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PLAYGROUND WARS! – Ghost In The Graveyard Night Game / That YouTub3 Family The Adventurers

(eerie bell music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And we are the Adventurers! – (laughs) And today we’re playing ghost in the graveyard, at nighttime. – But before you get started
make sure you subscribe. – So how this works is one player is going to
go hide and be the ghost. Everyone else is going
to try to find the ghost. As soon as the player
finds the ghost they say ghost in the graveyard and they try to run back to the door.
– Ghost in the Graveyard! – Now the person who sees the ghost is immune from the ghost,
so he doesn’t have to worry about getting the ghost touch. – Ooooh.
– I have a question. What if the ghost never gets found? – Ohhhh.
(laughing) We’ll be searching all night. – Umm. – Alrighty so, if all the
other players can make it back to the door then they’re
safe and the ghost continues to be the
ghost for the next round. If the ghost does the
ghost touch to someone then that player becomes the new ghost. You guys ready? – Yeah!
– Yes. – Yes, I wanna be first, I have an idea. – Uh oh, okay! – Okay. – I have a feeling Jake’s going
in one of his sneaky spots. – Yeah. – Okay, Jacob is hiding. He gets two minutes to hide. Where do you think he’s gonna hide? – I think he’s hiding
upstairs by the front door and trying to corner us. – [Mom] I think he’s in a cabinet. – I think he’s in a cabinet as well. – I think he snuck downstairs,
he’s in the theater room. – I think he’s so clever,
he’s gonna hide by the door. Like when you walk out
to get to the stairs, like behind the door.
– Ohhh. (chuckles) – It’s easy to just get us all. (door banging)
– [Jake] Ow! – [Mom] Oh my goodness! (laughing)
– Logan too! Ahhhh!
(eerie music) (laughing) (joyful yelling) – Ahhh! – [Mom] Everybody get
up to the other stairs. (Logan barking)
No big whoop! You can’t even see him! You have to find him!
(chuckling) We can’t all just run to the front door. – Guys! (ghostly static) – [Mom] This house is haunted. (Audrey screams) – [Mom] Did you see him? – I don’t wanna go! – [Mom] I want to stay by the
front door, I’m afraid now. (scared laughter) – I can’t see what’s in there ’cause no light.
– Jeepers! – Oh my god.
– Jeepers! – We gotta go together guys. – [Ty] No I think Jordan
should, go Jordan! – Uh! – [Ty] You have any joke? (Logan barks)
– Ahhh! – [Mom] (chuckles) Oh my god! You was so scary puppy! (Jordan screams) – Just kidding! – I’m like, bugger it! – [Ty] I looked. – [Audrey] What, where, okay he. – [Mom] Is good. – [Audrey] Good. – [Mom] Oooooh ho ho ho! (screaming in the background) – [Jordan] Where is he? – [Mom] Where is he? Oh no, where is he? Where is he? (eerie calm music) – Oh no! Oh no! (girls screaming) (suspenseful creepy music) – [Ty] I don’t know, I just ran. – Where is he? – [Mom] I’m afraid. (girls talking) (banging)
– Wait, wait do you hear that? Did you just hear the knocking? (cabinet door bangs) (distant screaming) (chair rumbles) (loud shrieking scream) (footsteps pounding) – [Mom] What?!
(both scream) (Jordan laughing)
(ghostly static) – Ohh, I can’t find him! – I can’t find him! – [Mom] Why are you guys screaming?! – He started attacking?
– It was weird! – No!
– We heard him, we heard him! We heard him! (Mom screams) (Logan barking) (suspenseful eerie music) – [Dad] What are you doin’ pup? (Logan barks) – [Ty] What is he looking at? (Logan barks loudly) – [Audrey] Go get him, Logans. – [Dad] I dunno.
– Ahhh! – [Audrey] We need to all go downstairs. – [Ty] No he’s not
downstairs, we heard him. (Mom gasps) – [Mom] Ah! (loud knocking) – [Jordan] Did you just step forward?
– Wait, listen! – Okay Logan.
– Logan, Logan, do ya think. – [Mom] Logan be quiet. (loud knocking) Guys is he downstairs? – I think so. – [Mom] In the furnace room?
