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Play Pals – Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion HD – Attack of the Goobacks – (Part 1 of 2)

*creak* Spoooooky na nana na nana X10 spooky scary smell the mist *unintelligible * This is a spooky jump-scare mansion HD renovation. I know nothing about it It’s like it’s stupid, but it’s then it’s not and I bet we won’t play it long enough for it to not be stupid It’s gonna fucking get you win and fucking grab your balls Gavin Do you have an issue cuz you went to get it tissue Hope you don’t cry in the game, like a little bitch Did you get it a tissue though? I did yeah, blow my nose Okay, took you a long time someone was pooing so I couldn’t get vulgar. Oh, how does use a napkin? Oh? My god Okay I guess the one that we can actually play so what is this like an old really old game. It’s from like 2015 I think no so know that but not that old, but I was always it look it’s been aged deified It’s like was it not HD That’s spooky oh Is this game gonna make me jump You know I’m scared All right, I didn’t let her finish She was like I’ll explain the ruins left. I feel that was my bad I Don’t know this already okay, I don’t even know like they’re already in room two I Have no idea what we’re doing. It’s a bunk bed. What’s on the table? Nothing here friend What’s in the drawer? I don’t think there’s many controls. What’s your yellow by? Sprint did someone just go Bob is the one I don’t know oh. Oh shit is that like a scene from Terminator 2? So get melted. That’s the end of a sky full We’re tearing through these rooms every room floor already Dude this came in scary he’s scary for shine It’s too bright to be scary. I know nothing about it. You know what’s really Making me uneasy is this ridiculous sound effect wow that actually scared you Cute it was very cute. It just popped up and the noise was loud and the sound effect was cute, too. Who’s like Michael why aren’t you scared? There’s nothing’s happened, you know was there 27 rooms a little ghost came out. Oh, that’s it Oh? What does that mean some make something happen? I don’t think you can interact with anything. Oh, what’s that? That’s getting scarier? That’s a little creepy well creepazoid Oh, what the fuck all right? What do they say on the note? At first this place just seemed cute, but I’ve been here for a few days now I added the word for you I’m feeling quite parched now, and I keep getting this feeling like I’m being watched by something This is not romantic at all weird. I like the loop and the music oh My god, there’s a fucking save point wouldn’t want to have to play those 50 rooms. I really wouldn’t Is this where it’s gonna kick off now, oh the whole room is a lift That means elevator Level 1 shit geo Labs good luck labs Noah Dora is you think he’s gonna kick off now. I was a resident evil’ loading screen Was cool I liked it Oh, maybe that’s why this house because you could fall and break your ankles You don’t want to sit in that chair. It’s there’s so many chairs to choose from Can you jump I can not oh she’s got nothing Oh God Sloane didn’t give me a thought That Was funny uh I hope that guy doesn’t find his bones. Cuz then he’ll be upright Do you feel like someone’s watching us yet? I always feel like There’s nothing that wouldn’t had nothing you used that one. I think what happened is I blinked before it happened. Oh my god It actually slows you down. No you got selected last goon Spouting splashing soaking innards in just invoking nailing never stops the choking Willy Wonka. Oh We have to walk through it, and then it comes out I bet it does oh It’s still behind us I feel it’s still behind us Video bye, oh my god my back got paid my back up it it took half my back Oh, it’s coming back – he’s gonna spoil – yeah come on rod Oh, I bet it’s gonna flip to the other way Oh you bitch go Nice gone oh That’s the thing he’s gonna be like at you because you’re running you double back there God You have to just really owe him Oh dear what is that two dimensions of fuck? Oh? More zoo Okay, is there more coming out of the goos, or is it just one man. I think is just one man Just one me Oh God. We’ll just don’t walk in those. Why would you oh? Did he go Don’t take out my team don’t tickle my team three Snapmare Not now you’re cute little shit, I could never predict those Now it’s like outlast 103 coming for us is there a ticket of the up my boy Ghostman at the end o the The wall rider yeah No, he’s gone. We won Dude 76 alright one trip It was already there, I bet no one has been scared like one no one missed it and then go Freescale was horrifying What if it what if this bread was wet Would that would that fucking scare you yeah, cuz it was actually there’s drip wash water like bread war on it Keep that blood pumping alright hundred rooms in You’re doing great How about this every hundred rooms. I’ll do the next one great That was substantially Carrier that was a messed up. Oh what in the fuck it’s like the anti doc donk donk Why all right so it’s like a puzzle why did I say it like puzzle? He got not donk. Oh, you