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PLAYGROUND GAMES – Who Will Win The $100? / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– There’s no way I can lose because I’ve got ponytail power, remember? She’s flying! Wow! Oh, she lost her glasses! But she’s still going for it! Wow! Mom is going so fast! What is– (screaming) What is she doing?! – No, I don’t want the glasses! Oh my god. She doesn’t have her glasses
but she doesn’t even care. – [Katie] Do you think you
can uh, beat his score? – Definitely. – [Katie] Definitely? Are you ready? Get set… Go! Hi guys, welcome back to: – [Together] That YouTub3 Family! – And we are the adventurers! – And today it is playground wars. We are going to be playing some super fun, family-friendly, family-fun,
playground games. Now the first one is an obstacle course. Whoever gets knocked out, whoever’s the slowest
is out of this challenge and cannot win. Last person to leave this challenge wins the prize, 100 dollars. – Oh yeah.
– What? – We’re making it big. – And a big slushie. – Oh my gosh. ’cause it’s like 103 degrees out here, it’s so hot. – It’s so hot here in California. – Yes. Right now, we’re in some shade. That’s right, we’re in
California right now on a trip. We’re in the shade right now, but we will be moving to the sun where it is burning hot on the playground. See who could complete this challenge. Ty is going to take us through
our first obstacle course and show you how it’s done. And then all of us are going to try it and see who’s the
slowest at completing it, they will be out. (intro music) Okay so Ty, take us on the course. First you run up through– (stomping) Woo. Through the little tunnel, down that slide over there. Nope, back up the blue. – Oh, back up the blue. – [Katie] Back up the blue. Run across. Down the slide. Back up. Nope, this one! Back up this one. – Oh. (laughing) – [Katie] Then through. And then we’re gonna come
down this slide, and down. Did you guys see it? – So your feet hit the
ground until it stops. – [Katie] Okay. Yup, as soon
as you’re there it stops. Okay guys, are you
ready to play this game? – [Together] Yeah! – Who wants to go first? – (simultaneously) Me! – Okay, um. I think we’re
gonna let Jake go first. Sorry, David! (grumbling) And we’ll have Ty sit it out because he just ran the course, so. – I’ll be the timekeeper, then. – [Katie] Okay, you be
the timekeeper. Jake! Are you ready? – Yeah. – You already sweaty? Yes? – I am sweaty.
– Any strategy? – Uh, just run. – [Katie] Okay! On your mark, get set, go! – [Jordan] Go Jake, go! – [Katie] He’s going through the tunnel which is really hard for the
big people to get through. Down, across the– down the slide! Oh, runnin’ it! Okay, back up the blue part. – Hot, hot! – [Katie] Hot hot hot hot. He’s gotta go down that slide. He’s making his way down. Down the slide, back up the blue. Ladder. And then he has to go
through the tunnel once more. As fast as he can and
down this yellow slide, as soon as he hits the bottom, he wins– or he stops the time. Woo! What’s his score?
– Whoa! – 28.15. – [Katie] No way. – That was so fast. – [Katie] Okay, who
wants to go next, guys? – Me!
– Ty? – I wanna try, I wanna try. – [Katie] Ty wants to go next. – What about the other middle child? Oh my goodness. He stepped on my shoe!
– We’ll let Ty go next. Do you think you can uh, beat his score? – Definitely. – [Katie] Definitely? Are you ready? Get set… Go! Okay, Ty’s fast because he can easily make it
through the little tunnel. He’s making good pace, guys. Oh no, Jake has a thread ahead of him, he’s gotta go back up the ladder, across the uh– oh no, he’s going down, down the slide! Back up the blue ladder! Whoa, he made it past that bridge fast. Going through the tunnel now. Back down the slide, he’s gonna beat Jake’s
time, I have a feeling. Ty’s– (exhales) – Oh! – [Everyone] 22! (laughing) – Second! – [Katie] Can you beat that, Jordan? – No, I don’t– – [Katie] 22 seconds. – Ah, actually, yeah, I’ve got ponytail power, remember? Woo! – Okay, guys. Really, it doesn’t matter
if you beat Jake or Ty. They are so fast. What the key is, is you
don’t want to be the slowest person through this
obstacle course because then you’re out of the
challenge and you can’t go on. Alrighty. – But there’s no way I can lose because I’ve got ponytail power, remember? – Yup.