(louder knocking) – Wait, what is that? – It’s right below me!
– It’s right here! – Ahhh! (Jordan screams)
– It’s right below me! We have to find him
downstairs, he’s downstairs. Guys this is scary, we
know he’s downstairs. Well we think he is. – We know he’s somewhere!
– Go, let’s go. Oh it says look behind you. – [Ty] Okay! – [Mom] Guys. (shuffling) I swear we heard him down here knocking.
– I can’t hear him. (Logan pants) – [Mom] Where’s Jake? Where’s Jake? I’m not gonna.
– Look at Logan! – [Mom] Logan’s trying to find him – Oh he’s so cute! – [Mom] He’s tryin’,
Logan loves hide and seek. – [Audrey] (sarcasm) No. – [Mom] He loves it. – [Audrey] Wait, no okay. – [Mom] Ahhh, if he
was in the mini fridge. (loud knocking)
– Jake is so good at hiding!
– Wait, wait! Shh! (ghostly static)
(loud knocking) – Upstairs!
– He’s upstairs! – [Mom] He’s upstairs! He’s upstairs (chuckles)
– Ow! (laughing) – [Mom] Logan took down Audrey! Are you okay?
(laughing) Logan you took Audrey down. He’s upstairs somewhere.
– We got him. He’s upstairs. – [Ty] Where is he? – [Jordan] Where is he? – [Mom] Wait! (door clicking) Ahhh, I’m so scared! (Logan pants) (eerie humming) (Logan barks) – [Audrey] He’s here. (doors slamming) (loud knocking) – [Mom] Okay, I don’t know if he’s in the messy.
– Where’d he go? – [Mom] K, I thought he
might be in the closet so I’ve been searching the closet. – Logan I’m sorry I fell on you, are you sorry for tripping me? Okay. – [Mom] Did anybody open these closets? – No, I haven’t opened that. – [Mom] ‘Cause all the
blankets were coming down. Search Jake’s closets. – We’ve been in the room with him. – [Mom] K, search Jake’s closets. I think he’s gotta be in there. – [Dad] Remember he asked,
what happens if you don’t find the ghost?
– Ya, that’s why I’m wondering if he’s under some of those blankets. Pull that big camo blanket down. – [Audrey] Why are you making me do it? – [Dad] So you can caught the ghost. – [Mom] ‘Cause I can’t hold the camera and do it.
(eerie static) – Oh my god, my god! (screaming)
– Take him, get down, get away!
(Logan barking) – I’m coming! – [Mom] Ahhh! Dear god! (laughing) (chuckling)
– Ty! – [Mom] Is Ty down? – Ty! – Logan, he got down.
– Its Logan, he tripped over Logan!
– Oh, okay. Logan did you knock Ty down?
– Logan knocked Ty down. – [Mom] He took Audrey out too. (Jordan chuckling)
Ty’s immune then ’cause. – Aw!
– Ohh. – Aw! – [Dad] Okay. – Okay, it is Mom’s turn to hide. I think she’s hiding, upstairs somewhere? I don’t know. – [Dad] That’s a pretty broad area. – I have a feeling she’s
hiding in her room. – Ohhhh.
– That’s what I was thinking! – [Audrey] That’s what I was thinking! – What?
– Do you think she’s in her room?
– Different Audrey. – Ya!
– [Dad] So wait, everybody thinks she’s in her room?
– Underneath her bed. – Um.
– I’m going in her room! – I think good.
– I think she’s in her room, like somewhere hiding
– (gasps) Shh shh! – because it’s dark.
– Shh shh! Oh, I heard her stomping upstairs. – So we can hear Mom makin’ noises because as a ghost, Mom
is kind of a noisy ghost. So, everybody thinks she’s upstairs. I’m gonna be the only one to
say she’s gonna be downstairs – Go on Mom.
– in the theater room, behind the beanbags.
– Wait, can she be in our rooms?
– Oh! – [Jake] Yeah. – I think that’s where she’s at. Logan where’s Mommy? Wanna get Mommy?
