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PlayGround Vol.1: PARTEZ à la découverte des PLAYGROUNDS DE FRANCE

You can take, a baller out of the streets,
but you can’t take the streets out of a baller Hi! Hi everybody, my name is Julien, that’s me.. I’m 29 and I live in a nice village in
the south of France I could keep talking about myself
but let’s get to the point I’m a huge basketball fan a sport I ve been playing for more
than 20 years and I’ve always liked to film it, especially streetball On the court, the rules are simple: you make your own team, winners stay,
loosers out, no referee The PlayGround… is where this
kind of game takes place With my friend Max, we’ve decided to drive
all around France with cameras and check out the level in 7 different places We interviewed players, filmed them playing, and we selected the best actions for the movie Follow us in our adventure to see how it goes down on the courts of France Ok let’s go, today is May 27th, it’s 11 am, we’re in Montpellier, the weather is nice, we have 1860 miles to drive, let’s hope the weather stays this way LET’S GO Yo, it’s SoulKast Shot out to all the streetball lovers Jacques Alingues from JDA DIJON,
Playground Project is bringing streetball back You know, the’s one of those places
where you’ll see people from different cultures and
religions playing together, we have to keep it that way Yo, it’s your boy Dif aka Ol’Kainry One word for all streetball players Hi everyone, I’m Ian Mahinmi from
the Washington Wizards big up to all the guys in The Playground Project In Lyon, I ve seen really good players these guys would show up at 2pm and leave at 8pm The best streetball city in France,
I’d say… Strasbourg For all the homies from La Citadelle The best streetball city in France is Lille,
come check it out! It smells like Basketball here We only play in “Procé” park The best city is Bordeaux I think it s the nicest court
I ve seen on the tour We don’t fear any playgrounds out there It’s my home town and we repped it well Mas de Tesse was all about Streetball you know, we were deep in the streetball spirit Outside is the only place where you can
do these kind of things Arrived in Lyon we chose the «Blandan » park people said “Place de l’Europe, Parilly”,
different places they debated alot
on facebook and someone sent me a picture of
the park “Blandan” it was the prettiest court and it
was neutral we chose this one because there is no
history to it but there was a big festival going down and
we didn’t know about that to add to that, they had a basketball tournament so people said “amazing, you made
this big tournament This is huge” I said “no no, our court is at the end ” we went to the court, we started
playing but it started raining and to finish we got kicked out
by the police they evacuated the park
because of a weather alert So we came back later the weather was nice like now and it was good, a lot of players,
the level was ok and we got good videos so Lyon
was not bad I would say Lyon of course
that’s what I know Lyon is my city, I know the guys I know there is a big potential where to play in Lyon ? I would say “Jean Macé” and “Bellecombe” It played rough in Jean Macé Over there, it’s old players
they play hard A lot of players played there, old guys at Jean Macé we play 5 on 5 but during the week it’s more
3 on 3 or 4 on 4 and there is a lot of teams Place de l’Europe, it’ not bad Last year we played a lot at
“Place de l’Europe” Usually that court was for young players
who played at a national level 15… 20 years ago it was “Place de l’Europe and “Parilly”
where we played the most There was a court named “Nike court” It was a central court with chain
basketball nets There were a lot of teams. If you lost,
it was over 12 courts But 8 courts where the rims
are like this the ground, something red,
you fall… you get hurt I would say Blandan, because these days it’s the growing court Blandan, step by step,
a lot of players are coming the ground is good We were always setting up a rendez-vous, before it was down at Vez Everybody plays everywhere you know there is not a court where people
go all the time Now we have to organize it by calling friends it’s not like before, after work you could come
on a court and guys would be playing it’s my second game It’s cold in the north On the road to Strasbourg after
a break in Dijon it’s raining again we don’t know
how it’s going to be but we didn’t give up Second step, we leave Lyon,
we go to strasbourg 5 hours away from Lyon
something like that people were unanimous on the internet,
it was “La Citadelle” it is the unique court where they play
and there is a lot of players Over there we also had a problem,
the weather was grey it rained a little so some players were supposed
to come and didn’t show up and another problem,
it was during the week We played full court while usually at “La Citadelle” they play half court,
