Mummy May I / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

(bouncy music) – Hi guys, welcome back to That YouTub3 Family! – And Audrey – And we are the adventurers. – So today’s adventure is
Mother, may I? Halloween style. (family howls)
– Hi mother – So you have to think
of a Halloween character, or a Halloween object, or something Halloweenish to advance. – I got it, I got like fifty of ’em. – I’m the mother, I’m the mother – I got this, I love this game
– Okay, let’s go – I’ll be mother. – Okay, Jake’s going to start
out as our mother, our mummy, – Mummy
– Our mummy. – Mummy. – So you could call him Mummy, May I? (laughing) – Mummy. Oh, yeah.
‘Cause, mummy, Halloween. – [Jake] No! – Oh I get it. Oh you guys see what you did there. Mummy may I? – [Mom] Okay, Mummy May I? – [Dad] Alright. – [Mom] Everybody, get in your spots. (spooky music) – Alright, we’re ready to
start. Who’s going first? – Me! – Ty? Okay you gotta do a Halloween theme. – Mummy may I be a
jack-o-lantern that’s on fire? – [Audrey] Wow! – No! You may be an eyeball. – You may be an eyeball?
– You may be an eyeball? (squealing) – [Mom] That’s so not cool. – [Audrey] All dirty, bro. – What’s–
– [Jake] Stand up – [Mom] Oh! – I hope I do not have to
be an eyeball, please no. Mummy! May I please do the zombie? – [Jake] Yeah! Stop! Go back one step. – Mummy! Mummy, may I be a baby, Mummy? – Sure! (whining) – [Jake] There! – Mummy, may I be a Dracula
that turns into a bat? – [Jake] No! You may be a Jack-o-lantern! – A what? – [Ty] You may be a jack-o-lantern. – Jack-o-lantern’s don’t move. (laughing) – [Jordan] Aw. (laughing) – [Dad] I’m such a good vampire, too. – Mummy may I be a mummy? – You have to be a house full of candy. You basically have to trap someone. (chattering) – [Mom] He’s a house of candy. – And he has to trap somebody, so I guess he trapped me. (laughing) So, you know, that’s cool. Mummy, may I be a bat? – No. – [Mom] No. – You may be a jack-o-lantern. – [Mom] You’re a jack-o-lantern. – [Ty] You’re stuck! – Ah! – [Mom] Ah, okay. – Mummy, may I be a haunted house. – [Jake] Yes! – [Mom] Yes. (ghostly moans) – Oh! – Mummy may I be the blob? – Sure! – [Mom] Oh! He’s a blob. (thudding) – [Jake] Stop! (laughing) – Mummy, may I hmm, be Dracula? – [Jake] Yes! – Yes! – [Mom] You can be Dracula! (squealing) – [Mom] Oh. – Mummy, I really hope
you say yes for this one cause I’ve got a good one, okay? Mummy, may I be a spooky, scary skeleton? – [Jake] Yes! – [Audrey] Spooky, scary, skeleton. – [Ty] He said stop! – Time to go. – Ah! What? I just swooped myself in
the eye with my braid. What? – Go back to Ty, I said stop– – Go back to Ty? I did not hear. – Mummy may I be a falling leaf? (laughing) – [Jake] Play egg the house. – A make? – [Jake] It slows a player down. – [Mom] Egg a house and
slow another player down. (blowing wildly) (laughter) – Me? Are you kidding? So I can’t move as fast on my turn. – [Ty] Yeah. – Mummy may I be Frankenstein’s monster? – [Jake] No, you can be
a zombie teleportion. – [Mom] You can be a zombie teleportion. You have to throw a dirt clod, see where it lands and
then you teleport there. – [Ty] Oh no! – Oh, sweet! Ready?
