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Playground – HTC Vive

Hello, everyone. This is Brad here. And today I’m going to be playing an experience called Playground by The Virtual Dutch Men. It’s a very commentary-heavy experience, and I’m not going to be talking at all during it, because so. I hope you enjoy the game. click click click click click click click click click click *music* [Condescending voice:] You’ll probobly never go to Mars, swim with dolphins, run an Olympic one hundred meters or sing on stage with the Rolling Stones. Oh, you’ve done all these already? Well, then this is not for you. But, if you haven’t, we can change that. Introducing the digital world of virtual reality. You will be able to do all these things, and many more without ever leaving the twenty-four square meters on Earth you proclaim as home. Unlike real reality, the actual world you think you live in, virtual reality means simulating bits of our world, or, completely imaginary worlds, using high-performance computers and sensory equipment like the headset you are wearing right now. Apart from games and entertainment, virtual reality has long been used for training airline pilots and surgeons, and allowed scietists to figure out complex problems, such as the structure of protein molecules. How does that work? Well, let’s take a closer look. Ah, hello. Welcome to Playground, an amazing virtual reality experience in which you can interact with objects all around you. I will be your guide during this experience. Not just because corporate assigned me to, but mainly because you never functioned well by yourself, and need constant guidance from your co-workers. So the thought of total solitude is terrifying to you. Bear in mind that this version of Playground is still in early development. The things you see and hear during this virtual reality experience are bound to change. Nevertheless, I’ll make sure you have a great time. Please take a moment to get used to the virtual environment. In your hands you are holding two wireless pieces of remote hardware used to direct, or control, the environment around you. We’ll just call them controllers for now. Please take a look at your controllers. These virtual controllers look a lot like the real controllers you are holding right now. But, since the developers of this experience gave me the power of imagination to change these controllers into anything you like, I want you to look at the controllers, and think of your own hands. Go ahead. Look at your controllers and think hands. Whoa! Hang on! Um, no, this is defini- something went wrong. Well, I’d like to apologize for that. Let me quickly take a look in the manual. Okay, um, page 43, red button, marked, hands, yadda yadda yadda, do not press green exploding ducks… Oh, wait! Found it. Okay, okay, let me try again. Ready? I want you to look at the controllers and think hands. Ah, human hands. That’s more like it. Imagine if you had those ridiculous hands for the rest of your playthrough, how dreadful that would be. Not being able to pick up anything, and just sit there. Indeed, you are one of the lucky ones. Please, take your time to get used to your new hands. It’s your time to shine. You are the star. It’s your story now. Please, grab the object located in front of you. You can grab and release objects by squeezing the trigger, located under your in- Oh! Well, that worked much better than I had in mind. All right. I’m in a good mood, and we’re going to be working together for the next ten minutes or so. So, here’s another function I’ll explain. You can also grab objects with the grip button located under your middle finger. Objects grabbed with the grip button will be held until you press it for a second time. Go ahead. Grab the object in front of you by clicking the grip button. Dear me, you are even smarter than I thought. Well now, drop the object by pressing the grip button a second time. Great. Let’s kick this up a notch. Two things at the same time. Can you handle that? Some objects have a secondary function. Try grabbing this object with the grip button, located under your middle finger, followed by squeezing the trigger, located under your index finger. Yes! Yes! That worked out great. Now, This is the moment you might want to compliment me on my great work as a chaperone. This function I implemented just for you. You can give a nice thumbs up by pressing the touchpad, located under your thumb. Go ahead. Give me a thumbs up. Tell me I am the best chaperone you’ve ever had. Hmm. That was a lot more romantic in my head than it was right now. We can try it a second time. Yeah, let’s do that. You know what? I think what we need right now is a bit of music to lighten the mood. [music] There. Now give me a thumbs up, and this time, say it out loud: you’re the best chaperone I’ve ever had. That’s the spirit! Let’s continue. Please, press the button when you’re ready to move on. Welcome to the Playground. A table full of objects you might recognize, or have never seen before. I want you to play with them, and discover the true power of virtual reality interaction. Remember, some objects have a secondary function. Uh, what are you planning to do with those? Now, squeeze the trigger. Great. Try aiming at the targets. Nice. Hmm, that one was probably made in China. Whoosh! Look at them go! Hmm, what are these? Try activating them by squeezing the trigger. Lightsabers. Vvvv-vvvv! May the force be with you, young VR pioneer. To infinity, and beyond! Ah, the amazing sky orbs. Please grab them with your grip button, and activate them by squeezing the trigger. Look at that. Isn’t it amazing?

Reader Comments

  1. Your greenscreen lighting in the first clip seems… off. Or maybe the HTC Vive has made you radioactive.

  2. Thank you for not talking during the game like stupid markiplier and the rest do. You're my main man now. Keep up the great work 👍🏼

  3. Hey Brad, do you think this would run VR well?

    AMD Radeon R9 390X 8GB GDDR5 FH GFX
    HP ENVY Liquid Cooling Solution (95W)
    8GB DDR4-2133 DIMM (2x4GB) RAM
    HP Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 1×1 with Bluetooth M.2 NIC (Stone Peak 1)
    1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6G 3.5 Hard Drive
    No Additional Security Software
    Windows 10 Home 64
    Home and Home Office Insert
    SuperMulti DVD Burner
    No Secondary HDD
    HP ENVY Phoenix 860VR Desktop
    Microsoft Office Trial
    6th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K quad-core processor [4.0GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]
    HP USB volume control Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse
    7-in-1 Media Card Reader, 4 USB Ports (Top), Audio [Top 2USB2.0, 2USB3.0]
    Integrated Sound

  4. Maybe Vive could have this system where if you move your arms up and down like your walking it would detect that movement and actually make you move ingame.

  5. This game looks amazing ! Like the others one actually ^^
    Do someone have a link to buy this game ? I can't find any.

  6. Is it just me, or can anyone else hear the occasional Stanley Parable quote? It is driving me up the wall, considering it wasn't an experience created by Galactic Cafe.

  7. I dont know where to download the game and i wanna play i hope the developers dont give keys to youtubers cause i wanna play and i already checked the description

  8. Narrator:Give me a thumbs up!
    Brad gives 2 thumbs up then flips his hands to be 2 thumbs down

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