we tried to make them play full court but it didn’t last long because
there was not enough player However there was a good level,
players from NM3, NM2, “Pre-nat.” there was even Cedric who plays in Pro B
at Souffelweyersheim and there was a good atmosphere Everybody knows each other,
it’s a big family they trash talked in front of the camera,
it was nice but as I said before, i don’t think it was the same “La Citadelle” that you usally see during a sunday with a good weather It was hard because of the weather,
and it was Wednesday I have a friend who told me that
the weekend later it was shining, packed with good players
from NM2, NM1, Pro B etc.. So we weren’t there at the best moment but “La Citadelle” is a good place
to play I think May 31st we finally arrived in Strasbourg The best Streetball City in France.. I would say Strasbourg Where to play in Strasbourg? The best playground to play in Strasbourg
it’s “La Citadelle” It’s the best place to find
all the ballers Of course “La Citadelle” because all
levels play here honestly, we game alot,
but it depends on the time and the weather because
it can turn quickly We are meeting all together,
there is no arguing, we just play basketball, that’s it We can play almost every day, from 5pm and Sunday from 12pm until late If the weather is ok, we play The level is varied, there is young
players, old Euroleague players already came here Alexis Ajinca, Pro A, Pro B players, but there are not any NBA players During summer you can count
4 teams on each rim when there are good level players
they want to play full court so we try to organize balanced teams
and play full court but most of the time we play half court The best city for the streetball in France … ? I would say Strasbourg This is Strasbourg We have been good tourists,
now let’s play ball I’m Felix MAZZA I started playing Basketball when I was 7 until 19 years old I was in junior National team and one day they didn’t pick me
again because I wasn’t 6.1 I stopped I stopped almost 50 years I just got back to playing and I said I am going to do like
I used to do I take care of the courts in the old days we only played outside even with -20 -25 degrees So i made this court I called the city hall, technicians to prove the court was rusted,
and rims were shaking so someone from the city hall
came with 3 technicians They came on a Wednesday afternoon with
lots of people playing and they saw how bad the court was in 2014, in May, in 3 days they did that They also changed the backboard I asked for a third court cause
there are too many people and eventually some lights As you can see I take care of young
guys and I do this for them It’s nice! Even if there is a lot of people, they wait We got next, we got next and there’s Serbians, Chinese,
Japanese, and Reunionese Strasbourg, Done end of the game CourtCuts I typed “Cours De Vincennes” No you didn’t type « Cours de Vincenne »
we arrived Bridge of… Bridge of “Vincenne” ? No, we arrived on a weird bridge It’s not my fault if it didn’t go well Is it my fault ? Is it my fault ?! YES I think, I think you typed the wrong thing So we left Paris where there was flood and we went to Lille where we thought
the weather would be even worse because it’s more in the north Here we are the weather in Lille We started to be scared for the project because it’s been raining for 2 days straight So we went to Lille unanimous court again, everybody
said “Wazemmes” It’s a district in Lille so we went to see the court because I heard there were no rim indeed there was no rim so this time the problem wasn’t
the weather but the rims So we sent messages on facebook to say we couldn’t play and ask
if there was another court people said yes in the “old Lille”
there is a court people played there before So we went there same problem one rim wasn’t there So we asked again they brought us to an other court an other court again,
we saw 3 courts and we ended up at “La Madeleine” Honestly people usually say people
from the north are friendly and they were awesome
I loved Lille I’ve seen a lot and the level
is good in Lille It’s Wazemmes street, at Lille It’s the best city The best city for the streetball is Lille I am not going to lie, it’s not Lille I don’t lie no I am kidding, Wazemmes! Where to play in Lille ? Wazemmes The main court in Lille is Wazemmes Wazemmes, for sure everybody meets there No need to talk, Wazemmes The district is culturally rich with different ethnics we can feel it on the basketball court Adversity, even if there is a little bit
of trash talk, we play well Some pro comes when they are on vacation,
so the level is good It’s heterogeneous, some players are
not even playing in clubs but during summer, some Pro B
players can come around but the level is around Pre-nat, National 3 It comes naturally, worst players
come earlier but us, we meet around