– [Ty] Oh no! Here we go! – [Ty] No! (wind blowing) – [Mom] You know you give – [Jake] I said stop right, wait a minute. – [Mom] How’d that work? – [Jake] Stop right there. – That worked good. – Mummy, may I be a spider? – [Mom] Ooh. – [Jake] Yes. – [Mom] Yeah! (squealing) – [Jake] Stop! – Mummy may I be a
slowed down Frankenstein, since Audrey egged the
house and I was the house, and I’m slowed down now? – [Jake] So you guys, go. – Okay, well, I gotta
full-on reenact the scene. Audrey, come and Frankenstein, actually, did you know that Frankenstein was the one that made the monster? – It’s alive! My creation! (creepy music) – I have to go really slow. (growling) – [Jake] Stop. – Mummy may I be a ghost? – [Jake] No. You may be an eyeball. – [Mom] You have to roll in the dirt. (Jordan laughing) – [Mom] Oh! – There’s probably dog pee on this. (mom laughing) – When is it done? – [Jake] Stop. – [Mom] Almost like, I
don’t want to win anymore, I just, stop. – Ew, it got in my hair, too. – Mummy, may I be a warlock? – [Jake] No. – What? – [Jake] You may be jack-o-lantern. (groans) – [Mom] Oh! – Mummy may I blob? – No, you may be bear trap. Hook on to somebody’s leg
and they’re slowed too. – [Mom] Oh no. – [Mom] Ty’s a bear trap and he’s gonna slow
Audrey down next round. – [Jake] But they can still move. – [Mom] Oh, boy. Audrey has got like a
bear trap on her leg. – Mummy may I be a trick-or-treater? – [Jake] Yeah. Stop. – Trick or treat! – [Jake] No. – Mummy may I be pumpkin spice? – [Jake] Sure. (wailing) – [Jake] You have a little something. Stop. Stop. – Yeah! We’re up here now. – Mummy may I be a goblin? – [Mom] That was my idea.
– [Jake] Sure. – Stop! I command you to stop goblin! Go. – Ty, it’s your turn. – Mummy may I be a fire pumpkin? – No, you may be an eyeball. Stop. – Mummy may I please be a bat? – No, you may be a bear trap. – Please, please, please – [Jake] You know Ty’s gonna
be the closest one, right? (screaming) – Mummy, may I be a witch? – Sure. (evil laughing) – [Jake] Oh no, can run! – [Audrey] Got you!
– [Jordan] Got you! – No, I got him first! – I think I got him first, so I won. – I win. – I won, it was my turn.
– It was me. – Let’s both be mummy. – Okay, so you guys need to
vote down who you think won. Was it Jordan? Was it Audrey? – I grabbed his leg.
– It was my turn. – Jordan was the trap stuck
to Audrey’s witch leg. I don’t know. – I grabbed Jake’s leg. – It was my turn. – [Ty] It was Audrey’s turn! – [Mom] Okay, I’m going to
decide and say it’s Audrey. So Audrey, you get to be the new Mummy. (squeal) Alright this round I am the mummy. Let’s see who wins. [Dad] Okay what’s gonna be your strategy? I’m gonna try to not let them get me fast. [Dad] – okay so? – Let’s make this a long round. – [Dad] (mumbles) Okay alright mummy you ready? – Audrey] -Okay I’m ready let’s go. [Dad] – Okay you guys ready? – Yeah [Dad] Okay who’s first? – Me. [Dad] Tye’s first are you sure? Okay what’s gonna be your strategy? Hmm, try to be like fast and then slow. [Dad] Oh fast and slow. – I’m gonna try to think
of things that will make her laugh so she’ll let me move. [Dad] – Oh there you go. – I don’t know I’m just gonna go for it. [Dad] – No strategies just doin it. – Oh my sister was nice? Yeah. – I’m a crab. [Dad] – You’re a crab? Okay, alright ready? Go. – Mother may I be an angry chest. – Yes you may. (Barking) – Mother may I be a slimy slime blob? – Yes you may. – Wait what does a
minecraft slime blob say? Oh Ive gotta stop before I can figure out what a slimey slime blob says. Mummy may I be creepy twins with mom? With my actual mom. The come play with me twins. – Yes you may. – Come play with me. – Mummy may I be the crab from the water? [Mom] The shiny one? – Yeah. I’m so shiny. So shiny. I can’t remember
