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PLAYGROUND WARS -Hulu Hoop Showdown Train War Game! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

(upbeat music) – Hi guys welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family – With Audrey! – Hello – And we are the adventurers – And today’s adventure is Hula Hoop Train Wars! – [Audrey] Oh! – This is gonna be crazy.
– How you play this game? – So what we do, we’re going to divide into teams, we have to hop along the hula hoop train, until we meet a person
from the opposing team, we both pick up our card that
is laid in the hula hoops, whichever one has the higher
number card wins the war and gets to hop along,
moving along the train hoping to make it to the other team’s side where they will win the game. However, the other person
that lost that battle runs back to their team,
tags a new player in. – Yup
– Ugh, that’s me. – So this crazy. The first team to get a
player to the other side wins. Are you guys ready to play? – Yeah!
– Let’s go! – Alright let’s go.
– Boys vs. girls (suspenseful music) – [Katie] Okay, what’s your strategy? – To go as far as possible. – [Katie] What’s your team name? – We’re the Jumpinators,
cause we’re gonna jump all the way to the other side. – [Katie] Okay good strategy. Girls, what’s our plan? – [Both] We don’t have a plan. – [Katie] Are you kidding me? But we were practicing our belly bumps. Ready? Three, two, one. – [Katie] Well that’s helpful. Okay, what’s your team name? – The Sistoes – Africa. – Oh, Africa, yes. ♪ ‘Cause this is Africa ♪ ♪ Waka, waka, wa eh, eh ♪ ♪ Waka, waka eh, eh ♪ ♪ Tsamina mina zangalewa ♪ – Okay, so it seems like
the boys are a little bit more organized. I think they’re gonna win, let’s find out. On your mark, get set, jump – [Jordan] Go Audrey! – [Katie] Oh my goodness. – [Audrey] Ready? – Aw, man. – Two!
– Two! – Wait.
– Aah! – [Ty] Rock, paper, scissors it out! – [Katie] Yeah, rock,
paper, scissors it out. – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – (Jake cheers) Go! – [Katie] Ready?
– Yep. – [Katie] Go. – Let’s see what card I’ve got. – [Audrey] Come on Jordan! – [Jacob] Ready? – Three, two, one. Three.
– Ace. – [Jake] Aah! Three! – [Audrey] Ace is at the bottom? – Okay Ty, it’s you versus me. – No! – This is my card. Ready? Three, two one. Ten! – Four!
(Jordan screams) – [Audrey] Go! – I’m gonna win! (shrieks) – Not even gonna look. I can feel the power of a face card.
– I got a good card man! – I got a good card!
– In three, two, one, go! – King
– Eight (Both scream excitedly) (laughing) – Five!
– Two! (all screaming excitedly)
– Oh no, guys! – I got so lucky! What did you get? – [Ty] You first. – Nine
– Five! – Yeah! Girls win!
– Awww! Audrey come here! (cheering) – You don’t need no strategy – See! ♪ ‘Cause this is Africa ♪ ♪ Waka, waka, wa eh, eh♪ – See, we were practicing our belly bumps for a our victory dance. – [Katie] Alright, parents versus kids. – [David] Okay. (rhythmic music) – Alright, we’re starting a new round, kids versus parents. I’m gonna be behind the camera so I guess I can’t be on the kids team, I’m sorry guys.
(fake crying) – [Jordan] Ty, what’s your strategy? – Hop as fast as I can
– Okay. (nervous laugh) – [Jordan] What’s both
of you guys strategies? – Run! Ning ning ning!
– Can’t run, you gotta hop – Oh, hop two times. – I don’t have a strategy. – We need to slow ’em down. – [Jordan] What is it? – We’re not telling you, you’re on the kids team.
– Yeah, you can’t find out. Sorry.
– What? – You’ll spill secrets
– I’m not on the kids team – Sorry
– Shhh! – [Jordan] I’m the camera person. – Go away. – Go. No. No.
– You can’t know. – Sorry, you’re just have to figure out when we play
– We got good strategy – [Jordan] Okay then. Alright – [Jordan] Alright guys, are you ready? ‘Kay, three, two, one, go! Mom’s goin’ first. Okay! Oh, Mom’s goin’ down. – Aww, Queen
– Queen – [Jordan] It’s a tie
– Aah! Rock, paper, scissors it out. – [Audrey] ♪ This is ♪
– Rock, paper, scissors, ♪ Africa♪ ♪
– shoot! – Aah! Go!