4pm, 5pm During summer we play every day,
from 5pm until night For example during the summer
you can see 50 players That’s why in Wazemmes
you have to be good because you can lose one game and wait
at least 2 hours to get back in When we play outside, we have to
play on half court because there is so many teams Teams who loose here go play
on the other side the best city for streetball… I would say Lille because we are here now Of course, Lille, best playground of France It’s not only about basketball,
it’s people, the family, the mentality The best city for the streetball
in France is Lille, come here Meet the Pokemon This is Charizard, “Chariweek” Next to him is Pikachu here is Bulbasaur, he is so
weird check out his haircut You have to know that when we were young older players,playing in national 3 they didn’t really want us to play with them so we played at the end even if they were arrived after us and there is a player who marked me
when I was young, It was Momar that’s a good story he marked me because he jumped so
high and he was really strong I repeat, old guys didn’t want
us to play with them and one day a friend of mine Tamba dunked on him and since that day they looked at us in another way,
you know what I am saying that meant we could play against them Since this day, they see us differently It was a highlight that stayed with me After Lille we went to Nantes same thing, it was unanimous when we asked where to play in Nantes people said “Parc de Procé” there was already a lot of people and
they didn’t come for the project so that means you can come at
any moment to “Parc de Procé” to play with some people On this playground, they play half court I came and I suggested to play full court and only young players wanted
to play full court Elders want to preserve their knees
and play half court This place is wooded, so it’s really nice there are 3 courts so enough space to play and apparently there are all types of levels to conclude if you go in “Parc de Procé”
you are sure to have fun The best city for basketball is Nantes so come we are waiting for you the best city for streetball in
France is Nantes because at “Procé” when the weather is
nice it’s full of people, we play hard Actually for me in terms of organization and
players it’s Nantes, nothing else to say Where to play in Nantes ? The best place to play in Nantes, that’s where we actually are The best playground is “Procé” Procé Because there is a lot of courts It’s in the center of the city I wanted to play somewhere in Nantes and someone told me to play here We are lucky to have a
playground with 3 courts I came here, it’s friendly, there
are courts everywhere when the weather is nice it plays alot Honestly when it’s full, all the courts are taken 1 or 2 teams wait on the side so that’s around 20 teams All the courts are taken, we play
a lot of 3 on 3 it’s not bad And then there is a Park next to here where there is a lot of people, they eat barbecue,
they chill, they tan During summer you can see players
from NM3, NM2 some Pro About the level, you can see some
professional players from “Hermines” team streetball player as you saw today Almost everything, everybody can play We target for example this court over here
it’s going to be Pre Nat, NM3, over there Pre nat, RM3 usually it’s over there We mix it up the good thing is streetball players
want to face professional player and they play like there are no
barriers between them like the level is the same The best city for streetball
in France is Nantes because with good weather
it’s full, we play hard we have fun that’s the street spirit and we have
to keep it that way Some people run around the court some people do street sports some are riding bicycles,
some people bring their kids some people are playing football
at the same time we’re playing basketball Alot of movement here I am Yunss from Nantes,
we represent “Call of Ball” a tournament we organize
every summer today we came to give some strength
to our bro from courtcuts to show that Nantes is moving this year was complicated because we didn’t know how
the temperature was going to be but we did it with the players who showed up thank you all Nantes over next step Bordeaux see you later, peace we are leaving 7 hour trip I am hurt the next step was Bordeaux so we arrived on the court
“Quai des Sports” I think it was the prettiest
court I have seen on the whole tour Ground was red, surrounded by a cage, enlightened the place is totally crazy but the problem is the
court is really small so I don’t know what they did in Bordeaux because there was enough space
to build 2, or a normal one Over there we didn’t have any weather
problems, rims were ok people were there but we had a problem a guy from the city hall said it was forbidden to film at “Quai Des Sports” so we only used the camera
during 30 minutes So we organized another
