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Playground for K-Beauty Lovers in Garosugil, Seoul | JOANDAY #9

join a team everyone to Anita and today I’m in front of cinta again I feel like I’m always walking here mundo Hongdae but I’ll try and switch it around for you guys I’m gonna I’m here because I’m meeting up with a friend for brunch I met him when I was a teacher here in Korea so we’re about to go to a burger place but before I go meet up with him I wanted to share some clips that I have from yesterday and I went to Geno’s concert and it was such a good time so here’s the clip for that so pretty it’s like secret secret garden so I’m not finally hanging out this girl oh my gosh is so pretty Rose mojito non-alcoholic yes okay so I’m not this really dreamy cafe with sunny I just felt at this place already I’m gonna look at the ceilings it’s like it’s like me I know it’s so pretty but I feel like I’m gonna get an allergic reaction cuz I’m allergic to flowers oh oh yeah they’re all fake okay it smells real though let the life of your soul my style I love that I love that all right here for Juno we got our tickets and now we just have to wait for grains where is this girl over way we’re about to go watch the show race is finally here oh wow legendary yet it’s other day yeah my mom show me be a better man yeah is why I never settled in dreaming of Arsenio Hall David Letterman y’all feel good music represent represent away the soul yo I got a represent you but look at both nations current situation that’s up junot flow for president you wind up in the building it takes center stage all Sony like the Tupac days I do it beyond G’s and punish the opposition twist the big gala just sit back and listen to some Run DMC mixed by Jam Master Jay or maybe easy we’re gonna get some food for dinner eating dinner now enchiladas yummy yeah known as one of the world’s finest rama’s the dress in the shoes of designers and the concert was amazing yes I like these girls by I know Gino was amazing as always and I had a lot of fun hanging out with Sonny and grace we had some really good Mexican food afterwards so yeah always a good time I hope you guys are enjoying my daily vlogs you might be confused if you haven’t been on my second channel but I have been vlogging every single day this month and will be doing so for vlogmas as well so if you like my vlogs go ahead and click up here and check out my second channel alright let’s go have brunch I got the grilled chicken sandwich and so did he he doesn’t want to be in the camera he doesn’t want to be in the video okay we decided to come to a sandwich shop instead because the line for the burger was super long and we were not down – wait so you’re creating sandwiches now okay just finished lunch and now I’m gonna walk around Cairo secure there’s a new beauty shop that I want to show you guys I was there on opening day but I didn’t have my camera so I couldn’t vlog it but I’m gonna go take you guys today it’s a very cool concept here it is the 11 village factories and the outside there is a vending machine as you can see and you could I think you could buy stuff outside if you’re too lazy to go inside kind of cool there’s a very cool display of the body oil wash moving on its own right here you turn around and they have everything super it feels like a science class I mean take a look at this that’s Bentley such a cool concept and then they have a wall of cheap man this shop is seriously so cool so something cool that they carry is me Joan and me Joan I heard that the people that work there used to work for Almaty Pacific so they have a lot of similar formula but they might have improved it so that’s just what I heard and from here as you can see this body wash is everywhere and I think this is like their main product I don’t know and the cushions are super cute as well another wall of sheet masks which is pretty awesome right outside there’s a cafe this is so nice the lighting is amazing so you guys all know how big I am on lighting super pretty outside wow I love it so much look at that from the second floor down this is what it looks like can you believe that this is AP restore I mean there is a dining table here goals I don’t think you can get your nails done but it’s just like a cool display you can test out the products in such a cute little vanity so adorable oh my gosh final corner of this shop again the lighting is amazing there they have they have sinks for a lot of the face washes and cleansers so you can test it out right there what is this these are peeling creams such a pretty display a magnifying glass for a cushion well I feel like I’m in a science like chemistry class this is so cool okay here we have more museum products and I really like this corner right here they have Big Bang this corner is a bit random to me I have no idea why yg is in the store but I’m down so that was a quick tour of this shop I’ll try to link to a post down below to help you get here but definitely a cool concept and it’s very photogenic the lighting is amazing and the products are great whenever I filled in some of those time lapses I’m actually standing still sometimes if there’s not a flat service and I feel like I’m doing the mannequin challenge whoa it’s still Halloween at that ice cream shop right there a quick outfit of the day for you guys this hat is from forever 21 this outerwear is from tomboy it’s a Korean brand heart sweater is from Urban Outfitters pleather pants is from stylenanda shoes Nikes I’ve been wearing these like every day and Rebecca Minkoff purse I’ve been wearing this every day as well check out this Innisfree look how Christmassy it is well it’s already Christmas here it’s so pretty I don’t need to buy anything and it’s really time for me to go home and edit this vlog right here so I’m gonna end it here today I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog while the logical code optical cages Hale and I hope everyone has a Joan day and now check out my second channel if you want more vlogs

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