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Playground Wars BALL TAG / That YouTub3 Family

– Sneak attack. (playful music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Today we’re gonna be playing Ball Tag! So the way you play Ball Tag is basically it’s a regular game of Tag You’re It, except for you can now have a ball that you can throw at the people. However, you have to
stay in the mulch area except for the person that is it. All right let’s play! – You can only tag people by using a ball. – And if you catch it, you’re not it. – All right who wants to be
the person that’s it first? – Me!
– Nose goes! – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Okay. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I win.
– Alrighty, Jake’s it. – [Jordan] Oh! Let’s go! – Okay let’s go, anywhere
within the mulch. – [Jacob] Yes. – Can we go on the playground?
– I’ll give you five seconds. – You can go on the
playground anywhere in here. – [Dad] What’s gonna be your
plan for success, Jacob? – Throwing balls everywhere, woo. – [Dad] Okay ready, set, go! – [Audrey] What? – [Dad] (laughing) Audrey
got hit right off the bat. – Hello, hello, hello!
– Audrey, you can’t climb. – I can’t go on the playground? – [Mom] Yeah, you can. – No you can’t. – [Mom] Well yeah, she can go anywhere. – Ah ha ha ha!
– Oh! Jacob’s it. – [Dad] Everybody up here, hiding from Jacob. Okay Jake, what you gonna do? – [Jake] Watch. – [Dad] Almost got ’em. – [Mom] Watch out, Audrey
you just got touched! – [Dad] Audrey got hit
by the bouncing ball. – [Jacob] You’re it! – [Dad] Oh, Ty got hit by
the bouncing ball, Ty’s it! Okay Ty, look. Oh! What’s gonna be your recipe for success? – Drop kick it. – [Dad] Drop kick it? (laughing) – [Tyler] I can’t drop kick it. – [Dad] Almost got her!
– Safe! – [Audrey] Wow we’re all hiding. – Na na na na na! – [Jacob] You can’t come up here! I caught the ball. – [Dad] You caught it? – [Jacob] Yeah. – Caught it!
– Oh, Jake caught it. – [Jake] It’s like the Lion King. – [Audrey] Bye Simba. – [Jordan] Mufasa! – [Jake] Bye Mom! – [Jordan] Actually leaving’s good. – [Tyler] Gotcha Jake. – [Mom] Jake’s it. – [Dad] Jake got hit? – [Jordan] (screaming) Ah! No! – [Dad] Oh, he got you Jordan. – Okay. Yeah! – [Dad] Okay, what’s gonna
be your recipe for success? – Sneak attack. – [Dad] (laughing) Sneak attack. It’s gonna be kind hard when you see a camera guy following you. – [Jacob] Go Tyler! – I got Mom! I got Mom down inside! – [Mom] I didn’t feel it but it did? – [Jordan] I hit it down the side and it followed you, it trailed you. – [Dad] Oh you got hit
by the trailing ball. – Wait, can we touch the floor? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay Mom what’s
gonna be your recipe? – Ba boom! Like a boss. You’re in Dad. Audrey’s it. – [Audrey] Boom like a boss. – [Mom] Dad’s it! What’s your recipe Dad? – I’m gonna pick up the ball real fast and jump it over and hit Audrey! – [Mom] Oh Audrey’s it! This game’s getting crazy. Oh! – I caught it! – [Mom] Try again, don’t
pass it back to her. (claps) – [Audrey] Dangit! – Good throw there, Aud. – Getting tired?
– Come on, go, let’s go. – [Audrey] Rah! You won’t beat me! (growling) (laughing) – [Audrey] I can touch you with the ball. You’re it! – [Mom] Ah too sad! That was a smooth move. – You wanna try it again? – [Mom] We didn’t say no tag-backs! – [Jake] Tag-backs! – [Dad] Oh good job! (ball bounces) – [Mom] Oh Ty almost got nailed. – [Tyler] I almost died. – [Mom] He would’ve knocked you off. – Okay here we go, this
is taking out somebody. Real fast. Jacob. – [Tyler] I didn’t do anything. – I got your hand. Uh oh! Jacob’s it. I caught the ball. – [Tyler] Why’d you do that? – [Dad] Why did I pitch it? – [Tyler] Why did you… Right over there. – [Mom] Hurrying up over. – [Jordan] Caught it! – [Mom] You lobbing them? – [Jacob] Uh huh. – [Dad] Oh you got hit (laughing)! – [Mom] Ty’s it. – [Dad] Tyler got hit by the distraction he wasn’t paying attention. (playful music) – I caught it! Oh! (laughing) Okay, my target’s gonna be Jordan. (Jordan shrieking) Oh I got Jacob (laughing)! I missed her and got Jacob! (screaming) – Dodging skills on point! – [Dad] Jordan’s so fast. – [Jordan] I’m fast like! – [Dad] She’s got lightning skills. Oh! – [Mom] Did he get you? – [Dad] He got me right in the chest. – [Mom] Oh I missed it. Dad’s it. – Audrey, Audrey. (Jordan screams) Jordan ran in the way! I got Jordan, woo! – [Mom] Who were you going for? Oh she’s right there.