didn’t ding all right, so go right you Dunked all right so ding All right, so let them write this straight, okay? so write straight right Wow right straight, right left oh Right straight right straight Nailed it Is interesting? Puzzling Missus this is so you got me a first thing wrong, but yeah How did you miss that one oh, I’m no I’m the ghost oh oh That’s horrific That is kid Look I’ve got like a kill meter. That’s going down That’s like my health like I need to kill to live look. What happens when I don’t kill I mean it looks like quite an easy game Well, then it’s physically not difficult. It’s the emotional time. Yeah, Oh Shane Geoff environment hmm Maybe we’ll play anything like me ding and dong kageki card What shit? The dome has climbed that panel cuz it would like a lot of hole What’s that on the wall? It’s in a tank? It’s like a fetus ok I’ll take this key card subject 5 is growing more and more restless I told spook we need more funds for sedatives But she just laughed and flew into the ceiling without more chemicals to keep these things docile I’m not sure how much longer we can keep them here safely all generic lab assistants. It’s great God keycard I’m backtracking now. That was like time said what’s that? It’s the first time backtrack so? That was that way. Yeah, what’s this with it? That’s what you came in What’s this way don’t know? Never will there’s a well up there It’s the bottom of a well doing If I was lose the class grunts containers chatter, and I can feel your clicking coming from the ceiling I don’t know What will happen now if it is out and alive? Then it’ll probably just probably my last report the clicking is getting louder now great, and we’re heading this way You didn’t even look at the ceiling oh My god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Yep. Yep What was that was a spider? Hey, that was a pumpkin Oh? Fucking shit, it’s like a spider peed oh My god if I my auntie’s not a spider urinate god dammit god dammit It’s behind ya still Is it running on the ceiling it’s clicking There’s another bloody well, ho there’s holes in the ceiling is where it comes out Another one yep Yep it knows this place That didn’t get me that one The combination it really adds up. I’ll be honest When this did someone chasing me out. Oh really this crying is this gonna be oh Jesus Christ it Got me a little bit nibbled my dick a little bit Poo such loose lunch at people who pep a little bit of Pat’s a I was like a little safe didn’t know that Oh my god Better ingredients better pasta. That’s the power of Home Depot see what they did there? That’s the start of the Papa John’s slogan ah and then Use it It’s like better ingredients better pizza. Papa John’s. That’s their slow go I’m their slow. Go that’s a new word That’s a slogan logo What is with this light as well Oh, they’re hurting that hurts that there’s kids Kids there’s Ghosts that eat children who sneak into class was just to keep us from disobeying oh my god. Why would you sneak into class? Oh my god, and that room was different. Oh Now shit game the G bus Lorenzo I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh my god. Oh my god. What is that? She’s winning a fucking game boy. No, there’s someone over that to the right of a Bitch bitch no it’s a chick. She’s coming out. Yeah. She’s wearing like a lindsay dress was way Oh as a gamble they paid off Fucking shit fucking shit fucking shit Feel like chair means no don’t follow the chair lady lady now ladies oh No, yes, oh my god the table wasn’t there to give it away on how did I pick that? Lady stop, don’t let me be oh god got a plant 200 Thumb-sucking dum dum Oh my god, I don’t even know it she went through the wall I think She did it yeah, she’s gone All right Inc not quite quenching my thirst tasted terrible stains at elbow I don’t think drinking. It was a very romantic some crazy bitch on a date. Don’t know why you keep some anything that 200-gallon good time for you to take over here, Oh Play couple there really you know people gonna want to see you plates. You know you are half of playpals So it’s just spacebar is the door oh? oh What’s that say? What’s that creepy thing say is that Slenderman kind of you can do it we can help pop-up Which is I? think the theme for Lowe’s You can do it. We can all be let’s see there Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s closed How do you spell print yeah stop print sub print? I’m just gonna have a happy thought lovely happy thoughts. Yeah, my thoughts are lovely they’re happy Door as a door sweet now that I’m doing well. I’m doing well. Thank you walk in there lalala up summarize us Michael I’m a Babel here, it’s fine Playing for like one second Ran at it Christ you ran, and I’m gonna win treadmill of holy shit this face There’s wolf ace Hey, not hope Shit that idiot that was a door plug probably got me confused by hey piss off you ice-cream bastard Bab there’s something chasing my ass you you start playing it there’s some place in my eyes honk Backwards now well don’t do that. Oh Max Payne nightmare alright see which damn way the wall all the