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Playground Fun!

– [Woman] You climbed up there. Where did you climb Ben? – Right here! – [Woman] Well that looks pretty fun. Hi! – Hi, I’m gonna go down the slide, bye. – [Woman] Bye. – Then I will slide! That’s fun. (upbeat music) – First day of soccer
practice with coach Dad and it looks like we got
the best location ever. – So they’re doing roofing over here. So, the kids won’t be able
to hear me and then we’re also right next to a freeway. So, I’m gonna have to yell
a lot for them to hear me. – Poor Jeremy, he’s gonna go hoarse. Bring a megaphone. – Luckily, six year olds
pay attention anyway. – Yeah, six year olds are known for that. Hey soccer player, how you doin’? – Good. – [Kendra] Are you excited? Alright, one soccer practice down. We made it. Isaac, what happened
today at soccer practice? – We played two games and I’m the first person in all my team to score a goal. – [Kendra] You scored a goal? – Alright, so I’ve been a little nervous about the soccer but, I honestly had more fun than any of the kids. We just played a bunch of games and it was a lot of fun and
we had seven parents participating, which makes it a lot easier when you’re doing drills or playing games and so, that was really fun. – [Kendra] Just trying to drive home. – We had to wait for the
geese to cross the road. – The slow geese. Time enough for me to get
out the camera, turn it on. There is just somethin’
about a sleeping baby that is just adorable. – Awe. – [Kendra] She’s sleepin’, ‘Lise. – I slept while the drive. – [Kendra] You did, didn’t you? – [Elise] She’s still sleeping. – [Kendra] Yeah she is with
her cute little baby toes. – Cubby, what did you just do? – Peed in the toilet. – He said, “I have to go potty.” And I sat him down on the toilet and he went pee pee for the first time, you went pee pee on the toilet! – I’ll pee on the ground. – No, we don’t pee on the, no!
(laughter) He’s trying to pee on
the ground right now. No, okay, let’s get in the
shower you little stinker. – I pee on the– – No, no, we pee in the toilet. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah, okay. So I just had a meeting
and Isaac and Elise were supposed to go to bed during the meeting, so I wasn’t able to really
help manage them going to bed and I just came in and checked on Isaac. It’s like 9:30 and this is pretty cute. (slow guitar)

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