– So like. – [Katie] Right now, Ty is safe. Ty is in the challenge for sure. Can we kick Jake out? We all have to go fast. On your mark, get set, go! Here Jordan goes, she has it
make it through that tunnel. Whoa, she jumped through! Across the bridge, down the slide. (screaming) Up the ladder. She chose to slide down it. Now she’s gotta run
back across the bridge, down the other slide, up the blue ladder. (screaming) And through the tunnel again. Is going she going to take
a dive through the tunnel? Yes, she is! Down the slide. Until she hits the bottom, time is stop. – [Jake] Oh my, you did it faster than me. (panting) (gasping) – [Katie] 21.95?! (excited screaming) Jordan is safe, Ty is safe.
– Yeah! – [Katie] Will Jake be kicked out? – Wait, I’m in the lead! I’m not just safe, I’m in the lead now! – [Katie] You are in the lead! David! – I’m so out of breath,
how did that even happen? How was I faster than Ty? Ty is like the pro! – [Katie] Ty has an advantage
on that challenge too. – All right, I’ll go next. – [Katie] Okay. – It’s hard for people who are taller to fit in that, little um– – [Katie] The slide, right? – No, the tunnel. – [Katie] Oh the, yeah, the tunnel tunnel. – So I was like, I don’t know
how this is going to work. – [Katie] Okay David, your strategies. – All right, so I’ve
been watching the kids. I think running down the
slides are faster than sliding. – [Katie] She slid! She slid! – Oh I slid down the slides. – [Katie] She won. – I grabbed the thing and I went “vroo!” – [Katie] I know, it’s amazing. – All right, well… – [Katie] Does her long legs help, though. She’s got long leg advantage. I don’t know. – She does have ponytail power, which I don’t have.
– She does. – [Jordan] That’s unfortunate for you. – But I can turn my hat around. And turn on the machine.
– Ohh. (mimicking engine sounds) – [Jordan] Oh no. – [Katie] All right, David! Are you ready? – Ready. – [Katie] Get set, go! David’s gotta make it
through this tunnel faster, he can’t even compete in this challenge. There he goes. Oh no, he got tangled up! He’s going over across the
bridge, down the slide. Hurry, get down faster, you gotta move it, go go go! Up the– (laughing) Ladder, cross the bridge again. Can he get down the slide fast enough, and up this next ladder. He’s gotta pick up pace or
else he is out of this game. You gotta go faster! Across the– Through the bridge, or through the tunnel. He’s stuck in the tunnel again, no! He’s losing time. Get down the slide to win! Come on! (laughing) – 36.80. – Ohh! – [Katie] Right now, David, you may be knocked out the challenge. – Oh wait ’til you go, Katie. (laughing) – That was a good try, but it was a tiny bit slow,
if I must say so myself. – Okay, so far the kids
are safe in this challenge. I just need to knock out
David because otherwise I’m out of the challenge and I don’t wanna be out quite yet. (inhaling) Okay. I’m ready, let’s do this. – [Jordan] All right, Katie. – [David] Do you have a strategy? – [Jordan] Get your game face on. – I’m gonna go like, um, pony power, and just dive for it. – [Jordan] Hey! You do have a pony– whoa, wait. That’s not even a ponytail, that’s a bun. – Messy bun power! Here we go! – [Jordan] Okay. – Three, two, one, go! – [Jordan] Go go go go go! Oh, mom’s coming through. Oh! She dove through the tunnel as well. She’s flying! Whoa! Oh, she lost her glasses! But she’s still going for it! Wow! Mom is going so fast! What is– (screaming) What is she doing?! – No, I don’t want the glasses! – [Jordan] Oh my god. She doesn’t have her glasses,
but she doesn’t even care. She’s going through the tunnel,
she’s going through again. She’s sliding down. Stop the timer! (gasping) – Okay. Do you think Katie– (panting) just got a record for this one? – [Jordan] Did she get record timing? – Did she beat Jordan? The answer is: yeah! – [Jordan] What?! Are you kidding me? (laughing) – I seriously won the whole challenge?! I’m gonna die if I won!
– Wow! – Wait, that means… I got kicked off. (buzzer noise) – [Jordan] Whomp whomp whomp. Goodbye David, leaving the arena. Mom, how do you feel? You literally just won that challenge. – I think I took your
ponytail power from you. – [Jordan] What?! – Your skills, your strategy worked. And I took it up a notch. – [Jordan] Aw, man. Mom won. – Woo!