(Ty makes explosion sound) – [Jordan] Go Ty! Go! Who’s gonna win?
– Got a, oh! – How did you get so far down that line? – [Jordan] He’s fast. Look at that. – [David] Okay, ready? One, two,
– [Ty] No. No. three, Flip! Three. I see you got lowest card! Move!
– Aah! – [Jordan] Alright, dad’s goin’. – How did you get… Oh!
– Are you ready? – Yeah. – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – 10
– You positive? – Seven, go Katie, go, go, go! (both laughing) – [Jordan] Alright, Katie versus Jake.
– Get ready David. Oh no.
– Get very ready. – Four.
– Six (laughs). – [Jordan] Four and six, Jake’s going! Oh, Jake only made it one spot. – I need a card. – Are you ready?
– Okay, what is it… – Go.
– And go. Queen. (yelling) – [Jordan] Oh no! – Are you ready?
(laughs) – Are you sure? – Game on. – In three,
– Ty, catch them. two,
– Does Audrey have one, go, Jack.
– luck of the draw? Oh! Go Katie, go Katie! – [Jordan] Audrey won that round. Going head to head versus Katie. – Ready?
– I’m gettin’ worn out. Set, go! Ace.
– 10 – Ace?
– You got an ace? – [Jordan] So you have one. – Wait
– Go, go, go! – Go back, you can’t start ’til she gets out my way.
– Ace, loser. – ‘Kay, ace is low
– Cheater! – [David] Cheater!
– Go! what you got.
– I see your card! – Six, go David, go! – [Jordan] What’d you get,
Ty? What you’d get, Ty? – [Ty] Jack! – [Jordan] A Jack? – Three, two, one Three
– Four Ah, Katie go! – [Jordan] Ah! Go Ty! Go! – 10
– Four. – [Jordan] 10 and four.
– Yeah! Katie keeps going. Aww, man! All the way, wow. – Need a card! Audrey get ready
– Ready? – 10
– Seven. – [Jordan] Oh!
– Ty! Oh, so close, parents are almost winning.
– Okay. – Ready, ready?
– Almost there. – [David] I’m ready! – Say it out loud. Jack!
– Two! Ah, go! – Get ready, get ready! – Let me give Katie some advice on how to get the last three. – Okay, gotta get ready because I don’t think this is gonna work. – I think I know what card it is. – I already know, it’s not good. – It probably is a Jack. – Say it out loud, your number. – Jack.
– Five. Go, David, go! Aah! – [Jordan] Stuff is going! Oh man, right in the middle (laughing) – I got another–
– Get ready Katie – I got another. I got another. – [Jordan] You got another Jack, Ty? Jack, okay, what’d you get? – Ready, set, seven. Go, Katie, go, go! – Are you ready? – Seven.
– Queen. – [Jordan] Seven and queen.
– Go fast! Katie’s going! – [Audrey] Go! – [Jordan] There’s Jake. – Get away. – Nine.
– Six. – Audrey, I told you! – Ah, we meet again.
– Alright. – [Jordan] Mother and daughter, let’s see. Oh, hair in the face, wow. – Is this where we met last time? Be ready!
– [David] Ready! – Jack!
– Seven! (excited cheering) – Go, go, go! – [Jake] Mom, step back. – You stepped through
that one buddy (laughs). – King
– Three – Go David! – [Jordan] Shorter stuff is going – Give that card. – Are you ready? – Oh, yeah I am
– Oh, last time we met here you got like a huge card and I got nothin’. – I do have a huge card – Ready, set,
– Aw, Ty’s confident Go, eight.
– Nine. – [Jordan] Eight and nine. Oh, Ty’s goin’. Aw, man! – Ready? – Queen!
– Eight. – Yes!
– Go! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness, literally, they met here last time. – Queen! – [Jordan] There goes Katie. (screams) – You’re going down! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness. – This is my worst hoop. Can I make it? Oh no, get ready David!
– Ready! I’m gonna lose my voice and I’m out of breath. Are you ready? Ace! Go David!