– Logan’s so happy. – [Dad] Should we go get Mommy? (laughing)
– He wants to go! – [Dad] Are you ready to go? Let’s go get Mommy, open the door! (claws scratching)
Open the door! (laughing) – Oh he’s so cute.
– K. Three, two, one lets go! – Go Logan!
– Ahhh! (laughing and screaming)
– Come on, let’s get her! – [Dad] Okay. (surprised laughing) – [Dad] Oh ho. (gasps) Nobody in here? (screaming) Is she underneath?
– Coming! Coming, she’s coming! – What?
– She’s coming! She’s coming! – [Dad] She’s coming? What do you mean, who found her? – (laughs nervously) Jordan did. – [Dad] Jordan found her, did she call her out?
– She’s right there. – [Dad] Did Jordan call her out? – She’s right! (screams) – [Mom] Hey why are you guys out here? – [Ty] I found her! – [Dad] K, lets go. (suspenseful music)
Gotta make it to the front door, guys. (nervous laughter) – [Dad] Ahhh! (laughing) – Got you!
– Oh okay, now I can follow you, I guess. I got caught by the ghost. And I guess if I’m following the ghost, she can’t really hide
’cause I got a light on her. – [Mom] Get ’em all good! (laughing) – [Dad] (nervously) Whoa. (screaming)
Whoa! (chuckles) – [Mom] Now I’ll just go for Audrey! (laughing) – What cha gonna do?
– Uh oh, we gotta stand off. (Ty screams)
– Stop it. (chuckles) – [Dad] Between Momma ghost and Audrey. (laughing) Uh oh. Uh oh, the ghost is down! Did Logan trip ya? (laughing) (Logan barks) (suspenseful music) – [Dad] Oh ho ho! – [Audrey] Ahhh! (laughs) – [Mom] Logan, oh my god! Get her! Ah, she escaped. – [Both] Ahhh! – She make it past ya?
– Ohhh. – Logan!
(Dad laughs) – [Mom] Oh, you’re the
only one that did not. – I’m the one who got caught?
– That’s means, you’re the ghost. – [Dad] What? – [Mom] You got the
ghost cut touch. (sighs) – [Jake] You got the ghost touch Dad. – Alright, I’m gonna be the
best ghost ever, here we go! (both breathing heavily) – I tripped you Mom! – Audrey and I are out of breath. – So.
– Jake tripped me. – [Audrey] I won though! – We didn’t even see, Ty
and I both ran upstairs. And we both paused ’cause we
saw Logan just standing there. – Yeah, right my face.
– And then Ty, Ty looked over and was like,
ghost in the graveyard! And Mom almost got me but I booked it and I made it to the door, so. – Yes.
– I was the first one to the door. – I was hiding,
– I was trapped. – right by the stairs between
the end table and the couch. – Phew wee.
– Oh mean. – So that as they came up the stairs, one person would find me
– You were, my strategy. – and I’d catch everybody else, ’cause I can’t run as fast as these kids. (sighs) It is hard.
– But I hid and got away. – You hid, got away. Ty and Jordan were fast.
– I was the last one. – Audrey, really went fast. But I was able to get David, so yay me. – I was able to get David.
(chuckles) – I got to get zero persons, but I think my hiding
place was perfect, perfect. – [Mom] Where do you
think David’s hiding next? – [Jake] Downstairs behind the beanbags. – Oooo, has anyone even hid downstairs? – [Jake] No. – He’s downstairs. – [Mom] Ty? – He’s downstairs because
he’s always talking about people being downstairs
behind the beanbags. – [Mom] He has been saying that? – [All] Yeah. – [Mom] That’s where he’s goin’! – Yep, we all know. – I don’t know if its gonna
be behind the beanbags but I’m pretty sure he’s
gonna be downstairs. – You wanna know my tactic? Stay by the door. – [Mom] Guys, lets all go.
– You can’t stay by the door. – [Ty] Or just run up to the door! – [Mom] No guys, lets all go really quiet and not scream or make noise.
– Okay. – Tip toeing
– But Logan’s gonna give it away!
– ’cause then he won’t know! – Somebody has to carry Logan then because his claws make.