time all the time. Nope well that way Come on. Never bloody seizure Come on now that’s vomit-inducing that’s gonna be awful for youtube compression, that’s that hole Where am I Michael yeah? Yeah, you’re good, but your diet is this boring. Yeah, sorry. I got a little Tony Oh, what the fuck oh shit Is that spooky yeah spook a Gun to kill myself like how you let go of controls Why she pissed off oh God you fucking You fucking pussy Like 250 rooms for that and you just left like Jeff I Can’t handle a UAE is Mannion so around this point is when it’s gonna kick off because we’re about to get in 300 and I’ll kick off after I Think I’m in taste I Think knifeman is there oh and the clicky thing I think they’re all behind me how about we’re gonna get Gameboy? Alright, I’ve earned it for not turning around fucking idiot You’re the one that lost audience you lost on that one when you wouldn’t fucking turn around and see what the fuck was behind us pillar make like a tree and die coming this fall well fuck I Missed 9 rooms. Yeah, it’s literally nothing happened. Oh, you came back at the right time What what the fuck what the fuck is this doors? Oh God Jesus fucking christ wouldn’t pick up key Fucking get it dickhead But just afterwards he came running to the river crying and willing that his children were being drowned he dove into the river trying to save his possessions the town people bitter and still angry watched him frantically thrash and dive into the River until he never came back the surface of the water all right. This is the start of the note yep It is one day strange, but remember just forget. I’d read that part one day a strange Martin Sheen came to town He stole handmade puppets and trinkets and all of the children loved this store and his gifts But the town couldn’t support his store because the other shops were failing the other shopkeepers became jealous so one night some of the townspeople took all his puppets and threw them in the river and then and Then imagine the other part so he died trying to get his puppets. Hey gab I the puppets are gonna start probably remember that specimen that puppet specimen Why is it so fucking blurry? It’s nice T enough Fucking crap Oh what oh? Shit oh Fuck me Boss room I mean Jesus. He picked up the key no I picked up the key for the other door. Oh this is gonna It’s gonna have it here So standing on the thing makes the thing go transparence with aims like anything Although not what they wanted the shopkeepers were satisfied. Oh that the guy was fucking dead Years later the children of the town began to go missing and as more children Disappeared people began to find more and more puppets in the forest around The river up and these puppets seemed almost to look like the missing children’s float drawer If you’re saying sometimes does that mean they didn’t recognise their kids sometimes I? Double went it up Boss roof boss room bathroom. Oh shit your face schmuck Is it like granny footsteps like if you look at him he won’t come we do what we do is he moving no oh Jesus Jumped into the ceiling and stabbed you oh, he’s behind you again Izzy Yep, so what is the rules like run? There’s the rules? Oh? Why in fuck? We dead yeah, I think so what are you gonna take a dump in our eye? Oh stop We died yeah, and he killed us and changed our clothing yeah Got it wait We gotta wait you know what be a cool invention was it close that when you sweat. They sweat a patent It that’d be cool. Would that just be gross like, but that’s where you’re fuckin gross Yeah, but because it’s in a patent. It doesn’t look like sweat. It’s like Oh sweet roosterteeth logo could do you know what else you could do with piss and shit? My bugs just like so um I don’t know what we do about Puppeteer man he just he fucking killed me, so how many brooms backhoe it like 10 15 I don’t know I remember you left And I did like nine rooms without you and then like he showed up kind of right as you came back. Yeah He fucked my today. I came back at 3 or 9. I think you summoned him actually are you him you motherfucker? What was that? Did you hear that? I heard something not Brennan. He’s gonna be in here isn’t he you turd He’s a turd sandwich fama there is Hey, can you like fuck off? Can you fuck off? He’s looking at yeah, I’m looking at him. Oh Jesus Christ. I knew he was gonna do it it startled me turn around Alright, so now go through the door go to the door. Yeah, shut her out Okay, so you can stop him by looking? I don’t think so. No I don’t think that does anything look at him right calm down fuck He might try and leap behind you a might Flip This market he’s not stopping is actually You further my theory that year this haha come on Hey fuck Stop when he goes up in the air spin around So I can see him stab me yeah, cuz anymore stab you now we will Stop Being a bitch Stay right there. You fuck oh fuck I got turned around. That’s all oh He’s quick This is Jeff’s dream right here, Oh backed up into a stay oh My god what the bloody bleeping age Eliza’s mad face as this stabbed face? This sucks this guy’s the worst. Yeah. It was a real bitch