session the day after at “Grand Parc” it was pretty good, the weather was nice I discovered the “Quai Des Sports” good atmosphere the court is awesome it’s too bad the court isn’t bigger but Bordeaux was a really good
stage, I really liked it Of course I would say it’s Bordeaux because I am proud of my city I would say Bordeaux because
I know the real players in Bordeaux and it’s something just for the state of mind,
Bordeaux is number 1 Where to play in Bordeaux ? The “Quai des Sports” It plays in “Quai des Sports” It’s where everyone goes Concerning the place,
you’re next to everything in the middle of downtown It’s always full of people If the sun it out it’s full If you want to see good level it’s now during the break If you take away some
exceptions like Antonio who plays in NM 3 or
something like that it’s more regional level players or players who only play streetball The guy leaves work and
show up in his jeans to play we play from Friday to Sunday but a lot on Sunday it’s when it’s full if you arrive after 4pm
it’s complicated to play If you lose you don’t play some people come and don’t play
because they know how it rolls that’s why we try to make the
best team to stay all day long You better not lose or if you loose you have to know
people to play quickly Because of the dimensions,
we play full court and 4 against 4 There is a rule which is
complicated over there the last arrived is the first
to make his own team They will find a guy walking in the street they are going to take him to make a team and be allowed
to play you know , even the worst player, you are
happy to take him because you can play Regular players are from Bordeaux some players come only during summer Unfortunately you haven’t seen everything but the best city is Bordeaux because of the state of mind we are all friends, like brothers,
you know what I am saying we can play hard but we never argue honestly it’s good to live in Bordeaux we have everything, the place is pretty we are good here Travel, you traveled Antonio he is the boss of the “Quai Des Sports” he squats and he wins you know what is his strength you know even when he loses,
other teams draft him He joins both cultures, streetball,
and club basketball when we meet up,
he unifies everyone Toulouse! before the last stage we arrive in the south, the real south we had another little problem again we were supposed to play
the games at the stadium there are around 10 courts under a bridge it’s covered it’s enlightened and everyone goes there but I couldn’t see it because it’s named “the stadium” because
it’s next to the soccer stadium and it was taken for the
European football cup we always had a problem The court where we played the
games is named “Borderouge” and all the courts were taken by a lot of teams it was already full before the
announcement I made for the event they play hard defense, they call the fouls a little bit of trash talk but they laugh,
simular to Lille In Toulouse we really were
in the streetball spirit because we can feel people already know each other thanks to that they already shared moments on
the court at the “stadium” and even if there were arguing it calms down quickly and it keeps playing at Toulouse they don’t talk
too much, they play a lot Where to play in Toulouse ? We can say that the best for streetball is “the stadium” The stadium without hesitation Honestly it’s the place to be when it comes to
streetball in Toulouse there is no better In fact, it’s very nice because
it’s under a bridge, there are around 15 courts At “the stadium” you can find all levels there is a lot of rims Sometimes there are Pro A or Pro B players or you can see departmental level players The ones who know how to play,
play on one side and others on the other side When I first came here, it played
on every court of course there is “the” court where
everyone wants to play and the level goes up When it’s full it’s complicated sometimes, you lose a game
you can go home and you can wait for an hour,
an hour and half it’s t
ough Days when it’s full you can
wait for 1 hour People want to play where
the level is the best that’s the thing where it’s yelling, where
they are trash talking when you win, it’s good you stay on court you enjoy it when you lose it’s hard We try to limit teams but sometimes you can see 10 teams Players from Toulouse
who play at a good level they come back to play here
during summer During the week as long as it’s
summer it plays well Even if it’s raining you can play, it’s covered every afternoon you will find
players Even in winter you can play
because it’s enlightened It’s enlightened, yes, at a certain time, it plays as long as the guy want to Essentially half court, 4 on 4 and we play in 12 points Even if we don’t come to play,
we come to see each other We all know each other at a moment it was hard but its family now, good atmosphere I am not going to say Toulouse is the best but it’s in the top of the streetball in France We are not scared of any
