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Pizza Drone Challenge

– Good mythical summer. – Hey mythical beasts,
we are getting ready for another day on the
set of Rhett and Link’s Buddy System season two. Remember, you can watch behind the scenes videos of what we’re
doing for Buddy System over at the This Is Mythical
YouTube channel every week. – Right now we want you to
give a warm mythical welcome to our special guest hosts today, it is our very own Mike and
Alex from Ten Feet Tall. – Today we make pizza. – With a drone. – [Together] Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) – Good mythical summer.
– Who? – Well you’re Mike, and I’m Alex, and we have a show called Ten Feet Tall. (rock music) – Here we go, here we go, here we go. – There he is, there’s my
boy, my big strong boy. – You can watch us every
week on This Is Mythical, but today we are filling
in for Rhett and Link. – I want a pizza. – Okay, let’s get a pizza. – I want a weird pizza. – Okay, we’ll get a weird pizza. – I wanna pick the toppings with a drone. – Okay, sure, let’s do it. It’s time for The Pizza Drone Challenge. – [Mike] Pizza Boy. – I’m ready to fly my toy.
– Good. – My toy’s gonna go all
the way over to the pizza. The pizza’s get different
colored peps on it, little pep peps.
– Here pep pep. – Okay, we’re gonna have a green pep pep, if my little drone lands on a green one, it’s a good sweet treat for us. – That’ll be very nice for us. – It’s gonna be wonderful. – If it lands on a red,
or anything other than a green pep pep, probably
not gonna be very good. – Could be though, who knows? – I’m telling you right
now, it’s not gonna be good. – You don’t know, it could be though. – Okay, I suppose it could be, but whatever we land on
is gonna be an ingredient they’re gonna put on a piece
of pizza for us to eat. – Cool, so if our Casey
Neistat machine lands on cheese or crust, we also
eat something bad, right? – If our Neistatter 3000
lands on something bad, yeah, it’s not gonna be good. – Is this exclusive? – Yeah, it’s like, we’re
the only ones gonna eat it. – Oh nice.
– Sick. (rock music) Okay, so I’m the pilot,
you’re my special navigator. We have 20 seconds to get my ship over to, my ship, my ship over to the
pizza to land on something nice for us both to eat, is that okay? – Sounds great.
– Can you do that? – I’ll try.
– Round one’s a vegetarian round, so that,
I hope that’s not too bad. But we have mushroom,
– we got lemons, – fermented bean paste,
– got tree bark, – And durian, which
smells like dead stuff, and probably doesn’t taste great, like things that smell
dead don’t taste good. – I hope it tastes dead. – I hope it doesn’t. I’m ready to take off, though. – I’ll take you off, you ready? – Sure, I don’t know how to
make, do anything with this, so. – [Mike] I think it’s a telekinetic thing, you just have to think. – Okay, I’m thinking. – Okay, think about moving forward a lot. Keep going. – Coming in hot.
– Oh you’re quick, you’re quick, back it up.
– I’m coming in hot. – Wait, wait, woah, woah,
woah, woah, go forward. Forward, forward. I just keep sounding like
I’m talking about trucks. Forward,
– Forward trucks. – Go to the right a little bit, a smidge. Just a smidge.
– Yeah, yeah. – Go to the right a smash.
– A smash? – Let’s land her baby.
– Okay, that’s good? – [Stevie] You must land. – We’re landing.
– Way ahead of ya. – Okay.
– That is green. – Yes, nice, that’s
what I’m talking about. – I heard you thinking
about mushrooms so loud, and I tapped into that. – Oooh, mushrooms aren’t bad, it’s not my favorite kind of vegetable. – [Stevie] Hey guys, that’s not green, that is red, that is durian. – According to whom? – [Stevie] Let’s zoom in a little bit. – Well, okay, yeah, it
is reddish, I’d say. – So allegedly, I’m color blind. – Oh, that’s not good. But I guess let’s bring
it in, let’s do it. – Great, what is that, a mozzarella. That doesn’t look so bad. – Oh god, how much of this
are we gonna eat exactly? – Well if you eat all of this part, I could eat the crust, and
I wouldn’t mind it at all. – I don’t think that’s
the way it’s gonna work. I’m just gonna try and eat
this little nub at the end. – You shouldn’t do this with cheese. – Oh my god.