who loves dangers Hey, just stop Him like this I started oh, I partially oh Look man some he was mid stab yeah I Don’t like this guy because I I feel like I partially understand the mechanic, but not fully I Mean he ain’t stabbing yay Sound based, but you have to turn when he makes a car though. He’s passed I Suck in Strings he deep looks like he’s on strings got no strings said we clear sweet Jesus God All right there. We go. Okay. This is why isn’t this a safe room? Oh, that was 50 rooms, and they didn’t give us on yeah, that’s real dick move Gary real dick move dude Maybe like 350 for I am NOT doing like 80 levels again if we die well that well now we gotta go back 55 fucking levels if we die that’s crazy Todd game, it’s bullshit is what it is oh? Hello Again there’s no look. I don’t know if you want to look directly to the Fed Hi Well you don’t know shit, I gave you plenty of time people peep in your steep What does the Papa John say? Tom do you think the last 500 rooms didn’t have a saver Maybe Do it at the end of the game if you make it? It’s just it’s just a gun where you kill yourself, but in real life. I Think Al’s in the game 3d prints a gun and you just blow your head off of it Fuck you Dad I wonder if there’s gonna be something at 500 we shouldn’t look at Mike oh okay, Oh bad right There’s no way that’s gonna be a good thing. What’s the keg do? Think so Sit till he got for me Nothing else in thanks cat uh-oh what the fuck? Seems getting weird What the fuck it’s getting red, oh hello huh those walls gonna eat me Is that what Dolph it was that like fall a woman spreading on legs it looked like leg um It’s upside down planks the feet were at the top right hmm. I don’t fucking know Looks like a quad origami, but it was human origami a floating figure that appeared in a test chamber a few years after it was filled with what was believed to be just an usually violent deer Specimen seems to no golf subjects and absorb them into its torso region yeah, extremely effective on violent subjects I like that it’s played a red light on our face. Oh Great Zero so far take the dead – take the dead – take the dead – take the DMV idea Yeah, maybe he doesn’t kill people he just takes the dead that’s what it sounds like let’s not die Holy shit. What was it some chasing me? Oh? No, it’s this woman tits he just yelled her tits and let ya Fuckin get out of my way, but hearing scary just actually stopped me oh There’s nothing four hundred seventy seven rooms Away ain’t nothin ta you Yeah Remember when we found the the ding ding dong thing and we’re like that’s cool. I remember our first ding dong Oh, you’re being shy he’s back What what what? What what ah what what what was that what happened? Well they kicked the fucking door that was the door what I just went the wrong way, and if I hit another locked door I’m gonna fucking die Oh fucking crap Man that was the thing don’t start locking doors on me now don’t start locking doors on me well I’m trying to run from my fucking life Right they alive Do what have you get a room in and then it’s a locked door That would be horrible. I have to like backtrack a full room Away Tell me yeah the pumpkin spice Hey, you suck take forever lady You’re an idiot What’s in a hand legs it’s like a stabby device? Hey you suck She’s named chasing us anymore she quit we battered her emotionally god damn Ha fucking fuck I’m sorry. I’m sorry is I can’t move forward Can’t give us something Ok thank thank you password is cheese Which one do we go through Do we go through the outer order door or this store well, I would roll this probably this one, right That order okay So now after do a hundred rooms. I don’t fucking know just whatever until he quit or died If we get to a point where get killed we killed a lot that video is over I mean oh no we can’t get past it It’s gonna be slow for 50 fucking rooms, okay, yep okay, I Mean no one’s taking them. I’ll tell you that What Why is this a room 52 Is that part of the is a game fucking with us See you give me the gay Michael, and I push back like an hour and a half 450 rooms I don’t I Don’t know if that’s the game and it’s tricking us, please. Please tell me we have Exeter Express tunnel Maybe maybe it’ll put us out like nine hundred, maybe yeah Okay great, we’re back. That was interesting whoo all right We learn what we learned how many specs it’s the same specs same amount of specs Can we modify the house damn it if we can modify the house – just get the fuck to the end That made like three heads in the back of my neck come over that was it. That’s it yeah It’s not even like cific Harris yeah, and I’ve got a lot of hair on the back of my neck Newsday’s oh shit What a bond this looks like The axe dude what has happened this game is the one? That got so real Fast that would have been the part you were talking about where people were like they didn’t get to the fucking deer This is different it is cuz she’s also not chasing me is it random the game’s random you went a different way oh? My fucking That was the guy that brings you places That we read about he doesn’t hurt you