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(playful piano music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [Family] That YouTube Family! Today we’re gonna be doing the
high-heeled obstacle course challenge. – Oh no, and– – Look at these heels. – These ones are especially
tall and I call these ones for dad. (laughs) – Oh yeah. – So we borrowed our heels from
Gertie so we’re hoping that we don’t break ’em ’cause
she’ll probably get very mad. – She will. – Oh, she would. – She’s got an attitude. – She’s got a little bit of a ‘tude. – Okay, so we’re gonna set up
the course and see who can go through it the fastest. – This is gonna be hard with
high heels and I’m hoping I won’t break an ankle. Let’s get started. – Okay, so I’ve got the
heels on and I’m going first. Audrey’s going to time.
Jordan’s going to film. Stay one step ahead. – [Jordan] Look at those heels, wooh! – Are you ready? Get set. Go! (screams) (playful orchestral music) – This is a little scary. (playful orchestral music) – [Mom] Shimmy through, come round. (shrieks) (playful orchestral music) – [Jordan] Finished! – Yay. – So I’m not gonna tell you
your time and at the end, I’ll hold up the winner
and the loser’s hand. – [Mom] ‘kay. – [Audrey] So I’ll mark it in
my phone but I won’t tell you. – [Jordan] Good Job. – Yay! – [Mom] Go! (playful orchestral music) – Arm strength, ladies, arm strength. (cheering) – Okay. (playful orchestral music) – Wooh! This is hard. Oh no! (playful orchestral music) – (screams) I’m gonna fall. (screams) (playful orchestral music) (screams loudly) (screams) (playful orchestral music) (screams loudly) (playful orchestral music) – Time! (claps) Yeah! – Aw, and rocking it with
the heels still on. Aw, yes. I feel so much taller, wow! – It is my turn. Ready, set. go. (playful music) – Oh! I’m blinded by the sport of this. (playful music) – Oh, this is like stepping on sausages. (playful music) – Time! – Feeling fashionable. – [Mom] ‘kay, so dad gets
these other shoes that are lower heeled. – [Dad] But– – [Mom] But it’ll still be hard for dad. – [Dad] I don’t fit into them. – [Mom] He can’t fit the shoes so, – This is the closest he’s
gonna get to fitting them. – This is gonna hurt, I have a feeling. – [Mom] Yep. – He can’t fit the other ones so– – Good luck, Dad. – Alrighty, get the timer ready. (laughs) My feet are crammed. – [Mom] Are you ready? – One, two, three, go! (playful orchestral music) – Aw, time. (exhales loudly) (claps) – This is my first time
wearing heels, so here we go – [Mom] On your mark, get set, go. (playful horn music) – Done. – [Mom] Alright, wooh! – [Dad] You went pretty fast. – [Mom] Good job, Jake. – What was my time? – [Mom] Go. (playful music) Oh no, his shoes are coming
off, they’re too little, or too big. (laughs) His feet are too little. (playful music) Okay, I think that Ty is
exempt from this challenge. ‘Kay Ty, that was a good try, we’re– – Can I try it without my shoes? – [Mom] You want to run
the obstacle course without and see your time? ‘Kay. – [Audrey] Ready, set, go. (playful music) – [Mom] Good job, Ty. Wooh! – [Dad] C’mon Ty, one,
two, three, four, time! – [Mom] Yeah! Good Job. – So, the person that
had the slowest time with a two minutes and 10 seconds was… Dad! (cheering) – Oh what? Wait the
slowest or the fastest? – Yeah, he was the slowest. – Oh yay! (claps) – And then the next person is, the next person had one
minute and 55 seconds and was Jake! – [Mom] Oh, I thought it was gonna be me. – I guess boys are not
meant to have heels. (laughs) – The next person had a minute of, the next person had one minute
and 46 seconds and it was Jordan! (cheers) – I don’t wear heels like at all so, – And in second place, had a
minute and 45 and it was Mom! (cheers) – You guys were a second apart. – [Mom] One second apart? Wow. – And then first place
goes to me with one minute and 41 seconds, but Ty also
won cause he had a minute and 3 seconds but he
wasn’t wearing the heels, so we’re tied. – If you want to see any
other obstacle courses, tell us down in the comments down below, and what we should do
on the obstacle course. – Yep. – We’ll see you all next time, – [Family] Bye! (playful music)

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