– Uh. It hits you hard when you get to it. – It’s so bad. – It kinda has the
consistency of a sausage, which is unsettling.
– It makes me make this face. Oh no. That’s not good at all. Do people eat this? – This is thick pizza, too, how are you supposed to eat all this? – Take ‘za for your boy. Okay, I swallowed mine.
– Tastes very medicinal, like, – It sucks, I’m all,
– Something you’re supposed to let dissolve on your
tongue is what I’m getting. – I didn’t want this to
happen, but I’m all full. I mean, what are you gonna do, you know? Well you know, I guess I’m
gonna have to make room for the next round, so
I guess that’s it, huh? – We’re done. It was a great episode. (rock music) – I can smell your breath,
you smell horrible. – If I was blind, I’d be sure I was dead. – Yeah, it’s not good at all,
no kissing for me, ha ha. – Well after that great
experience, let’s put some meat on my puppy, we
got pepperoni coming up, – oysters,
– we got chicken hearts, – dog food,
– and a little muskrat. – Could be nice, I don’t know, who am I, I’ve never eaten muskrat before. – Take me off.
– Here we go, taking off. Up she goes. – Okay, okay, oh my gosh,
that’s the wrong stick. We’re flying high. – [Alex] Okay, so you’re gonna wanna go, – Oh my.
– You’re gonna wanna go, – I’m so fast. – You’re gonna wanna go
a different direction, go head right. – No dog food, no dog food, – Head right.
– That’s dog food, no dog food that’s dog food
– Head right. Head right, a little up, little north. – Up or north?
– It’s the same I think, a little left. – [Stevie] You must land. – Left, left, left, – Land it, land it, land it
– I don’t know how. – Land it.
– Okay, hold on, she’s landing, and she’s coming down. Oh this is not going good for us. You’re not even on the thing. – What do you mean? – It’s like so red, it’s not even funny. – You told me to land it there. – It’s like the reddest it’s ever been. You moved it right as I was
landing, what’s that about? Did I say, oh it’s landing, move right? – Well we would’ve landed on the crust, I got nervous. – Well I was curious about muskrat, so I suppose it’s time to find out. – Couldn’t be that bad. – I don’t even know what
a muskrat looks like. – It looks like this.
– Looks like beef stew. This actually looks very nice. – [Alex] Do they always look like this? – [Mike] The skrats? – Little skrip skratch skrats. – They come like this normally. – [Alex] Skrat scraps. – It kind of just smells like beef. – Mmm, looks tough, this
boy keeps falling off. – She’s sick, I said sick, not sick. Although she does taste a little sick. – Reminds me of a beaver taste. – Oh, hmmm. – There’s an aftertaste,
I don’t much care for. – Tastes like a, just mostly pavement, like asphalt. – Reminds me of like what
a foot of any other animal would taste like, you know? – You know how in the summer you flip open a manhole cover, and you
usually lick the underside to see how old it is? – Yeah, yeah. – It’s very reminiscent of that. – This is an old, old manhole. – Nostalgic taste. It doesn’t mean it’s good, though. (rock music) – And I’m back in the pilot seat. It’s the house specialty
round, which means everyone in this house who works here tried to get together the
worst stuff they could find. Really cool guys, awesome. – Yeah we’re, Chase,
aren’t we supposed to be on the same side? Didn’t I do this for so long with you? – [Chase] Yeah, but. – Right, really cool. – Strange resentment going on right now. – Also, you know, we’ve landed
on red every single time, so I’m just gonna assume
whatever the worst thing on here is what we’re gonna have to eat. – It just looks like a
pepperoni, it’s enticing. – Okay, so we have extra cheese, – toilet paper,
– squid ink, – crickets,
– and fish eyes, so we’re gonna eat fish eyes,
awesome, great, really cool. Alright, you ready?