– Aww Logan. – [Mom] No, ’cause he’ll
tell us where the ghost is. – Yeah. – No, but his claws. – I’m gonna follow Logan! Logan you wanna find Dad? – [Mom] But the rest of us be quiet. (scratching on door)
– Logan, you gonna find him? – Ohhh!
– Are ready Logan? Are you ready?
– Is that, gonna find out? – Ready Logan?
– Ready?! – Alright, now he knows who he’s looking for.
– Okay, let Logan go. Go find Dad Logan! – Go find Dad!
(Logan barks) – [Mom] Let him go. Let’s go! – [Audrey] Ohhh I’m so scared, so scared! – Shh.
– I’m scared too. (suspenseful eerie music) – [Mom] Why’d you guys all go past me? Wait! – Ohhh.
– Wait what? – Shh!
– These were not here. – [Mom] What? There’s boxes that got put up. – [Jordan] I’m scared. – [Mom] What, oh no! – [Jordan] I can’t see squat. – [Audrey] Can’t see if he’s hidin’ here.
– I’m confused! – [Mom] So is Logan! Logan doesn’t know where to go. Where’s David? Logan where is he? – [Jordan] Wait come here,
come here, come here. Here, under this! (suspenseful eerie music) – Look behind you?
– Nothing here! – [Mom] Ty’s there. – Hey!
– He’s not here. – [Mom] Is he right
behind the closet door? Go ahead. (door clicks) – [Jake] Go, go, go! – [Mom] Wait what? Wait, wait why’re you runnin’? – [Jake] That moved. – [Mom] What moved? – [Jake] Somethin’ moved. – [Audrey] Oh priceless, something moved? – [Mom] Somethin’ moved? – [Jordan] Logan, where’s dad? – [Audrey] Shhh Jordan! – Ohh oops, gotta be quiet! – [Mom] Shhh. – [Jordan] We’re not
quite the noisiest quiet. The quietest ever daughter. – Oh its so foggy.
– I don’t want to look there! I’m so scared! – It’s foggy. – [Mom] Its haunted. Our house became haunted. Dad this is so creepy. (suspenseful eerie music) – Oh, you scared me! – [Mom] I was just following you. – [Jordan] Where’s father? – [Mom] Logan where’s he at?
(Logan panting) (Jordan chuckling)
Logan. – [Audrey] Logan you’re
suppose to find him. – [Mom] Logan come on, lead the way. – [Jake] I don’t wanna go
downstairs unless you guys go. – [Ty] Okay, where’s Dad? – I think we have to.
– I think the fog got his nose. – Yeah maybe he can’t smell.
– Did you guys check the beanbags? – [Both] No. – [Mom] Guys, I’m like Dad! – [Jake] I did! – [Mom] And then we have to go past the. – I did! – [Mom] You checked the beanbags? – Yes, you sure?
– Don’t lie. – I already went.
– I’m gonna go first! (laughs) (footsteps clattering) – [Jake] Guys if we’re trapped in here. (Logan panting) – [Mom] Ah, he’s not here. Why did they all run? Logan lead the way. Lead the way. (claws tapping) (Logan panting)
Where is he? (eerie music) I don’t think so. – [Jake] Could he be in here? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Jake] I don’t see him. (suspenseful music) (screaming) – [Girl] Ahhh! (evil laughter) (Mom screams) – [Dad] Ha ha ha ha! (chuckles) (Mom chuckles nervously)
– I can’t see you ’cause of the light. (laughing) – I am immune, ’cause I called it. – No one over there, now it’s just you. (evil laughter)
– Oh hah hah. I still got you anyway. Oh man! Where were you? – I was hiding in my closet in the office. – [Mom] What! – Ya ha ha ha! – [Mom] Oh, we thoroughly
searched downstairs. Alrighty guys that is it for today for ghost in the graveyard. If you want to see more
ghost in the graveyard let us know down in the
comments down below. How should we twist up this game, yeah? – With traps? – Woo.
– Or temptations?
(Jordan gasps) – [Jake] Dun dun dun. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe and share and, – Hit the bell! – (chuckles) And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye!

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