– Good job. Woo! (panting) (sad music) – That felt good. Next challenge! – I think we’re ready to go
on to the next challenge. Round two! Okay, so this next challenge my dad just filled me on what it was, and he said since there’s
four people left in the game, we’re gonna do a swing challenge. So, how this is gonna work is that we’re gonna go on the swings, and then we’re gonna have a contest to see who can jump off the swings the farthest. So whoever, we’re gonna like, swing on swing, jump off, and whoever makes the farthest, wins. And lemme just tell you,
I’ve got the long legs so I’ve a tiny bit of an advantage here. And also, I played on the
swing set every single day when I was in elementary school so like, I’ve got this in the bag. If I don’t win, I’m gonna be shocked. But we’ll see. – [David] Okay, round two! Swingers, go! (swings creaking) When you’re ready, jump. – This is a squeaky swing set. – [David] You get one jump only! – It’s noisy! – [David] Oh my goodness. Look at Ty, how high Ty is going! All right. Jump when ready! (screaming) Whoa, Ty! Kay, stay there, don’t move. Ty, you’re super far, dude! (shouting) All right. Jump when– Whoa, Katie! All right. Down to Jordan. Miss long legs– Oh, Jake goes flying, don’t move. – I’m nervous! – [David] Kay, Jordan. – I don’t wanna jump! – [David] I think your strategy was to see how far everybody went. Which is almost a tie. But there is– Oh! – Aw.
– Ah ha! – [David] Kay, stop! Okay, Katie. You are out of the game, (buzzer noise) because you’re the furthest back. – After creaming ’em on the
last one, I got knocked out?! – I was nervous, I was going
up so high on the swing but then I got too
nervous and I slowed down. So I’m right here. – [David] Kay, let’s see here. I think… – [Jake] Jordan beat me. – [David] Oh, I think goes
Tyler, Jordan, then Jacob! Woo! – [Jordan] Wow, Ty’s the champion! – [David] Good job, Ty! Wow.
– How could Ty win?! What? – [David] What was your strategy, Ty? – I don’t know, just try to swing high and once you go back, jump off when you go the furthest. – [David] Nice. Kay, they’re lucky I
wasn’t in that one because I am the swing jump champion. Held it for three years, all by myself. Get it? All by myself. So therefore I was the champion– anyhow. Let’s go to round three. – Okay guys, for the next challenge, it is who can make it back and
forth across the monkey bars, and be the craziest monkey. Every single bar counts
towards a number of… Every single bar counts
towards their points. Whoever can score the most
points, stays in the game. The person with the lowest
score is out of this challenge. Okay Ty, you’re up first, are you ready to go? – No. – [Katie] On your mark, get set, go! Kay, he’s skippin’ the first one. – One sec, ready? – [Katie] Okay. – I’m gonna first-person POV view. – [Katie] Kay. Oh, he’s making it. Kay, he made it all the
way down once and back. Go back. We’ll count ’em up after. Oh nice, he made it back. He went down once and back and again. His hands right now have to be– Oh, right to there! – I got 26 points. – [Katie] Good job, Ty. Who’s up next? Kay, Jake! You ready to go next? – Yeah. – [Katie] Ty got 26, to stay in the game you have to get above 26. – Kay. – [Katie] Let’s go. Jake chooses to skip several, wow. Is his strategy gonna work or is he just puttin’
too much pressure on? This starts to hurt your hands a while– – Hot! – [Katie] Oh! Kay, so he got ten. – Fifteen. – [Katie] 11, 12, 13– Kay, fifteen points for Jake! Okay, Jordan’s preparing to
do the monkey bar challenge and be the craziest monkey. You have to get more than 15. – Okay.
– Can you do it? – The problem is, I’m not
the best at monkey bars. Like I played on the
monkey bars when I was in elementary school but like, I wasn’t the best. So, I have a feeling I
may lose this one but I really don’t want to lose this one so I’m gonna try my hardest and we’re gonna see what happens. – [Katie] Okay, this does
take a lot of arm strength, upper body strength, let’s go! (screaming) – I’m not ready! – [Katie] On your mark, get set, go! Okay, she’s going for every
single bar instead of skipping. You can skip. – Ah, that’s hot! – Ohh. – [Katie] Okay, she made to eight. (buzzer noise)
– I skipped. The bars are so hot ’cause
it’s so hot here in California. (upbeat music) (buzzer noise) – Thank you guys so much for watching, make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and? – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! – And go play! We’ll see you next time. – [Together] Bye! – Let’s go get slushie.

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