– Ready. – Let’s do it. Casey Neistat makes this
look so easy, you know. He’d be landing on green every time. Got those sunglasses on,
too, how can he see anything? – Oh you’re overshooting quite a bit here. Go forward a little more. Oh geez, keep going – You just can’t decide, it’s all bad. – Oh gosh, okay, go right. – [Stevie] You must land. – Stop, oh my gosh. No dude, no. No please. No, what are you doing? – What’s that? It’s a blue. – That’s teal, it’s
literally the only thing that’s not food. – No, that’s blue, that’s the dark blue. – What are you seein’?
– That’s the dark blue. – [Stevie] Let’s check. – That’s teal. – Teal, so toilet paper. – Great, the one food item
that is not a food item. – It’s not food at all, but I think it’s better than fish eyes. – Chase, this is so liberal,
there’s so much stuff on here. – What are these balls,
like is some in here? Oh no, that’s alright. – I feel like I have this weird complex that I developed in kindergarten,
’cause there was a kid who would eat his napkins at lunch. That’s the only thing that
I can look at and gag. – You ever see those
people who blot the grease off their pizza? They just forgot,
though, and they left it. – It’s a lost cause doing that. – Ready.
– No, I can’t do the tongue feel of this thing. I feel like this is my nightmare. – It’s firm It gets firm in your mouth. – You don’t understand,
it’s not the taste, there’s like, I have a complex. – What do you mean? What portion is thinking about this? – I think about this a lot. – You’re a sicko. – Just like, oh, I hate how it is. – It’s not bad, I mean. – No it’s dry, it’s like
clinging to my tongue. – It could be worse. Maybe I was the kid eating
the napkins at school. – You can’t chew it, that
doesn’t make any sense. – Watch me. I tried to say watch
me, it came out wab me. It’s firm, I said like the
same thing eight times, I think, but,
– I can’t swallow it. – I can. – You’re sick. – I’m gonna try, ready. Oh yeah, I got it, nice. And this is safe, right Eddie. We should have asked before I think, that would’ve been good. – You’re pretty diligent with
these types of things, right. – Yeah, you ever do anything
for safety’s sake, Eddie? – [Eddie] No. – Okay.
– Oh cool. – Cool, so we’ve eaten some
pretty weird stuff today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – [Group] It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. (crowd cheers) – So I’ve been watching all summer long, and I know this is when
I get my special gift. – Yes, everybody’s been
getting special gifts, looking forward to this. – What do we got?
– Eaten a lot of gross stuff today, so. – [Stevie] Well, we’ll
talk about that later. – What do you mean? – [Stevie] Uh, we, – Isn’t it weird if we do it later? – I feel like now would be good, but I’m getting the vibe
that maybe they’ve run out of stuff to give people. – Sure, we’ll talk about that later. – Lucky for us, we have a gift to you all. It’s called our show, Ten Feel Tall It’s on over at the This
Is Mythical channel, that’s where it is, I can say it. – And you can watch us right
now on Good Mythical More, where we answer some nice
questions with the crew. – Yeah, spin that baby. Make her spin. There you go. Take a little bit in, it’s a little off, yeah, no, it’s fine I think. This is exciting. What could it be? It’s gotta be Comment Takeover. – What does that mean?
– I don’t know. – Undiscovered video’s a squirrel
spies window bird feeder. – Hilarious. – There’s a link in the
description, click that link, leave a comment about
these star-crossed lovers. – Don’t tell ’em that we sent you, just say liKe you don’t
know where you are. – [Link] Click on the left to watch our show after the show,
Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Link] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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  2. My eighth grade science teacher said he would give me extra credit if I ate a durian candy. It didn’t taste good but the 100 on my final test did.

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  4. Come to Asia country like Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia and have a real Durian~
    I taste the one in America and it tasted gross!

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