playgrounds in other districts Toulouse is the best Tutorial from Icheme the crook Look at the mismatch So we finally arrived in my city In Montpellier there are a lot of courts in Montpellier but they all look like each other,
concerning the quality we finally decided to go to
“La Croix D’Argent” it’s a court where the floor is new,
but the rims are a little bit lower I don’t say that because it’s my city but it was really good I haven’t seen so many players on a court in Montpellier for a while We played full court there were 7 or 8 teams it’s the same, you lose you
have to wait 3 hours we had to put a timer for the game who were too long and the level was really good in Montpellier, it’s not really
a basketball city but during summer it’s a good place for holidays basketball players love to come in
Montpellier for parties for the beach so during summer if you organize something you
can see a really good level Montpellier is my home and
we represented it well Where to play in Montpellier ? It moved a little bit
but I would say, “Grammont” It plays in “Grammont” it’s the only playable zone
in Montpellier The main appointment is Sunday at 6pm until 10pm if someone dunked on another until the sunset I don’t even know how many
courts there is The thing is huge around 12 courts, I don’t even know It’s a bit high, in the evening the
luminosity is pretty nice honestly the level depends on the moment During the summer, we can’t really know,
people come from everywhere A little bit NM3 3, “Pre-national” Sometimes there are some pros Sometimes you could meet big players,
we didn’t even know who they were and they killed it we play half court The half court in streetball, it’s classic,
it’s normal There were some summer it was tough if you lost your game you know there are 4 or 5
teams waiting “La Croix D’Argent” Court and
“Montcalm” too with a little better level But you have to organize it through Facebook to know if people are coming or not and
what time they are going to play A little old school, it’s “Mas de Tesse” the only one, “Mas de Tesse” During summer, “Mas de Tesse” was crazy Pros came with their own team,
and stayed 100 years It was the meeting of the prospects,
and a couple of Pro’s from Montpellier Sometimes you had to call people to make
a good team because you knew if you came
with a wonky team you were dead because everyone wanted to
play on the main court it was 15 – 16 years ago It was extincted around 2004 or 2005 I am a patriot so Montpellier Montpellier, easy the level is too high you know here there is something else,
a little sun, something strange stop it, stop it! We talked about it we said that young ballers played a
lot on PlayGrounds everybody played outside this streetball, this And One,
it was something incredible it pushed people to go out because you could do these kind of
things only outside 5,6 years ago people played more more level and people came I don’t know what changed
but something changed maybe because of technology before we didn’t have internet it was harder Players who play higher rest
during summer Amara Sy came Karim Souchu they came on “Nike” courts and me I was on the court side you know the red court I talked about ? I had to play there, and worst I had
to wait Moustapha SONKO was a streetball legend but this man came from the street We made mixtapes, we saw ourselves playing on videos kids don’t do that anymore they need a gym to play if it’s cold they don’t go out The NBA, there are things to do with the NBA so finally kids went back to clubs “Today we can’t go to the gym
from 5pm to 7pm” Take your ball and play outside There are courts everywhere you can find a good level The most disturbing is the new generation because there are a lot of old guys here I came here 5 years ago and the same guys still play here the young generation, it’s not the same You know we have the same courts, americans have Cages and all of that and guys played under the metro all
day long with exhaust gas they didn’t care 1 hour and half on a train It’s not like that anymore I think we have to bring the street spirit back it’s important because that is
where we all came from we all started in the street at the beginning we take a ball and
play with your father, brothers, friends… I think it’s important to bring it back because we lost the street values We will always love playgrounds that is where we started I did 2 years of playground before
starting in club And a guy like you who comes here and reminds us that this is where we all started and thanks to you we are going to start
bringing it back here in Nantes People have to play outside You are like me, I miss it too Hello, my name is Max MAX! It supposed to shine tomorrow anyway it’s not our first problem

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