how half the song goes. – Mother may I be a ghost? – Yes you may. – Kay turn around you can’t see me. [Kids] – What? Okay. – I’m a ghost you can’t see me. – Mummy may I be the giant
spider from harry potter? Woo! Remember the spider falls
down in the forest and is like whoa. Yeah. – Mother may I be a zombie leech? [Audrey] – Yes? – Go Zombie! Go! I’m still hooked onto her. – So my turn you’re gonna move with me? – Mother may I be a witch? [Audrey] – No. You may be a cyclopes. [Audrey] – Stop. – Oh! – Hm that worked that was good. Mother may I be the invisible man? [Audrey] – Oh no. No you can not. – Come on just let me be invisible. [Audrey] – You may be, A scientist who’s teleportation is broken you have to go back to the tree. – Uhuh. – Which tree though? – What did I do? – This tree right here. – The back back one. – Ahah – Mother, I mean mummy I’m sorry but you don’t really have an option here I have to be a zombie since the zombie leech um kind of like leeched onto me so now I’m kind of a zombie and you don’t have a choice so uuuuuuh. – Wait what? Stop. – Okay this is not my spot. – Mummy may I be a eyeball. – Yes you may. Stop. – Mom’s turn. – Mother may I be a sad worm? – Yes you may. Oh my. Stop. – Mother may I be, a rat? – No you may not. But you maybe be humpty dumpty sat on the wall. [Dad] Oh no. [Mom] What? – Still cracked everybody. – I don’t even know if I can get up here. I am 5’3″ and this is like way taller that me so I don’t even
know if I can like, lift myself up here. How am I gonna do that? [Mom] Push up, push up. – Boy this is gonna be hard. – Like this. – Ahh. There’s no traction. [Mom] – Upper body strength bro. – I honestly don’t know how I got up here but I’m up here now so, that’s cool. – Mummy may I be a headcrab? – No you may not. – No. – You may be an eyeball. Jake’s an eyeball, go jake. – Stop. – That hurt. It felt like I went on a rock. – Mother may I be a slime blob? – Yes you may be. – Bloop Bloop. – Stop stop stop. – Mother may I be a werewolf? – Yes you may. – Aaaah, ooooooh! – That was scary. Okay next. Humpty dumpty. – Mother? I’m in a bit of a dilemma here. Um, may I just get off this wall? – No you may not. You may plank the wall. – What? – [All Chanting] Plank
the wall! Plank the wall! – I don’t wanna fall off
I’m afraid of falling and there’s bird doodoo up here. A lot of bird doodoo, I’m gonna have to lay on bird doodoo. I can’t plank. – That’s a weird plank but okay. – There we go. I’m like on bird doodoo can I get up? – No. – Mommy may I be a head worm? – Yes you may. Stop. – Mom I’m inside your head so next time you’re a headworm zombie. – Mother may I be a eyeball? – No you may not. You may be a spooky scary skeleton. – Sends shivers down your spine. – Mommy may I be a zombie bride? – Yes you may. – Jake you have to go with her. – I know! Stop, stop. – Mummy may I be a bat and fly away from this wall? – Yes you may. – Ahhh! I don’t even know if I can, wait. I don’t even know if I can get uh, If I can get down. I’m scared. Ahh! – Stop. – Ah that bat didn’t fly for very long. – Mummy may I take a new host? – No you may not. You
may go back to the tree. Aahh! – Tree! You said the tree so. – Mommy may I be a eyeball? – No you may not. You may be a Crawling zombie. – Stop! Oh no! I was trying to get him
close but not too close but his little finger touched my toe. – Aw man. [Dad] – Good job Tye. [Mom] – Good job Tye. Tye has the best zombie crawl ever. [Dad] – Cause he crawl in the dirt. [Mom] – That’s awesome. Alrighty that was super fun playing Mummy may I. If you guys want us to do another version of mother may I, let
us know in the comments down below, we’ll try to do that. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to like subscribe and share and – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure
we’ll see ya’ll next time. [All Together] – Bye!

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