– Seven – [Jordan] Seven, Audrey got seven, she’s on the prowl! She’s going! – Gimme the card! I got it, you gotta go that one.
– No! (laughs) I got it!
– No! both my feet were in here and one of yours was in here, move it sir. – If you win, you cheated. You ready, Katie?
– No! – [Jake] We’re going go… – Get ready, get ready. – In three, two, one, go!
– Six! – Go, Katie, go! – [Jordan] Six.
What did you get, dad? – I got a four.
– [Jordan] Four. – You didn’t say it aloud I didn’t know. Okay, ready, queen! – Six. Go, go, go! – [Jordan] There goes mom, again! For the third time! – [David] I’ve never
made it that far before – 10
– Four. – [Jordan] 10 and four, alright, so Katie keeps going. There’s Jake. – Five!
– Three. – [Jordan] Oh! – I made a — – [Jordan] How many
times you eat your hair? – Yeah (laughing) I made it one hula hoop closer this time (mumbles). Get ready, David!
– Okay! Three, two, one, – Jack!
– Nine! – Go David! – [Jordan] Oh wow every time! You guys, okay, you guys have met– – Get ready, Ty! – [Jordan] You guys have
met Here like three times. – I don’t think I’ve ever made it past this spot. – Three!
– Six! – Yeah! I get to go further! I’m on the other half of the room. I’ve never done this. – [Jordan] Ty, oh no, Ty. – Aah! – You ready, Katie? – [Katie] I’m ready, I’m ready. – Three, two, one, ace!
– Ace! – [Jordan] Whoa! It’s a tie
– We both got aces. – [Katie] Okay rock paper scissors! – Okay, rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Dang it! Go, Katie, go!
– Aah! (rock music) – Audrey, get ready! – It has been a toss up this entire time on who is going to win. I don’t even know. At one point, the kids are gonna win and then all of the sudden mom is really close to the end. Sorry David, but you never really get close to the end. – So, stop the video right now and comment kids or parents. That’s your vote, because I don’t think we’re gonna have enough stamina to do a third round here. So kids or parents? ‘Kay and go! (gentle music) (record scratch) – King!
– Three. – [Jordan] King and three. Mom is going across
– Woo-hoo Go mom! – I’m getting so tired. (Jake laughs) – [Jordan] Oh, Jake’s excited! – Oh no, get ready David! Ready, eight.
– Nine! Oh no, go, David, go!
– Oh! – You can have that one – Yes. (strained shriek) – You ready?
– Yes. – [Jordan] Jake is confident. – Unless he has, like, one higher then I’m doomed. – Oh, there’s only one
higher than Jake though. – Get ready, Katie.
– Uh oh, – I have a bad feeling
– Jake is very – about this.
– nervous. Get ready, set, eight!
– Queen! Oh no, go Katie!
– Jake, a queen! – [Jordan] Jake is going! (gasps) Look at how close you are. Let’s see, oh wait
– Oh no. Jake is showing us his card. Oh wow.
– Get ready, David. Oh no.
– Ready? – Go, ten.
– Go, two! Oh! (excited breathing) – Okay, here
– Jake just has to beat – pick a card, any card
– David, and then he can win. – Okay, ready?
– Alright, random draw for Jake’s card.
(exuberant laugh) – [Jordan] Jake what? You’re excited? – Get ready, Audrey.
– Are you ready? Three, two, one, go!
– Katie’s getting ready. – Aah!
– Aah! I’m in. – [Jake] Too late. – [Jordan] Kids win! Kids win! – Aw, man! (cheering) – [Jordan] Wow. – Woo! – Woo! – [Jordan] Wow. – We won. (Jordan cheering) – I feel like fate had
– Aw, it’s a sad day something against us. Like, I feel like something was favoring the kids and not the adults. – It seemed like every time I got a card, the numbers were lower than the kids and so it’s almost like somebody was switching them up without us being able to see it. I don’t know
– That’s weird. – who that could be because you guys were all here. But there was something going on here. I don’t know what it was, but I think we got jipped. – I think we did too. That was, yeah. – [Jordan] Kids won! (screaming and cheering) – I’m exhausted, but that was a super fun game to play. Let us know if you try this at home, ’cause it’s way fun. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and… – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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