– I was going for Audrey. – [Mom] You always get the wrong target. – Well I was throwing at Audrey and Jordan sacrificed herself
and got in front of the ball. That was such a nice sister. – Boom I got Dad! – [Mom] Uh oh. (ball bounces) – Who should my target be? – [Jacob] Not me! – Comment down below who
you think I should get next. Jacob. Oh I got your foot! (laughing) – No!
– Yes I did. – Getting it. Okay. – [Dad] See if I can
get up this this time. (groaning) Woo! Oh! (laughing) You’re kidding me! – [Mom] Dad’s it, now
he’s gotta come back down. – All right you ready? – [Tyler] Can’t get me! – Audrey. – [Tyler] Audrey. – No ugh! – [Jordan] Oh boom!
– Ha gotcha Ty! – [Tyler] Gotcha Aud! – [Audrey] Gotcha Ty! Get a different ball! (yelling) – Caught it Audrey I caught it! – [Mom] He caught it, you’re it. – [Dad] You’re it still. – [Audrey] Did you touch it? Jake’s it! – [Mom] Oh! – [Tyler] I see you there. I see you.
– Where’d you guys go? – [Tyler] Hey Jake! – [Mom] Oh! – Two of ya, watch this. Ready, set, go. Got one.
– One. – And got two!
– Not me! Really? – [Dad] Lookout Jordan! – Ah! No I’m it! Okay! – [Tyler] Oh no! – Got Ty! – [Mom] Oh! – [Audrey] This is how you play the game, you just sit up there.
– You just sit? – [Tyler] It doesn’t work. – [Audrey] We’re always
sliding down the slide. – [Dad] Ah Jake’s it! – [Mom] Jake got it? All right Jake’s it. – [Jacob] Dad you’re it! – [Mom] Dad’s it. Audrey just got it! (laughing) This is hard to keep up! – If you wanna play, play. – Ah I caught it!
– Caught it. – [Dad] Woo! – [Audrey] That’s it
Dad, I’m coming for ya. One of these you’re gonna miss! (laughing) – [Mom] Ty’s it. – [Dad] Okay Audrey, rumor has it that you’re it. Whatcha gonna do? Okay, who’s your target? – I don’t know, who
should I make my target? – Mom.
– Mom. We gotta sneak attack her. – [Dad] Okay. – [Tyler] Jo’s up here. – Hi Jo. – [Jordan] Hi. (laughing) – [Jacob] I’m the easier target. (laughing) – [Dad] Oh she got her! – Was that her plan all along? – [Dad] Yep. Okay who’s your target? – She didn’t know I was there did she? I’m gonna get Jo, Jordan. I’m gonna need a lot of these. – [Dad] You’re gonna need all of them. – Probably. – [Dad] It only takes one. You guys all hiding up here? – Wait wait, get Ty. Oh, there they go. – [Dad] Jordan, Tyler and Jacob. Where’s Mom? – Oh!
– Oh, Mom gotcha! (laughing) – [Jacob] And then they got me again! – [Dad] Jordan’s it! (screaming) – Ding!
– Jacob’s it! Now Jordan’s it. Audrey’s it. Jordan’s it. Okay Jordan’s it. – No! – [Dad] Run everybody! – Who’s it, Jordan? – [Dad] Uh I think Mom’s it. I think Ty’s it.
– You’re my body guard. You’re my body guard. – Really?
– Ah now Mom’s it. (laughing) – Oh man.
– You’re my body guard. – [Dad] Mom! Ty! I don’t know who’s it, Ty’s it. Oh standoff, oh Audrey got hit! – [Jacob] Okay don’t do that. – La la la la la! – Oh.
– I’m it. – [Dad] Jacob’s it. – Okay who’s it? – [Tyler] I caught it. – No it’s me.
– Jacob’s it. What are you gonna do Jacob? – [Tyler] You didn’t touch! – [Dad] What are you gonna do, oh Ty’s it! – [Jacob] I caught it. – Mom. – [Dad] Okay, go. Oh you missed her. – [Jacob] Oh I’m surprised
he didn’t tag me. (Mom screams) – [Dad] Ah Mom got hit! Who’s your target? – My target is Audrey. – [Tyler] Oh, Audrey? – [Dad] She did the long throw. Audrey, I think you’re her target. – [Audrey] I think so. – [Dad] Oh gotcha! (ball bounces)
Oh! She got you back! – [Mom] Are you kidding? (laughing) – I guess I lost, I’ll
remain it until next time. Alrighty guys, thanks for watching. – Make sure you comment
down below some other games you want to see us play on the playground. – Make sure that you Like, Subscribe, and Share and hit the bell.
– Bell! (laughing)
– Bell! – We’ll see you guys next time! – [All] Bye! – Hey whoa!
– You’re it. (playful music)

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