but like he brings you, so he’s just teleporting you back. Whatever I just died where do I go? I don’t gonna get long to buy him again That was absolutely horrible now, and now you know what’s even worse the editors got to put that in I thought you were safe So we were just running back through it, but it was different It’s motherfucker ow you fucking prick I Know if we’ll get to the fucking deer again. I Hope so, so it’s just random. What chases you it’s bloody unbelievable. Mean are you shocked? Look at this game. Yeah, but Okay back at it back again ascribed to scratch my finger Like who does that notice I wasn’t noticing Watch out for the fucking deer for a while. I thought I’d really escape this place, but despite the trees and flora I think this is actually just another room I did however find deer so I might at least get to eat They make some strange sounds though like no Yeah, just like that So you have to like trigger them I mean I don’t know what they are, but there’s definitely our deer I tried to need couple one for the other the other day They kill for food, but it saw me as soon as I got close I was barely able to get away from the thing I managed to board up most of them Hopefully I can find another way pull it up Let me kill. No. I think when he meant like when he boarded up this door. Oh like warded them up Fuck away from him that was wicked what just want to fucking kill it Okay careful What the fuck was that Chill back here, how did I kill them without taking damage? No that you can They didn’t seem to run it you wait see what? Jesus says every time I kill one I’m like freaking out Maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do kill creepy bad thing that You kill my way through Maybe need to swing before it tuns What the fucking what The fuck out of my way oh Yeah, yeah take you somewhere else. It’s a Medusa law no no that’s a different thing. Oh, that’s a murder thing This is gonna kill you that was a like eat your soul thing. I think right not number seven No number eight Cuz seven eight nine, so you could just walk it with an axe right I bet it won’t work. I mean I’ll try it if it catches me I Chopped it. Did you see that yes see that I actually chopped it? Getting chased son. Oh, I know is it the door kicker Yep As the door flies from his head just Found the goop Brown the goop and and six honey nothing yeah Whoops what have I chopped and then I couldn’t save hang in there, Oh any new specimen Tic tac tic yup number 10 Oh 245 feet out thats a lot a Form changing creature that is believed to be an extraterrestrial though It was not officially proven proved very effective on most subjects But deemed too difficult to contain the specimen broke out of its containment area due to frequent electrical malfunctions great thought Hello that’s gotta be bad Now we’re left in a room with boxes are you fucking kami ring fucking kidding me? Why would you do this? Wow this game took a ton It did and you know what though And then it’ll ride this turn for the next 200 a little so in that room with the bloodied The big open room with the with a chair platform. Yeah, well, we’re gonna be there still in 6/10 reset oh You have to keep it close it becomes something else when it gets too far away what? Wowie wowie, what was that wow? What was? You can’t kill it it’s an anus monster. Oh Oh flip It didn’t ever design, I think this is what we need it to be if we get if we run. That’s when it becomes mobile If we run yeah It’s if you get too far away Becomes something else and that was like I think the little thing that was nipping at her dicks you sure Let me just run away All right We got nothing for all those rooms by the way like like we’re just on 618 we went through 50 fucking rooms And it did me out. That’s horseshit It’s copy it your ankles get away, let’s not do that again. Let’s not do that again oh? Holy fucking pissed it on wrap It like opens it. It’s like a flasher. It really does be Back, you know I was trying to chop the little worm thing didn’t work oh Fuck Wow why did that happen? I was just too far. Oh this might be it for us No Why did you stop? You just stuck you’re killing me anyway Fuck we’re so far back fuck Nice getting close There’s another one behind you that would be shitty Oh, you know that boy girl, we’re gonna pee on room 7 damn. Huh, I mean hopefully Hopefully chick stricture. She’s kind of a tame 666. I’ll be honest I was in It was pink 6 6 9 it’ll be fun Maybe six people sixty-nining each other maybe someone doing someone in the ass who’s doing a blowy? Yeah And getting blown Or that yes, ah All right, let’s break. That’s the end of this recording that still might be the same video I don’t know we did 300 fucking rooms in the first recording. We did 400 rooms and this one just to get over that hump 300 left jesus fucking christ, I don’t even know what this video is at this point This is a play bowels is it like it. Maybe it’s a let’s die Maybe it’s like a three day Halloween special effects appears this special it sucks Fucking crap You

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